when you stop having sex or endure celibacy you put up the closed sign
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Celibacy is choosing not to have sex. It is a wonderful sentiment but do you know what happens to your body when you stop having sex? Come on, it’s time we talk.

Sex is one of the nation’s most favorite pass times, according to the world’s population statistics and the Census Bureau. Hey, I’m not judging!

When I was in my twinkling twenties or my dirty thirties, I never in a trillion years thought I would be deliberately practicing celibacy or abstinence. I mean, just stop having sex… for any reason. But the day has come and I, like many others, have a rational explanation for celibacy or abstinence.  What’s the difference anyway? 

What’s the Difference Between Celibacy and Abstinence?

The two terms are so similar that for some, it’s difficult to understand the difference. They both mean a person is not having sex, however, celibacy is when one makes it a conscious decision to avoid the act and any lustful thoughts, but usually, it’s because of an obligation or authority.

Abstinence is choosing not to indulge due to an ethical or sociology-psychological reason, and not because of any religious practices.

Why We’re Not Having Too Much Sex Anymore

Don’t come for me wrong, sex is great. In fact, sex is more than great – the act causes marvelous reactions to take place in our bodies. In contrast, when we remain celibate, there are even more things that happen to you. 

Now, when you recognize your reason or reasons for caging the poonanny, raise your hand.

1] You stop having regular sex because you got married… and you had kids… plus you have a full-time job. In view of the fact you have a job and a few kids, your work is never done!

Your husband must be blind if he can’t see why ain’t no sex in the house. You’re too freaking TIRED. I mean, can a sister get a break from time to time? Geezus, yes. I understand. Moving on…

2] You are recovering from a major heartbreak and the idea of being with someone else turns your stomach. I understand this, too. Been there, done that but fortunately for us, we get over the sick feeling and back to having sex again.

It’s just a temporary set back, but in the meantime, do you wear a celibacy ring to avoid men?

3] Life throws us some curve balls and we suffer the consequences of illness or conditions that render us incapacitated for a while. Hopefully, we are able to bounce back from the involuntary celibacy and shake a few tail feathers.

4] You’re busy, much to busy professionally or have a case of tunnel vision. We all know redeeming the “a-round-to-it” can be difficult. A couple of days turn into months and in the blink of an eye, too. It happens without you realizing it.

Sure, you thought about it as the gorgeous UPS man, who also smells like freshly baked bread, bent over to pick up a package, but your mood was soon interrupted by a thirsty Bacardi Barbie wannabe. Well, okay, back to work.

couple sitting next to each looking upset - what happens when you stop having sex
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When We Stop Having Sex

Yeah, yeah… I’ve heard it all. Whoever told someone abstinence makes you smarter, had a sense of humor, ’cause it’s difficult to focus sometimes.

To the contrary, I think that having sex makes your sharper; it sure does relieve tension in the body so you can concentrate on your tasks.

Research says that it boosts brain cell growth. How do you like them apples? With this in mind, let’s take a read and find out the things that happen to your body when you stop having sex, okay?

Celibacy and Health

When women stop having intercourse, the walls of the vagina become narrow. And when this occurs, it’s painful, so believe her when she says it hurts. The good news is that resuming sex at regular intervals will remedy the pain. Do Kegel exercises while you’re not active.

Increased Grumpiness

Well, no one likes a grumpy old cat lady and we all know why you’re grumpy. You need to, um, get laid, have some sex, roll in the hay, let your hair down, drop it like it’s hot, girl! Sex is one of the best stress relievers known to mankind, therefore you need to get out of your rut.

Use it before you lose it

You can get too used to not having sex and before you know it you don’t want it anymore. Your desire for sex is off balance and this is normal if it happens.

Crazy dreams

The dreams are truly arousing and breathtaking. To have an orgasm during your sleep is a clear and obvious indication that you need some, honey. In other words, it’s time to for a road trip if you like to ride.

Celibacy and Self-esteem issues

Not happy with how your body looks even in sexy lingerie? Does it stop you from undressing in front of others? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There is an easy resolution however, it requires self-control and commitment.

Maintaining a firm frame takes works, but learning to love yourself regardless of your body shape is detrimental to a positive outlook and self-assurance.

The dreadful Urinary Tract Infection [UTI]

Omg! Have you ever had a urinary tract infection? It hurts like hell… it’s like you’d rather run ten miles on hot coals, eat skunk and swim with sharks than go to the bathroom. Thank goodness not having sex lessens your chances of getting one.

Celibacy and a Weak Immune System

A cheerful person is probably getting a lot of sex. Not to mention, the more sex you have, the healthier you’ll be! Yep, proven fact; sex helps to strengthen the immune system and to prevent colds and flu symptoms.

A Biblical Outlook on Sex and Celibacy

Some people believe God created man and woman to experience love and intimacy. We are sexual humans and sex was/is a wonderful thing. More so, there a people who think of sex as “dirty” and should be only for reproduction, however, some think this is just not true.

If you talk to married couples or couples in general, you’ll find that most agree sex is a major issue in their relationships. With that said, it is wrong to have sex outside of the relationship, to keep sex from the spouse and to have more than one husband or wife.

In the Old Testament, it was okay for a man to have many wives, but things changed. It was also said that some people are better off being single while others should, in fact, be married. Why? Simply because most people fail in their efforts to abstain from sex or to practice celibacy.

God tells us to either control your sexual impulses or get married! Now we all know that’s easier said than done. I mean, if a man and woman live together, naturally, they will be sexually active.

If a man can have all the comforts of a wife and not actually marry her, then why should he sign on the dotted line? People become so quick to set up a house they don’t actually realize the consequences. [Check out the book of Corinthians for verses about marriage for information.] 

Women and men are so ready to accept what society deems culturally acceptable they forget what God’s standards are. Some go so far as to think God is “okay” with living together and invite him to bless the union. Now, I think that’s wrong.  Actually, I’m sure it is. What do you think? 

Let’s Wrap Celibacy Up

The more positive experiences women and men have in the bedroom, the more they want it. However, it’s one thing when a woman stops having sex, but when a man goes without having sex for an extended period, he could have consequences as well.

Regular orgasms are a must when it comes to men’s health. So, the next time your partner or spouse asks you for some, remember all of the benefits you gain including get rid of that headache you suffering from.

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