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I hear you’re dating a clingy woman and you’re not very happy about it. You feel trapped and you know this is not going to work. You can’t have a life of your own dating clingy women.

I mean, they demand a lot of your attention but the bottom line is… it doesn’t matter what you do, they will still want more.

The clingy woman is basically insecure. Insecurity is one of the top reasons why relationships fail and fail early. She, from the beginning, calls too much or calls too soon.

It could be she is not even aware she’s getting on your nerves. Are you the nice guy who hate to hurt anyone’s feelings so you don’t say anything? In all fairness, you shouldn’t lead her to think her annoyances are cool.

She tries very hard to keep up with your whereabouts day-in and day-out. This is not healthy relationship patterns. What grown person wants to feel like they are a kid again and need permission to hang out with their friends?

Um, not me! Most people need a life outside of their significant other. So, what’s reasonable in a relationship when it comes to a potentially clingy girlfriend?

First of all, ladies, you shouldn’t expect any more than a couple of dates, phone calls or visits during the week at the beginning of the relationship. The friendship should progress naturally and if the vibe is right, it will develop.

You’ll start to see more of him as time goes on. Don’t forget… men like to chase women. So if you’re constantly bringing it to him, he has nothing to chase. Get it? Good.

Secondly, communication is always instrumental in a healthy relationship but especially if you’re dating a clingy woman. If you know yourself and you’re a guarded woman, then tell him this. If you’re clingy, put it on the table from the jump. Talk about your expectations and needs.

Signs You’re Dating a Clingy Girlfriend

If you two read from the same book, then excellent… if not, then you’ll know right away if a relationship is even possible. Sometimes, you don’t have to tell another person you’re needy. They can see it.

Nobody but You

You know, quiet time with your girlfriend or boyfriend is cool, but when the other person never wants to hang out with friends, there’s a problem. At the same time, when you do go out, she’s hanging all over you and making every step you make. Clingy… un huh.

ABC Order

Yes indeed, it’s confirmed. You’re dating a clingy girl and she’s gone too far and cleaned off your desk. Wth was she thinking? It took months to organize those piles in the manner you had them. Now, you won’t be able to find anything at all. Goodness, I feel your pain.

Overwhelmingly Nice

You ever meet someone and they are just too nice? Yeah, it happens and the “nice girl” can be annoying. It’s like you only wanted a small banana coconut smoothie but she bought the bucket.

Not only that, but she went shopping for fresh foods and prepped enough smoothies to share with the New Orleans Saints. Who does that? The clingy girl, that’s who.

Slowly Moving In

You’d better watch… she’s moving in, slowly but surely. She stayed the night last night but now she’s gotten comfortable in your big ol‘ bed. She makes lunch and plans for another evening together.

Yeah, you thought she had to go home for at least some clothes, but she doesn’t today.   😛 Now you know she’s got the bag in her trunk… ready to roll, Boo Boo.

Latching Onto Your Mom

It so happens your mom stops by and she’s there, so they meet [not that you intentionally scheduled a meet.] She’s trying to connect simply because the two of them must hang out – to get their nails done or go shopping. After all, this is her family now and they should get along.

Ring, Ring… Pick Up the Phone!

The clingy woman will call you twenty times a day trying to find out where you are. She’s really not concerned with how you’re doing, but rather if she can catch you in a lie.

Avoid her calls if you want… this is really going to piss her off. But I know how you feel and you don’t want to be bothered with the drama of dating a clingy woman. However, answering will put a stop to the madness. Be firm in talking to her and demand she not call you like that any longer. 

Three Little Words

I can’t believe it either but she said it. The clingy woman will likely be the first to say “I love you.” According to madamenoire.com, most men believe it should be them who confess their love to a woman and not the other way around.

Dating a Clingy Woman Conclusion

Well, just for the record, the clingy woman is generally not a bad person. She wants attention but too much of anything is not good. Even saying yes too often is not good. You’ve got to have balance in your life or suffer the consequences.

If you find someone willing to give up their life to be with you, you’re setting yourself and the other person up for failure. Even as a couple, two people must remain to individuals with lives separate from each other. Every person has a purpose and a destiny they must fulfill.

When we find deficiencies in our character or behavior, it’s up to us to fix it if we are to become better people and have healthy relationships. There are worse things in life besides dating a clingy woman, but you can do better. [Hey… and women go through the same scenarios dating a clingy guy.] Be that woman a man can’t live without.

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