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Why women cheat? It’s not that complicated to me but really why do they when so many complain they want to get married! In fact, more than half of married couples have cheated on their spouses during the course of their marriage. You know what that tells me?

It sends the message that it’s okay to cheat. It’s fine to have an affair because my infidelity is going to be forgiven! However, I really don’t think that’s how’s it’s supposed to work, but hey… what do I know? I’m single and when I was younger, I was not above cheating. 

I knew this about myself so I knew marriage and commitment were not for me. At the same time, ladies, you got to know the signs your husband is having an affair. And while I was/am single, I helped married men cheat on their wives and I’ll tell you why.

Why Women Cheat With Multiple Men

I was young, dumb and broke[n] but I was having fun. Neither one of us was looking for a commitment. He already had one he obviously didn’t care too much about. If he didn’t care, why should I?! I wasn’t the one who promised to be faithful until death did its part.

What I found was many men complained their wives didn’t do “this” in bed and it made them distant. The men said their wives were not submissive to them, so they wondered, looking for passion.

The affair was purely physically satisfying, adventurous and it made going home just a little bit more tolerable. Okay, so if you hate going home, why do you go home? Why do you cheat? I mean, didn’t you know she didn’t do “this” before you proposed? 

Hearing women utter “my husband had an affair,” took on a new meaning after having a few affairs of my own. Men don’t really think about the emotional side of an affair. For most guys, it’s exciting to be with someone who isn’t afraid to have her hair pulled or to pull over… right now.

It’s “okay” when men have affairs, but what happens when it’s your wife having affair? Men go crazy when it’s their woman doing the cheating.  However, your wife probably begged for your attention before she had second thoughts about another man and you did nothing.  

Signs Your Wife is Having an Affair

There are always two sides to every affair. Women cheat for different reasons than men. Women do it because they are missing something. It could be the passion and romance but let’s take a look at a few reasons why women cheat.

Women Cheat When She Can’t Talk to You Anymore

Women who cheat say they lost the emotional attachment they once had to their husbands. The gap could be because you stopped listening. When she tries to talk to you, you tune out. Why women cheat with older married men? It’s the emotional bond.

Often, older married men seem to understand how a woman feels and will comfort her. Older men have learned the value of listening and so, your wife will take advantage of a sympathetic shoulder to lean on.

If She’s Smiling and You Didn’t Put it There

Who hasn’t felt as though the person they give the most to takes advantage of them? I certainly have. On the other hand, you get so busy being the provider, you forget there’s someone waiting for you just to hang out with.

You stop showing up on time if you show at all and they are left alone. It so happens the neighbor is there… he’s always there picking up the pieces, telling her jokes and helping with the baby. Essentially, he puts your wife on a pedestal.

The guy next door sees and hears what you don’t anymore. This could be a reason why women cheat with less attractive men. Your wife just wants your attention but instead, she’s with an ugly Jamaican man.

Women Cheat Because You Don’t Support Her Career

Successful women work because they have goals. If she’s reached a milestone or her long-term goal, she sets higher standards. When she does, she starts to look at her relationships. Hopefully, you’re the kind of husband who supports your wife.

If not, best believe there’s someone at work lurking, recognizing her abilities and achievements. He appreciates her dedication and drive. Uh huh, this is why women cheat with coworkers.

Women Cheat with Younger Men for Sex!

Men are busy creatures if they are building a foundation for a secure future. It’s what they are supposed to do. Sadly, young women find this to be the best times to have an affair.

Or if your wife is not the same fit woman she was before, and you constantly remind her of it, she may find a young man who appreciates her bumps and not so perky twins.

Women Cheat When They Are Fed Up

While cheating a physical thing with men, it’s a very emotional experience for women. The “cheating” started long before the sex and when a woman can’t get through to her man, she will cheat. What I don’t get is why women cheat with husbands friends.

Why Women Cheat? The Answer's Not That Complicated

That’s just crossing the line. However, it’s a revenge affair most of the time. It’s to hurt him as much as he has hurt the woman. It’s also to regain her self-confidence and self-control. However, most marriages do survive if they work toward it.

Surviving an Affair

Most marriage counselors suggest going on dates when a marriage is troubled. Getting back to when the relationship was fresh and interesting helps to revive a depleting relationship.

Jada Pinkett-Smith and husband Will Smith talked about it as well as the couple who’s divorcing, Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane MartinHowever, it’s still worth a try. Will Smith said something really profound in a video I saw the other day on Facebook. Check it out below. 


He said we always look for someone else to make us happy, but it’s impossible. Not only him, but pastor Michael Todd tells us by getting in touch with our “singleness” brings marriages together. You’ll have to check him out. He makes some valid points I think you will find worthy of sharing.

You have to make time for your wife if you want to keep her. Show some real affection. Spend some quality time with her. Hold your wife’s hand while you’re walking down the street. Give up the umbrella and let her stay dry. Remember the days you two took showers together?

Or how about when you stayed up all night just talking about much of nothing. It was the best times ever. Make a big deal out of her promotions and even when she reaches a milestone.

And for goodness sake, ladies, if he wants to get down and dirty, go for it. If you haven’t been in the mood for the last three months or so, you need to find out why you have become emotionally guarded, because sex for women is emotional. It’s critical the two of you find a solution together.

But if you can’t… I mean, if the two of you have done everything under the sun and moon to work it out, and she still wants to leave, let her go. Eventually, you’ll be able to move on and find someone else. Don’t be in a rush to put a title on the new relationship.

I mean, does a relationship need a title in order to work? Some say yes and others say no. Let me know what you think about this and of course, about cheating.

Final Thoughts on Why Women Cheat

I know from experience that cheating is just physical for men. If you’re together long enough, the man does start to develop some feelings but 90% of the time, he will not leave his wife. There’s a reason, actually, several reasons why he married her and not you… the side chick.  

Often, the affair doesn’t mean anything but a good time for the most part. However, it hurts a lot of people. It breaks up friendships but hardly marriages. So, I guess if I ever get married, I should learn to accept the fact one of us is going to cheat.

I’ve grown enough now to know it’s not going to be me, so I should get ready for Karma or I can remain single and just screw Karma. haha! Or is this Karma at her best? The irony is I’m fine with me. A companion is nice to have, but a constant annoyance is not something I want now.  

It’s a sad revelation, but I guess that’s the way love goes? It’s not anything to get divorced over and the stats prove it. At the same time, I just don’t think cheating should be a part of a marriage… not a holy commitment.  Comment below!



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