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So, you’re seeking employment after 50 and you’re worried. Don’t be. Plenty of women over 50 are seeking second careers and others need another job to keep up with living expenses. Salary is important, especially when we need to pay the bills when they are due!

At the age of 50, you’re at the peak of your career as you’ve accumulated insurmountable amounts of knowledge throughout your lifetime and lots of work experience and NOW is certainly not the time to stop.

You have so much more to offer the world and you need to flaunt it, rather than hide behind your age. In fact, “fifty is the new forty” when it comes to job hunting so keep this in mind.

Unemployed at 50?

Don’t be ashamed if you are looking for employment after 50 but remember you are competing with people younger than you but they have little experience.  While having a clear scope of the position already, you are better qualified and likely possess a stronger employment history.

Don’t let age 50 define whether you can or can’t do something, rather, let your previous experiences and resume do the talking.  Seeking employment after 50 shouldn’t be painful.  

With the right tips for job hunters over 50, you’ll be able to get a job in no time! Be confident in your capabilities and your expertise!

How to Secure Employment after 50

In 2010, according to the AARP, the most common jobs women over the age of 55 have been secretarial jobs, driving jobs, nursing jobs, middle-school and elementary teaching jobs and managerial jobs.

But here’s what to do if you are seeking employment after 50 or applying for a second or part-time job to make ends meet.

Seeking Employment After 50 Years Old 

  1. When looking for a job, take into consideration networking.  Do your research on companies that hire people within your age group and target those employers and others who can refer you to the right employers.
  2. Next, work out the hours that you will be spending on your job. Will it be too much for you to handle or are you able to work longer hours to get more money?
  3. Make sure you practice the interview, so you can master the conversation with the employer. Remember, it’s going to be YOUR job, so own it!
  4. Furthermore, think of what experience you have and use it in a positive light. The more experience you have, the more passionate you are.  Personal satisfaction on the job ensures you receive more than just a paycheck. Intensity is a positive quality that most employers seek, and it makes you, as a candidate, stand out from the others when you are able to work with a smile.
  5. By the age of 50, you own a vault’s worth of knowledge stored under your belt. It’s just waiting to be unleashed to make its mark in the world. Your resume will be invaluable to employers, making the probability of you getting employment after 50 much higher. With this in mind, make sure it emphasizes your strengths and accomplishments. 
  6. Even if you lack experience, there are so many government jobs people over 50 qualify for that you shouldn’t worry. They may offer training to help you along the way so that you won’t feel as helpless as you may be feeling right now. Clearly, these employers can see the untapped potential in you, now, all you need to do is see the power in yourself and take the next step forward as a team player and apply for that job!
  7. Remember, getting in the right position can depend on what you know. Don’t forget to mention your recent education or online class certifications and your ability to use the latest technology.

AARP also suggest the best employers for workers over 50.  These jobs were found to be extremely popular with people over 55. For example, over 870, 000 people over the age of 55 were employed in as a secretary or an assistant of some sort.

The large amounts of evidence of people of these ages getting employment after 50 and succeeding in them should be proof and encouragement to you, saying that if they can do it- you can, too!

What if you aren’t qualified enough for those jobs?

Don’t worry! If you are a 50-year-old with no degree, there are still jobs out there waiting for you! Lots of jobs don’t require a college education and even provide training, like floral designers, postal carriers, and loan officers.

They all provide a substantial income by the end of the year- enough to support you and keep you satisfied!

Jobs For People Seeking Employment after 50

That’s easy! Find a job that supports you financially, of course.  Next, it should be a job that doesn’t ruin your health, a job that can keep you happy and interested. Lastly, the hours should be flexible so you can manage home and work.

Find a job that interests you, and if you still aren’t sure, there are all sorts of career advisors online who will be happy to help you secure employment after 50!

Nowadays, there are so many opportunities, but not enough people notice them or take advantage of them in time. These job opportunities are your golden ticket to your life’s comfort and financial stability.

Regardless of your situation and age, or even experience, you have lots of opportunities for employment after 50 just waiting to be taken advantage of.

Since you are at the utmost peak of your career ladder, you should flaunt it- strut proudly. Make like a peacock and show everyone you can get employment after 50. Now maybe a good time to look at freelancing or starting your own business.  It’s a thought! 

Never let your age determine what you can or cannot do, and look at the positives that come with your age rather than the few negatives. Remember “fifty is the new forty” so grab the opportunities quickly, and show everyone what you are made of!

There’s so much out there, you just have to look and apply yourself! Others find employment after 50, and now… so can you! Happy job hunting!


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