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Are you seductive? Or do you have a seductive look meaning do you have a certain outfit or wig you wear that turns your significant other on? Or is it the way you tilt your head that shows you’re flirting with someone? What does it mean if you are seductive? 

It’s an art not everyone can master, to be honest, and pretty or cute is not the same thing as being sexy or seductive. Some men and women just show up and people are naturally drawn to them.

It’s like, you see her and the light bulb comes on and Bam! You’re held captive by her style and those seductive eyes or lips of hers.  You act on impulse because most people who aren’t afraid of taking risks when it comes to love.

At the same time, some people are completely lost. They have no conversation and fail miserably at flirting. More so, they don’t know how to form seductive text messages that could arouse anyone. 

Those who are seductive are able to convince other people to do certain things for them… things they wouldn’t ordinarily do. And that, my friends, is scary as you-know-what.  You can’t trust even yourself when it comes to this person. It leaves many people envious of your seductive look.

What Kind of Seductive Are You?

Hey, do you have a sexuality style of your own? You may have one and just don’t know it. Keep reading to find out if one of these styles fits your personality. 

Natural Seduction Style

Most men need to feel the heat [chemistry] before they will consider forming an emotional bond. He needs to be able to trust and feel comfortable around a seductive female before he lets loose his inner person. Both people should connect sensually and emotionally.

As someone who is naturally spontaneous, down-to-earth and loving, it’s easy to see why people fall for you fast. In other words, you don’t even have to try at being seductive; it comes naturally.

The Seductive Charmer

Have you ever relished in the fact someone is talking? You sit there, hanging on to their every word as if it was the season finale to Power. It’s as if some have a kind of divine connection or like they are a god when they speak.

Your heart beats the fastest and you feel warm all over when they flash that seductive smile. Yes indeed… he has the whitest teeth, pinkest tongue, and all 111 of those sexy eyelashes. This, my friends, is called seduction by mouth or sometimes, words. 

When you can get the other person to stop daydreaming long enough, they will fully open up to the charmer. Most of the time, these individuals are very seductive women, but men are excellent charmers as well. It’s almost as if the other person is being hypnotized.

Introducing the Seductive Style Flirt

The flirt is pretty much an expert at playing games. One minute they are hot and heavy and the next, you’re taking a cold shower. Flirts are generally self-sufficient and highly independent. They don’t need anyone’s permission to enjoy life.

These individuals have a great sense of humor and love adventure. New experiences turn them on. They get excited by the idea of something uncontaminated and exciting. These are the reasons men and women are attracted to you, so don’t change a thing about yourself! 

Seduction Style the Perfect Soul

Seductive souls – brother where are you? Women want you for romance because they miss that spirituality within the relationship. The perfect partner for this style has goals, compassion for others and a terrific outlook on life. You can hang out at the social club or at the hole in the wall.

The perfect soulmate for this audacious individual is a perceptive individual who’s more than likely a competent chameleon or shapeshifter. What does this mean? It means you know all of the seductive things to say and do at the right times. Anyone will be lucky to have someone like you.

Your Seduction Style is Irresistible

Being the irresistible person that you are, you don’t call dates, they call you. People come from across the room to meet you face to face if they muster up the courage. You’re a magnetic personality and this affords you a charming lifestyle.

Yes, you do everything big and all you do is win! There’s absolutely no comparison to any other seduction style.

You Don’t Have a Type

Some people don’t fall into molds. You’re a free spirit and you don’t care what people say about you. These self-directed individuals refuse to be put into a category or a type and this is fine, but it’s a “type” regardless of your non-traditional behavior.

Because of your free-thinking, you’re easy to get along with. However, your sexuality makes it hard for anyone to hold you down.

How Seductive Are You Quiz

So you’re hanging out at the bar and you notice someone in seductive clothing you want to have a conversation with. You go over and say “hello,” but nothing happens after that. Somehow you don’t have anything else to say. [smh] It’s kind of awkward so what are you doing to do next?

Do you talk about your last girlfriend?

Normally, I would not advise anyone to speak about their last boyfriend or girlfriend especially if it was so long ago, we did not have the internet. The party on the receiving end may think something is REALLY wrong with you and turn away.

Do you talk about how badly your job sucks?

Well, not on the first date, you don’t. But if you must, find something good to say about it and move on to what’s first date appropriate. If you talk badly about your job, your date may think the worse of you and you won’t get a second date.

Do you discuss your family’s skeletons?

Some families are dysfunctional and we get it, but don’t tell anyone this on the first date. They may think you have too much going on and wonder why nobody in the family seems to like you.

“I turn and put my lips close to Peeta’s and drop my eyelids in imitation… “He offered me sugar and wanted to know all my secrets,” I say in my best seductive voice.”  Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire

Some of us are those personality types above and the rest are dating someone like them. I know what it’s like to be memorized by someone and the high is incredible, but so is the fall. Regardless, I wouldn’t trade any of those memories.

I hope you are having fun whatever you’re doing in life. It’s too short not to be enjoyed.  So tell me, are you seductive? Did you see yourself? Did you recognize anyone you know in the article? I bet you did!

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