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To get your girlfriend to tell you exactly what she wants is a little tricky especially without her knowing she’s revealing information. Sometimes, surprising the women we love is more work than raising bail money for a serial crime offender.

But, relationships are great, aren’t they? You find someone out of the blue, slowly get to know them (or quickly, if you know what I mean), build trust, and eventually seal the deal. That’s right, your Facebook status has finally changed to “In A Relationship” — Congratulations!

Relationships teach each one of us no matter how well you know someone or think you know someone, you will never really know exactly what she wants. This issue can make or break any relationship.  

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Think about the number of times you have argued with your girlfriend about absolute silly things like where does she want to go to eat? Or what does your girlfriend want for her birthday [or any gift given occasion]?

You even argue about what radio station you want playing in the car? It’s complete and utter madness. Get your girlfriend to tell you exactly what she wants to hear and lock in her station. It will save you an argument and make her feel special.

You’re probably thinking and wishing there was a way you could just get her to tell what she wants without her ever knowing” to avoid this dreaded debacle. Well my friends, do I have a trick for you.

Know Exactly What She Wants Using This Life Hack 

Part One: WARNING!

With all tempting things like sugar, and chocolate you must be prepared for the consequences of misuse. It’s better to prepare now and know the limits before you put yourself in a situation where you’re left single and alone, all because you, the big dummie, didn’t give her exactly what she wants.

I’m only going to say this once, and another time at the end of the article, because I know some of you will forget. I do not recommend using the method more than occasionally.

Women are smart, clever, and remember almost every single word you’ve ever said or thought, even if you were home alone—she knows.

She will catch on, she will not say a single word, and like a shark, she will wait until you least expect it and she’ll attack… and she will win.

However, if you’re clever and skilled enough, you just may have what it takes to make this work more often for yourself—well, maybe not.

Part 2: The Answer

The answer is simple and often overlooked. When you ask your girlfriend exactly what she wants and she does, in fact, know what she wants, contrary to whatever she says. So, what do you have to do to get your girlfriend to tell you exactly what she wants?

The answer—rephrase your question as if you already know the answer. In a way, it’s a crude version of reverse psychology mixed with the cuteness of a surprise. And we all know how much women love surprises.

Part 3: The Example

Let’s say it’s dinner time—it’s been a long day and neither one of you are prepared to cook anything and your stomach has started making whale mating call sounds.

You know what will happen if you ask her directly what does she want for dinner. You are probably not going to get a straight answer. So, instead of being direct, try this. “Hey, babe. Guess where we’re going out to dinner tonight?”

You see, now she’s intrigued. She thinks you’ve already made plans for the two of you, her hero! But what you’re going to do is let her guess where you’re going, and whatever she guesses take her there.

She unknowingly will tell you exactly where she wants to go and all you’ll have to do is get her there and pay. Simple.

Sorta of like what women really want in bed. Haha… Just joking, people… just clowning around, but okay!

You now see why this cannot work on a daily level if you’re planning to use this example. You may be able to reformat this in a couple different ways depending on the situation. Traveling, present and gift ideas, concerts, clothing, etc…

Giving Your Girlfriend Exactly What She Wants 

A relationship takes work. At times it feels like you’re giving all you have and then some, while other times taking a shortcut seems like a safer play.

I can tell you firsthand how to get your girlfriend to tell you exactly what she wants. I know how annoying it is being a guy and trying to have your girlfriend decide on something—anything!

Thankfully, someone out there, the “Godfather of Men,” has given us with a simple and mischievous relationship hack to get us through the decision confrontation and down the road to happiness.

target employees clapping - job well done - you got her exactly what she wants
Job well done… you got her exactly what she wants!

This road may lead to the sequel, “Signs to know what do girls like in bed,” so as I mentioned earlier, be cautious and use sparingly.


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