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Are you thinking about getting married? Well, there are a few important things women should do before getting married! Don’t get me wrong, matrimony can be a wonderful thing. I’ve seen the episodes of “This is Us,” so, I know there are good men out there. [Hahaha]

Seriously though, the television series takes you there. The actors will make you want a spouse and kids cause the families have the kind of love that’s so strong, you can literally feel the emotions through the TV.  

Men do “real men” stuff and the women are a model for women wanting to get married and stay married. There’s nothing more arresting than to see a couple in love. Well, unless you’re attending their wedding, which what you’re seeing is now on another level. They are more than “in love.”

These two people actually planned a wedding. They sent out the, um, unique wedding invitations and are going through with the marriage ceremony, which they spent plenty of hours planning, by the way. They are confessing their love for each other publicly and willingly.

In the bliss of it all, some couples don’t even realize marriage is a different relationship from dating. They think life is a bowl of cool whip and cherries and it is, for a while anyway, but you can’t be forever21 [“young, dumb and broke”].


In light of this and if your future partner is your only boyfriend ever, I think you should explore this list of things to do before you get married. [Just so you know, they are not in any certain order.]

What to do Before Marriage

Date Other People Before Getting Married 

I’m not suggesting you cheat or break up, but if you’re single and haven’t been with a lot of guys before, then date! Try different kinds of relationship titles to see if marriage is truly what you want. Maybe all you really need is a friend with an excellent benefits package.

What about a fling over the summer? Did you have one of those yet? I sure hope so! The object of dating other people is to determine if wedding rings are something you really, really want and with that person.

If you have only been with one person before marriage, how will you have anything to compare your relationship with?

Before Getting Married, Live on Your Own 

Did you move from your mother’s house into an apartment with friends or family? Sometimes, we never experience what it’s like to live by ourselves, to be totally independent of others. This is one of the most important things to do before you get married.

Living by yourself means taking full responsibility for everything. Can you do it? You may want to try it. Besides, you will come to appreciate the little things the man of the house does like taking out the trash and carrying the groceries before getting married.

Shacking Up Before Getting Married 

Yeah, “shacking up” is a term or phrase the old folks used to say when a couple lived together without getting married. It still may cause an argument depending on a person’s values or strict religious teachings.

However, living together before getting married will reveal lots about the other person.

Things you never paid attention to before or things that were “cute” are suddenly annoyances now you’re living under the same roof, night after night after night. Oh yeah, it’s a fact, he farts in his sleep and you will have to live with it for the rest of your lives together. Can you do it? 🙂

Women Getting Married Should Take a Road Trip

One of the experiences I’ll never forget is the day we left going to get something to eat. It was the longest ride ever. How we ended up in Denver, Colorado, I’ll never know. Mind you, I live in Mississippi and we passed hundreds of good restaurants on the way.

It was a three-day ride in a little Pontiac Sunbird. The ride was enjoyable but the company had begun to get on my nerves and there’s was nowhere to go. I can’t remember what the argument was about but I remember saying that I hated him. [I was a kid.]

It was going from hot to cold weather, and I left home with my favorite pair of earrings, a pair of shorts on and flip-flops. I needed to stretch my legs and I needed some clothes. There wasn’t any room in that little car of his and the hotel room wasn’t big enough either.

So, if shacking up isn’t an option, I suggest taking a long road trip with your future husband or wife for that matter. Oh, for the record, we recovered from the harsh words and he bought me some sexy clothing and some sleepwear.

Before Getting Married, Book an All-Women’s Cruise

Travel is my thing, Hun, and it should be one of the things to do before you die on your list. I love it simply because the air is better, the clouds are brighter and the sunsets are never more romantic.

My best relationship advice is to gather your girls and see the world but just don’t stop in the states. No, ma’am! Travel beyond the United walls and go far, far away. Go where there is unbelievable fun and excitement, plus a little adventure.

Do Something You’re Afraid to Do Before Getting Married 

Conquering a fear is so liberating, you’re likely to become a different person because of it. It’s almost like you gotta do this before you get married. Pick one thing you’re afraid of in life and face it. Scared of snakes, go to the pet store and come face to face with it.

Study it, even tough it if you can. Are you afraid of heights? I sure am! I wouldn’t do this in a million years, not even if they offered me a million dollars. Naw, not me, but I know plenty of people who would.

Whenever you’re in Los Angeles, don’t miss the opportunity to slide down the glass wall a thousand feet up in the air just once with your eyes open.

Before Getting Married, Get Your Money Right

You must have your finances in order before getting married, my friends. Clean up your credit and raise your credit scores. Getting married means getting a house together and upgrading vehicles. Hopefully, you’ll be owning your home instead of renting one.

You’ll need good credit to do this. Money should not be a factor in your marriage or the basis for heated arguments. Money and income is a big part of a marriage. Therefore, it’s vital to discuss money issues before getting married in Vegas, if that’s your plan.

I’ve seen couples go to Vegas expecting to hit it big while on their honeymoon and start their marriage off in overdraft. Be totally honest with each other about your credit, about your habits, talk about short and long-term goals. Do you plan to save any money and for what purpose?

Will you have separate accounts or joint checking? Who’s paying what bills? All of these issues should be talked about and decided on before getting married.

Women Getting Married, Get Involved With His Family

Know the most important family members in your future husband’s life. It will help you to understand him and their bond just a little bit better. Getting along with his family is so important to a healthy marriage that you should try to be cordial to his cousins, aunts, and uncles.

With this said, he should meet your closest family members, too.

Before Getting Married, Have That Discussion About Kids 

This is another important question to ask before getting married. How many children does he want and does it match your number of kids? Do you two even want kids now? It’s a good idea if the two of you decide this matter as well before actually using the test strip. 

Do you have children already? Who will handle the discipline? Does your child[ren] get along with your fiance? And does he have kids as well from a previous relationship?  You need to talk about the kids before getting married and that’s real talk. 

Women Getting Married Should Be Able to Cook

Hopefully, you can cook, but when I was dating a Jamaican man, I had to learn how to cook for him. It wasn’t that I had to learn to cook normal foods, but I had to learn his style of eating. Are you marrying someone with cultural differences?

Cooking is one of those things to do before you turn 30, but it’s cool you can learn how to cook authentic dishes at home.

Before Getting Married, Have One Big Fight

Lucky for you if you guys haven’t had a big falling out, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Every relationship needs to know if they will survive a huge argument. It’s one way of finding out how your partner deals with emotions and tough times in the relationship. It’s a little trickery, but worth it.

Whatever you do, don’t lose yourself in your mate. Do you… be true to yourself. Maintain your career goals and get the most out of your life. Although you’re married, you still have goals and desires.  

You have expectations of your own and you shouldn’t have to disregard your goals in order to settle into a marriage. You both can have rewarding careers, but you must be strong enough to survive the turbulent times.

Being progressive leaders means less time at home and away from your partner and possibly children. Is marriage what you really, really what? Deleting some of these activities on the checklist of things to do before you get married will surely help you to find out.

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