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The best foods for weight gain may surprise you. We hardly ever talk about weight gain in the aspect someone wants to gain weight instead of losing it. There are plenty of women and men too who want desperately to gain a few extra pounds.

They try all kinds of things but mostly, they put on fat. You want to gain weight in a healthy way. This means eating the right foods just as you would if you were shedding pounds. Ironic to weight loss, weight gain means consuming tons of calories without overeating.

You’re probably thinking this is a trick, right? It’s not. There’s a method to the madness, I promise and it starts with calories dense foods. What I mean by “calorie dense” is a small serving of food, but foods high in calories.

The best foods for weight gain in teens doesn’t mean junk food or fast foods either. It means eating foods that are natural and have the right vitamins and minerals in it. We recommend you try our list of foods for weight gain and energy.

List of High-Calorie Foods

The key to weight gain is eating the right foods. I hope you like vegetables and nuts because they are very much a part of the regime. Look for foods that help decrease high blood pressure, cholesterol, and other controllable illnesses.

If you are to gain weight the healthy way, you should eat foods that boost the metabolism. Include them as much as possible to your meals or even juices and smoothies.

Lean Red Meat

Meat will put some meat on your bones. Oh, yeah… you get plenty of iron, protein, and calories. Pick up the cuts that are fatty like beef tenderloin, t-bone, and rib-eye.

They are delicious but they are high in cholesterol. With that said, don’t eat it often. Doctors say no more than a couple of times during the week.

High-Calorie Foods for Weight Gain

Speaking of nuts, peanut butter is another quality item to add to your grocery list of foods for weight gain. Which kind do you prefer? The spread? Crunchy? It doesn’t matter to me but just so you know, peanut butter has tons of protein and about 190 calories in a single serving.

Natural Granola

I didn’t know granola was so good until a couple of years ago. Now, I’m eating it raw and natural. Yep, so if you’re trying to gain weight, this will certainly add more calories to your plate. Granola has all the stuff you love in it – oats, healthy fats, and sugar!

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Some people have been known to add honey or yogurt to their granola. Yogurt supplies the protein and the oats contain the fiber your body needs first thing in the morning.


I don’t know about you but I love to crunch on some nuts. Cashews are my love. I like peanuts and pistachios, too, but there’s something about a cashew that I crave. I bet you feel the same way about almonds or walnuts.


Green is my favorite color and avocado is one of my favorite foods. They taste good and they are healthy for me. If you eat just half of an avocado, you’re consuming 140 calories, potassium, vitamins B & E and folic acid.

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Cut it in half and eat it raw, slice it and add it to your sandwich or salad. Eat it any way you want!

Calorie Dense Foods for Weight Gain

Everyone knows eggs are high in protein but did you know they are rich in calories, too? One egg has 70 calories. Have two and you double the amount. That’s just enough to increase your morning breakfast total calorie count and your muscle mass.

It’s okay… you’re eating the right foods for weight gain. I eat cashews by themselves, but you can try adding your nut of choice to a salad or to top off your waffles.


It’s hard to imagine fruits having many calories but pineapples, grapes, bananas and even apples help you to gain weight. Because of their sugar content, they give you energy. Not only that, but they are your resource for carbs and minerals.

Try drinking milk with it for increased benefits. Better yet, why not make a smoothie? As a matter of fact, that’s a wonderful idea. Make enough for two so you can drink some now and save some for later.

Foods for Weight Gain in the Elderly

Wheat bread is a nutritious way to gain way eating bread. I don’t know about you but mom always did tell me that bread will make you gain weight. Stay away from the white bread though. Wheat bread has all kinds of minerals and fiber in it so you have an advantage.

We always ate white bread because we couldn’t afford the wheat bread. Little did we know it could help us stay full longer.

Dairy Products

Milk was once my favorite beverage, but eventually, it would turn on me. If you’re still able to enjoy the goodness of cheese and yogurt, treat yourself. Skim milk or low-fat milk is for people trying to lose weight, whole milk is for people wanting to gain weight.

Whole milk is packed with vitamins A and D so use it whenever you can. Pour it over oatmeal, cereal or prepare gravy and sauces with it.

Pasta Salad

According to Indiatimes, pasta is a terrific source of carbohydrates and calories. Eat pasta with a meal or as a meal.

Foods for Weight Gain Fast

One of the easiest ways to gain weight is to drink your calories. Who doesn’t love a cold milkshake in the summertime or a thick smoothie? Add real fruit and their juices to the blender and drink until your heart’s content. Let’s not forget about the triple stack ice cream cone.


bagel nathan-dumlao-518264-unsplash
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Bagels look like donuts to me. That’s what I thought we I first saw one but thought it was too hard to be a fresh donut. It has plenty of calories, though and those carbs we talked about. It’s one of the healthy foods for weight gain you want to try with some cream cheese or jam.

If you’re trying to put on a few pounds, there are healthy ways to do it. I know it’s easiest to just pile on the junk food, but you should know how to gain weight the right way. Get your calories with healthy fats, sugar, proteins, and carbohydrates.

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