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How do you make the woman of your dreams happy when she won’t commit to a date? It’s difficult to find serenity at the side of someone who makes you smile, who makes you pull your hair out, and who, despite all that, still chooses you.

This is the same woman but she won’t commit to a relationship. But that’s the dream, and yet, so many finds themselves caught up in “relationship limbo.”   

Relationship limbo is the place between “friends” and “couple,” a place where she acts like she’s your girlfriend but she won’t commit. Similarly, the man has the impression of a relationship but has the same level of commitment as your shopping cart on Amazon.

You place items in the cart, but you don’t want to check out, not yet anyway. Women are infamous for pulling this Yo-Yo on “helpless” men.

Despite the fact, we’re the ones who end up lying awake late at night stressing about the relationship. Nonetheless, sooner or later we must face facts and grow apart.

She Wants to be Exclusive but She Won’t Commit?

Ha, nobody ever said being a woman is easy. Growing up as the only male child out of four children, I have learned from women yet, I still ask why she won’t commit to me! The Yo-Yo women pull on men is an act of cowardice.

This play falls way beyond a mere tease; in fact, the practice skips off the lake of crazy, and lands on the shores of selfishness. When you think how toxic this game is to the male psyche, I wonder why they aren’t filled with guilt. It’s just for women, you know.

But why keep someone within arm’s reach? Pulling someone’s heartstrings as they get what women want, while the guy only gets a taste of what he so desperately seeks between them is the worst kind of torture.

What does it mean when she doesn’t want to label your relationship? Women play a silly little game and she keeps winning, unfortunately, while the guy is left half-hearted, being deprived of his chance at being with someone who wants the same things.

Signs She Won’t Commit

Why won’t she commit to me? Some of these answers will shock many people, most will have already seen them coming, but either way, you need to hear the truth.

If she won’t give you the commitment you’re looking for, she only has strong feelings for pieces of you. Perhaps, she likes the way you make her laugh uncontrollably, or maybe she’s in love with those ripped abs of yours.

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However, by only liking bits and pieces, she’s saving herself from having to deal with the things she can’t stand about you. Sound familiar?

Some women are more confusing than others

There’s no rhyme or reasons why she won’t commit. You don’t understand as she enjoys your sense of humor or your body, others aren’t sure what they want.

For them, having a relationship is like buying a dress and not cutting off the price tag. They’re still not entirely sold on the dress, but at the time they bought the dress, and want to have it close just in case it comes in handy. Unfortunately, that’s how they treat us.

Next, is the ultimate domineering “girl next door” move. The women who, in no way want a commitment, knowing good and well you do, but she won’t commit.

She’ll automatically use this to her advantage by giving you samples of her, keeping you somewhat satisfied, and hoping it will raise enough fear in you to settle for a noncommitment over losing her entirely. She’s a crafty little minx, isn’t she, but she won’t commit. 

According to the relationship experts, this is the one answer that will shock you—your constant begging is a turn on for her.

Seriously, some women attract the opposite sex instantly and enjoy teasing a guy to the point where it stops being charming and it becomes a strong craving, a lustful desire he prays to have. In other words, it’s her psychotic way of being the center of a man’s desire—his queen.

She Won’t Commit but I’m In Love

Gentlemen, I know it’s a tough pill to swallow, but to have strong emotions to this woman and not get what you want in return, I’m afraid it’s time you accept the sad fact she won’t commit but won’t let go either.

The endless charade of pulling strings and making you dance when she wants you to and pushing you down when she doesn’t. Regretfully, she’s not worth it. You need to stop blaming yourself and making up excuses for her!

Stand up to her, look her straight in the eyes and say, “I don’t appreciate you stringing me along the way you have. I have strong feelings for you, but I see you don’t share those sentiments.

I’d rather find someone worth my love and who wants something concrete. I hope you grow up before you end up waking up alone the rest of your life.” Drop the mic and walk away.

In The End

True, the heart wants what the heart wants, even knowing the chance at happiness with this person is slim. Women are a lot of things, and some women will leave a sour taste in your mouth.

You could bash them, and make sure the world knows what she’ll do to men, but you’re better than that. There’s a girl out there for you, waiting for a chance to take you by the hand, snuggle up against you, and commit to you.

However, any girl who doesn’t commit and refuses to let you go isn’t the girl for you. She’s out there, believe me, and if she’s not, maybe he is?

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