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I’m dating over 50 and I like it! It’s so much better when you know exactly what you want. There are plenty of dating over 50 sites to prove it’s a thing! If you’re just reentering the world of dating, then you may be in for a few surprises.

Things have changed. I mean, the way men and women hook up. You don’t have to hang out at the bars anymore although there are plenty of meet and greet parties. If you’re into online dating and have joined a dating site, likely you’ve been invited to one.

You can have a lot of fun meeting the people who you’ve met online.

When you reach a certain age, you can expect a person to have certain qualities they didn’t have at twenty. Not only that, but I’m afraid dating over fifty has its downside as well especially when it comes to intimacy and trust.

When I think about dating someone, here’s what I think about. Tell me if you feel the same.

Dating Over 50 Tips

I think about someone close to my age. I mean, I like younger men, but they don’t really get “growing older” like someone my age does. I feel better having someone who understands my stiffness in the mornings. [hahaha!] Don’t you? I think the dating experts agree, too.

I believe if a man could find a trophy wife at age 60, he’d be one ecstatic camper. And there are a number of older women taking care of their bodies, so this, my friend, is not impossible.

We have baggage.

Women over 50 still carry the load of old relationships as do men over 50. We have been there, done that. One thing for sure – we are tired of the drama so if you know you have issues that will arise during the relationship, don’t worry about it.

We’re not going to deal with the mess so move on, please. Although we have baggage, it’s not the same as having the policed called because you’re the crazy lady or the stalker dude. The tolerance for manure is about level zero.

We want companionship. There are a lot of things we could be doing instead of sitting at home but we want someone to do it with. Companionship is one of the biggest issues outside of communication that couples deal with.

We also want emotional support when we need a shoulder to lean on. If your circle is small, and often, the older you get, the smaller your circle, then we need a new voice of reasoning from time to time.

We want partners with values. You remember the time when courting was the thing? Older men and women are still pretty much the same. We move slow. Nope, not in a hurry to jump into the sack with a stripper or anyone else at this point. Take my dating over 50 advice and let him do his man thing.

This is when you let a man be a man. He does the calling and the asking at first. You make a followup call to say “thanks, had a wonderful time,” but that’s about as far as it goes.

We still have needs.

Who doesn’t enjoy adult moments? Hahaha… yeah, I said “adult moments” because that’s all it’ll take. Hahaha… naw… I’m just joking, but you know how it goes and age has nothing to do with it.

However long it takes, we still enjoy a good horseback ride now and again. What’s important is two adults talk about what their expectations are and work within those guidelines. You may want a commitment and he may want a casual relationship.

Oh, and be aware the STD rate is high for men and women dating over 50 so don’t be afraid or ashamed to wrap it up. Keep your own so there are no excuses. Some people are enjoying their singleness and don’t want to settle down after all.

They spend the first 30 or so years married and now that they are single dating over 50, they want to enjoy multiple partners. There’s nothing wrong with that, but protection is job one! I still use the three-month rule. You may want to use it yourself. 

This gives me enough time to judge their behavior and not what his mouth says. Speaking of mouth, I hear nerds do it better. 😛 Did I say that?! 😆 

How’s your health?

If you’re over 50, you may have some health issues or he may have a few problems of his own. You know, complications from diabetes or high blood pressure can affect a man’s performance. It happens and when it does, you find ways to deal with the consequences.

There are so many other things you could be dealing with when you’re dating over 50, but your health is a top priority. Take care of yourself so you’re able to enjoy the rest of the ride home.

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