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Who would have thought you’d be reading about Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Based on Relationship Titles? But you’re not even really dating, are you? Oh, so you’re kinda but not dating on Valentine’s Day? Man, it sucks to be you right now, right?

Na… not necessarily. It’s cool if you’re not in a relationship during Valentine’s Day. It’s just one day specifically set aside for men and women to spend even more money, that’s all. It helps to balance the economy after the Christmas drop off, you know what I mean?

From an economic standpoint, it may be better you’re not dating on Valentine’s Day. [just joking!] Besides, you shouldn’t need a national holiday for you and your lover to do something special for each other.

But sometimes when we’re in a relationship, but not really in a relationship [you know, it’s complicated], we need a nudge. We’re not sure if we should buy someone new something for this holiday. How do you determine Valentine’s Day gifts for him based on relationship titles? Is it too early to be buying gifts?

The day will be here before you know it. If you plan on getting the perfect gift, you shouldn’t wait til the last moment to think of something. It’ll cause more stress and likely, you heartache because you got her a blender.




But if you don’t get them a gift because you’re kinda dating but not dating and it’s Valentine’s Day, you may have hurt feelings, especially if they bought you a gift. If you’re not sure of the relationship title, you need to find out before that day.

Determining Relationship Titles

Can you imagine having to ask your partner to define the relationship right before Valentine’s Day? It’s awkward and it puts just a little pressure on the relationship if it hasn’t been determined where you both stand.

What I know is Elite Daily complete a Valentine’s Day survey and returned results showing 82% of women who have been with their mates for a couple of years expect something really nice from their man.

With that said, there’s the 11% who say they still expect a gift even if they have been dating only for a short while. The question is what on God’s green earth do you get someone you don’t know for Valentine’s Day?

Gift Ideas Based on Relationship Titles

For everyone who’s in a relationship, this time of the year is just as stressful as Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Maybe, it’s even more critical because this holiday can break up even a healthy relationship. Just remember, that little box of chocolates is for little girls.

But what if a couple just started dating… what to get a man for Valentine’s Day when he’s new? What if you’re not even sure what title to put on the relationship? Should they receive a gift? Well, I totally get where you’re coming from so I came up with a few solutions I’m sure you’re going to love.

With that in mind, it’s time we talk about Valentine’s Day gifts ideas based on relationship titles or without titles.

What to get your “Buddy”

This is the stage of the relationship or imaginary relationship where you’re free to date and to be intimate with other people and it’s “okay.” Now, I’m going to be honest with you. Most women feel as though if she’s giving it up, she wants a gift on Valentine’s Day.

So, in light of this and your relationship title, Valentine’s gifts for her would be something small like a cherry blossom bath salts gift set or scented candies.

No Relationship Title but Not Seeing Anyone Else

Oh yeah, this the trickery right here. We’re not a couple, but we made an agreement not to see anyone else? Whaaatttt? Who in the world does this? I mean, what does this say about the relationship?

I suppose this could be a good arrangement for some people, but I wouldn’t get the other person a gift. For those who are okay with the arrangement, then go ahead and supply them with “date night” coupons or a good book to read.

Officially Dating Since Yesterday

The two of you just starting dating only it was decided yesterday. Today is Valentine’s Day, so do you get them anything or not? Certainly, but here’s the thing. It can’t be so big that it scares the other person.

Get them something kind of personal like bath bombs, comfortable sleepwear or a gift tied to their hobby. If the other person is a female, then I suggest getting her a designer handbag, perfume or lingerie that suits her bedroom personality.

Breakfast on the Mediterraneon Sea - Peaches, Still Life, Sea, Wine
Breakfast by the ocean is the ultimate Valentine’s Day treat, especially when you have a view like this!

Short on funds? A romantic seaside breakfast is always a winner. The good thing is you don’t have to be a chef to cook breakfast foods. Toast, cream cheese, fruits, white grape juice or wine… you in there!

Couples in Love

So, you’re a couple now and the relationship title is kinda serious. There’s no better feeling than loving someone who loves you back, so why not show it with a special gift. This time it should be something to wow them. Diamonds are always excellent gift ideas for women and men.

Awww… she is soo cute, but before you go buying a puppy make sure it’s something she can have.

Not ready to give her your mom’s diamonds yet? How about matching sterling silver bracelets or necklaces. These would be cute Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend and girlfriend. If you’re not into jewelry, perhaps buying a cute little puppy would be more appropriate.

Getting Engaged Today?

Now, this is it… this is the day all lovers wait for and it had better be over-the-top. Dinner is okay, but if you’re going to start the evening with dinner for two, propose at the best restaurant in town, the diner you shared your first meal together or even your home.

Order or make the meal for lovers with all the trimmings. Whichever you decide, she or he should know where your heart is in planning the evening from start to finish. You may want to even get away for the date, which makes it even more surprising and extraordinary.

Ladies, if he goes all out and makes one little mistake, please, don’t forget to show him how much you appreciate him and his efforts. After all, he gave you a heck of a  rock. Somebody help her hold her finger up, please. 

Wrapping Up Gift Ideas Based on Relationship Titles

It doesn’t matter if you’re FWB or you’ve been together for a long time now, don’t bring a small box of chocolates to a woman who loves the taste of caramel in between a chocolate bite.

I’m not saying don’t bring her flowers, but don’t let that be your only gift. Flowers are nice, but they die. The perfect gift for guys based on relationship titles could be related to sports, fishing, gaming, hunting, or cars.

What are my gift ideas based on relationship titles? Well, for me it’s dining under the stars and moon by the water. Just me and him in this wide open space. Candlelight and wine.

Well, what’s your idea? Comment… let me know what’s happening. Do you have any great valentine’s day gifts for him? What are you giving her for Valentine’s Day and what’s your relationship title?

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