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If you’ve ever been scammed, you won’t forget it. You can smell the foul people a mile away once you’ve been scammed.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  You can’t fool me three times cause I didn’t forget.  

I don’t know about you, but I could always use some extra cash. Living on a “fixed” income can be hard sometimes especially when it’s not a great amount of money. So, you look for ways to perhaps invest your money or to make some on the side legitimately.

There are plenty of ads for those who want to work from home. Some are real companies, however, you will find a lot of people out there scamming to take your money and your freedom. They don’t care about you, your family or what happens to you after you have been caught. 

Online Shopping Frauds and Scams 

Have you ever checked your email and received an invite to join a company to do some shopping? I mean, shopping is easy, right? Anyone can do it. Mystery shoppers are listed as one of the top fraudulent jobs out there.

These people send you an outrageous amount of money but it’s in the form of a money order. They tell you explicitly to take it to your bank and cash it.

They also try to convince you they inadvertently sent too much money and that you will have to send the overage back to them.  After you have the cash in hand, they then tell you to go shopping for the things on the list. 

There’s a limit though so you can’t use all of the money. Sounds good so far, huh? After the purchases have been made, the “mystery shoppers” are asked to return a certain portion… the majority of the money back to the company by Western Union. 

Here’s the problem: The mystery shoppers find their bank accounts are overdrawn and now they are faced with having to repay all of this money. Now, if they thought they were doing bad before, this only complicates matters.  The scammers don’t care!

They got the money and for the most part, they get away with it. With that said, if you’re interested in a program that pays, there are legitimate mystery shoppers.  I was one of them. BestMark is one reliable company if you are interested in participating in a program such as this. 

Check Scams  

Recently, a friend received a check in the mail in which she said she didn’t think anything of it because it came from her insurance company. Now with her having this particular insurance, she went ahead and cashed the check thinking it must be legit.

But the letter had specific instructions as to where to cash the check and where to send the extra money to because they had written the check for too much. Of course, they lied and said they could not rewrite the check because of certain restrictions.   

Several days later, she went to check her account only to find out she was thousands of dollars in debt. Now, if you’ve ever been scammed, you know the deal already and you won’t cash a check that comes with certain requirements such as those given to her. 

MoneyGram Scams 

A few months back, I was approached by a social media “friend” with the idea of making some money. He boldly told me about how his brother was working at MoneyGram and was able to change a $100 bill into a $1000.

All I had to do was send the hundred dollars and he’d return half of the money [$500] to me. This guy was so desperate to scam money, he was even running specials! When I told him I wanted no parts of the moneygram scams, he became angry and was really very rude to me.

He said he was going to block me (please, do me the favor) but I ended up blocking him because he continued to harass me. What a loser, right? 

Current Internet Scams

Another friend received an unsolicited email asking if he was interested in being a “virtual assistant.” He said, “Yes! Please send me the details”.

If you’ve ever been scammed before, you know how scam letters look. However, unlike most letters that have all sorts of grammatical errors in them, this one was very professional. In addition, it mentioned the name of a reputable company so he was impressed so far. 

He read the instructions and although it sounded like it was a little shady, he really wasn’t sure. So he went ahead and he received payment upfront for the assignment along with the instructions for the job. 

fake money order

Well, after seeing what the instructions were and the money orders, he was sure he was being scammed. He immediately checked the USPS site for a sample of fraudulent money orders and it met the criteria for a counterfeit money order.

That was smart and logical thinking and it saved my friend from a lot of trouble and heartache. Had he not had some street smarts about him, he would be locked up.  By the way, there is a list of scamming websites if you’re ever in doubt. 

Scam Artists are Worldwide 

You can’t even trust the ads anymore for legit jobs. What I’ve learned that this is a huge industry mainly coming from other countries. Online scams and frauds are all over the place. Have you ever been scammed on eBay?

The perps are on Craig’s List and recently, I’ve seen them on reputable freelance sites like PeoplePerHour. Not only that, but I get spam emails and telephone calls all of the time.  They call my home saying I owe them money as an attempt to get my banking information.

Yeah, well, if you ever been scammed before, it’s hard to forget the feeling. I’ve seen the emails for years talking about someone has died an left me all kinds of money, but I need to send them my personal information such as a copy of my identification. To top it off, they want cash upfront in order to get it. Ha! What a joke. No one should have to pay to get their own money.

We Have a Warrant Scam

This scam is pretty scary if you have had the call before.  They sound legit and have all your particulars like your name and part of your social. I had it happen to me just yesterday in my hometown while I was out shopping.

The lady said she was at my house with papers for my arrest.  She said to call this number right away or else. I called and the man answering the phone was pretty nice and transferred me to this rude you-know-what who called me stupid.  

After I verified my information with the nice man who answered the phone, I did indeed feel pretty stupid as it was a scam. I felt better though the next day when my daughter called to say they caught those guys.

But before that, she ran the phone number through the system to see if it was a scam and it was. The webpage had over 70 reports of fraudulent attempts to collect $875 from people or they would go to jail.

I’m glad they caught those guys but I’m worried now about my personal information.  If they can get it, who else has it? 

Psychic Reader Scams 

Speaking of jokes, ever been scammed by a physic reader? They are the worst! They claim to have significant and life-changing information for you, but they charge an arm and a leg to get it. 

Some call centers charge $9.99 per minute! If this isn’t a rip-off, I don’t know what is.  Even if the information was true, who can afford it? In a matter of minutes, you’re out of a hundred bucks. They claim to be godly people. Well, my God frowns on looking into the future, so are they godly?

I don’t think so, but if all of this sounds familiar, and you hadn’t answered the scammers, then you are on top of your game. Many people are susceptible to being taken to the cleaners by internet scams because they are in a bind and need to believe in something.

The “I’m Dying” Scam 

Remember, most get rich schemes are not going to make you rich. You should check out each offer you get to work at home. Beware of a letter saying someone has left you an exceptionally large sum of money especially if you didn’t inquire about it.  You know the one where they say “I’m dying” and I need someone to leave this money with. 

Scam artists don’t care who they hurt during the process. When people are in need of money, they tend to do some desperate things. I don’t like it when it’s our senior community taken advantage of. Please make them aware of a website scam checker you know about.

Have you ever been scammed?

I think those who take from our elders and the poor are heartless and should be jailed and made to pay all of the money back. Why can’t they find legitimate ways of making money instead of trying to rip off other people? In today’s society, almost no one should be broke. 

People are turning old car and truck tires into a work of art and reselling it for a profit. You can do many wonderful things with free pallets. There are 101 ways to make money at home and you don’t have to rip people off to do it.

It’s like thieves taking Christmas presents… it’s heartbreaking. What do you think? Have you ever been scammed or know someone who has? How does this make you feel? Let’s talk about it and by all means, let’s report internet scams.




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