Psycho ex girlfriend and a pair of scissors is not a good combination
Almost all of us have had one bad relationship but when your psycho ex girlfriend won't let go, there could be serious consequences.
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Is it safe to say almost everyone has had one psycho ex in their lifetime? I know I have had at least one myself but thankfully there hasn’t been a slew of them. But now I’m dating a Jamaican man so I may need to know how to handle psycho ex boyfriend. 

I, like many of you, hear the crazy ex girlfriend stories and we laugh at the wild things she’s done, but it’s not a laughing matter. Stalking is a serious affair we should not take lightly.

If not that, then we hear about the one who buried his underwear under her steps to keep him. Then there are those women who take a club or baseball bat to his car or a box cutter and ruin a perfectly good antique car. You’re left in amazement because she was so cool at first and so was the car.

Psycho ex girlfriend - it could be any woman
They don’t come with warnings – so you take your chances with what you know.

You’re careful who you let in your inner circle but sometimes, people will fool you. They are just not who they appear to be. With this in mind, how do you know you’re dating a psycho? Keep reading, and when you recognize these are the signs of a psycho ex, try not to be so upset you didn’t see it coming.

Signs to Know if You Have a Crazy Girlfriend

The signs are there but often we don’t pay close attention to them simply because we’re blinded by what we want to see, the big boobs, the big butt, and her smile. Sometimes, if we just ask the right questions about their past, we’ll find the answers.

But if your new friend is doing any of these things, you most likely have a girlfriend who’s out of control.

Drives Past Your House in an Unmarked Car 

Since I was a little girl, I’ve heard this from grown folks. Besties would swap cars so one of them could roll past his house or wherever he’s supposed to be and check up on him. They are trying to catch him with another woman.

What would be the outcome, I wondered if they found him with someone else? Do they fight over this man or what? What does he do afterward? So many unanswered questions for a young mind to handle but I knew his decision would affect three lives.

Throws Salt on You and Your New Chick

It’s not enough you broke up but your crazy ex gf keeps bothering you and your new girl. Often people feel if they can’t have their ex, then nobody will be happy with them. So, the ex does everything possible to ruin the new relationship, including inventing lies about him.

The Ex is in Complete Denial

Your ex girlfriend won’t let go. She is in denial about the whole ordeal of y’all breaking up. The crazy lady won’t let you break up with her, talking to his family and inviting themselves to family gatherings like nothing has ever happened.

She still blows up your phone with the constant calls and text messages in the wee hours of the morning. When you don’t answer, the female shows up, banging on your door and your neighbors are looking at you like you the crazy one.

They Threaten to Kill Themselves

It’s the saddest thing but they announce they are going to kill themselves. They get on social media and tell everyone who will listen. Now, whether they have the guts or not is a different story.

Friends and Facebook lurkers break out the prayer beads and perform rituals to lift their friend’s spirits. Well, that is until they get enough of the drama queen’s fake claims. When the friends dim the limelight, they move on to another lie.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend Full Episodes 

Not only do they tell lies, but they lie like a rug. They confess to having a deadly disease in search of the pity party they obviously did not get before. If telling your ex you’re going to kill yourself didn’t work, what makes you think cancer is going to change their mind?

The Crazy Ex Girlfriend Show Up and Show Out

Somehow the crazy ex girlfriend found out where the two of you are hanging out tonight and she shows up there and shows out. How to stop psycho ex from showing up? Don’t post your whereabouts!

When you advertise your location, you open yourself up to a whole lot of drama. You can go from having the best time ever to wanting to hide in another country. So, you leave the venue but only to realize you’re being followed. Now, it’s scary and you go into panic mode.

You decide to stop the car and confront her but soon realize that was crazy in itself. As soon as she walks up to the window you take off and leave her in the rearview mirror. [haha, too funny.]

How to Handle Psycho Ex Girlfriend

You may feel the need to handle the situation with your psycho ex by telling her off. However, the things you say to a Jamaican girl should be meet with forethought. Here’s help dealing with a psycho ex girlfriend.  

  • Ignore her. If you do this and stick to it, you’ll send the message clearly you want nothing to do her anymore. It would be best if you just refrain from giving her any attention or the satisfaction of getting upset. You can’t show any sensitivity or sympathy for her nor can you provoke this woman. Sooner or later, she will move on but respond and it will only feed the situation.
  • Change your phone number if you must and don’t accept any new friend request on social media.
  • Also, keep your cool. Don’t freak out. Face-to-face meetings should be cordial ones. Be nice but don’t appear to be weak for her or give her any inclination there’s a possibility you guys can get back together. In fact, be short and move on.
  • Don’t get down to her level if you can avoid it. If not, rise up and be the stronger person. But being the strongest doesn’t necessarily mean be the loudest. Be firm and direct. Don’t tolerate the crazy episodes.
  • If she tries to make contact with you on social media, don’t do it. Don’t be the bigger person and give in. It could be way too soon to become friends. Wait until much later to even think about having any more dealings with her.
  • Don’t tell her she’s crazy… that’s a big mistake. She’ll go from 0 to a hundred, real quick so pick your place if must tell her.

If you have more than one relationship like this, you must figure out what it is about you that attract women like this. You could have some mental issues as well. And if you have experienced this type of behavior before, comment below and let us know how you dealt with it. 

13 Signs You’re The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


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