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Cardio exercises are great for one of the most needed organs in the body… the heart, but who wants to work out in the cold, rain or humid weather? Almost no one!

However, the American Heart Association suggests that most adults should complete at least a 30-minute cardio workout session three to five times a week and it doesn’t make any provisions for the holidays or for the weather.

The good news is that you can do plenty of effective indoor cardio exercises. In case you think you’re too busy to stop by the fitness club, there are other ways to get your workout in.

You should know that you can perform aerobic exercises all at once or utilize your 15-minute break at work to help achieve your cardio fitness goals. There are no excuses!

Cardio Exercise for Any Weather

Cardio training is not just for burning calories. It does the entire body justice, so we can’t stop just because the weather is a little challenging. On the days when the weatherman or weather girl advises us to stay inside, remember there are other ways to get the heart pumping.

Let’s take a look at what kinds of workouts we can do without cardio exercise equipment indoors.

Indoor Cardio Exercises Without Equipment

Step Up

Climbing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to increase the heart rate and to set those calves on fire! If you don’t own a stepper or have access to a flight of stairs, use something sturdy that will lay flat and secure on the floor. Couldn’t find anything? Let’s move on and do some jumping jacks.

Jumping for Cardio

Jumping jacks will do incredible things to your body. Doing 30 of them will not only burn countless calories, but it works the legs, hamstrings, and buttocks. If you’re like me, you’d rather do anything but jumping jacks, but it’s one of the best indoor cardio exercises for beginners.

Tip: Try cross jacks if the old fashioned way bores you or maybe you’d like to jump rope.

Jumping Rope

I had so much fun as a kid pretending to jump rope with the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali. He made men indoor cardio exercises look exciting. Didn’t know a thing about burning calories back then, but jumping rope indoors burns more calories than jogging outdoors.

This, too, can be broken up into increments. Jump for about three minutes, rest for 30 seconds and then back to jumping for another 180 seconds. You may have to repeat a few times to get your heart going, but you can do this!

Shadow Boxing

Think you can be the greatest? Then pop in a video and get going. Shadow boxing or kickboxing is yet another exercise that will raise the heartbeat and use all of your muscle groups at the same time. Attempt to do 20 punches, 20 side leg raises and about 20 side to side choppers.

Zumba is one terrific exercise and cardio program to help you lose weight and get in shape at home.

Dancing the Weight Away

Join the party! Most of us love to dance or used to anyway, or maybe you never learned how. One way to get back into the groove of things is to dance, dance, dance… well, at least for 20 minutes per day.

Zumba is so much fun as it is truly one of the hottest indoor cardio exercises to lose weight on the market. Users enjoy it because it’s an upbeat way to sculpt the body and to get back the shape you had before things got out of hand or one that is even better than the one before.


Planking may look like an easy cardio workout, but let me tell you, it’s not! This exercise will certainly test your strength. However, if you want to build the core muscle, it’s in your best interest to put planking into your regime.

My suggestion is to work up to your timed sessions. Start with holding the position for about 30 seconds. Next, move forward with an additional 10 seconds each time you plank.

Notice your posture and the way you walk after a few days. If you feel a difference, know that this is one the results and benefits of your labor.

Prevent Boredom

If you turn to YouTube for help, you’ll find hundreds of great cardio workouts to prevent boredom. You can mix up the exercises to tailor each lesson to fit your needs and your weight loss goals without the risk of getting bored.

This also allows you to work at your own pace and without fear of others. Indoor cardio exercises burn calories just as well as outdoor cardio workouts.

Final Jump On Cardio Exercises

Some of us think that we should lose weight first and then go to the gym. You should remember that everyone who goes to the gym is there because they want to change… because they were once unhappy with the way their bodies looked.

In addition to looking better in your leggings, working out will relieve stress and depression, improve oxygen flow to the brain, help prevent heart disease AND you will be able to sleep longer. I don’t know about you but I feel great about all of that.

Photo by Justyn Warner on Unsplash

Tip: Working out with an exercise ball or exercise bands can be challenging. Try these indoor cardio exercises to add a little resistance and variety to your list of indoor cardio exercises.

Always make sure that you are using the correct stance and position while working out to prevent injury and to get the proper results. There are so many benefits of working out.  

It increases self-esteem, confidence, reduces stress and high blood pressure all the while helping you to shed unwanted pounds and inches. Most fit people were once pounds heavier and worked very hard to achieve their lean body. Yolanda’s journey is just incredible! 

Do you have a journey you’d like to share so that others are inspired by you? Because one of the stigmas is that people think they must look a certain way to work out in the gym and that no one understands.  



5 Best Cardio Workouts to Lose Weight – Best Indoor Exercises

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