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Beauty trends – today’s fashion and beauty engulfs a whole array of runway makeup looks, dos and don’ts of makeup application, skin care, hair care, new hairstyles, nail art and the list is endless.

As every beauty diva prepares for the season’s makeup trends, a new look will sweep everyone off their feet! Staying up to date and in vogue is as essential as eating the right foods and staying hydrated!

Beauty trends are dynamic

The makeup of today is upbeat, unpredictable yet classy and chic from graphic eyes and glittery lips to decorative hair pieces and to the no makeup look. Defying the traditional and blending with modern day styles, here are some of the top beauty trends that take care of major beauty goals!

Graphic eyes

Beauty gurus are emphasizing legendary beauty trends! It’s time to come out of the conventional winged eyeliner and basic dark under eyes. Channel your inner artist and create interesting and edgy looks.

eye makeup Photo by Tubarones Photo pexels photo 3065450

Bold and big eyeliners, geometric patterns, sharp edges, pointed lines at inner and outer corners of eye and everything that is to with drama! Keep the remainder of your makeup neutral or subdued while going for this dramatic effect.

Ditch the color black

The world is used to seeing women in black eyeliner; let us give them a fresh outlook. Upgrade your makeup vanity with colorful eye pencils like burgundy, pink, blue, green, coral, gold and whichever color you want to play with.

These colors will cause your eyes pop. Let your eyes be a canvas, painted in bright colors!

Glitter lips

For you party animals, this beauty trend can make you a head turner! Till now, we believed only of glossy lips for night makeup until glitter lips surged. Spotted at Fendi Spring Summer 2017 show, this beauty trend brought more attention to the lips than ever.

Just apply glitter on that lipstick and you are ready to shine! Use a glitter glue to hold the glitter in place.

‘90s lip trend

History repeats itself as the resurrection of the ’90s lip trend perfectly fits this phrase. Dark chocolate and brown lip shades are reminiscent of that era. The key here is to keep rest of the makeup minimal.

This beauty trend reminds us of cute and casual styles of Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears to name a few. These lip shades come in distinct hues and textures. Find what satisfies you as the most illustrious and be a ‘90s child again.

Soft contour and highlighting

The age of stark contouring is gone; it is time to keep it fresh but nominal. Soft contouring defines a new style of makeup and it is absolutely summer perfect. It is faster and realistic in daily life which highlights your features naturally.

Use soft pinks, peaches, and neutral blushes to accentuate your cheekbones and apply an illuminator to highlight the high points of your cheeks. Follow these simple beauty trends and you will be ready in no time!

No-makeup makeup

While we talk of all the latest makeup and beauty trends, there is one trend that defies them all; no-makeup makeup. The opposite pole of all makeup styles contouring, strobing, blushing, baking to call them all. The emphasis is on looking natural and be yourself.

This beauty trend is for women who believe in embracing their flaws and stand out with panache. No amount makeup can beat the quintessential natural beauty. Apply some moisturizing cream or BB cream and lip balm to achieve a fresh and radiant look.

Sometimes it is good to let your skin breathe!

Hair accessories

While it may not be a big deal, this dainty detail should not be missed; it can change your hair game totally. Add bejeweled brooches, clips, floral head hands, soft hair ribbons to be a jaw-dropping beauty.

Playing with your hairstyles was never so much fun. This beauty trend is for all you maximalist queens!

Upgrade your messy ponytail

Low messy ponytail always makes you effortless and stylish. It is time to upgrade your ponytail and give it a soft and bohemian touch. Braid a few strands of hair a few inches apart and tie with your messy ponytail.

You can make as many braided hairstyles as you want, just don’t try to be too perfect, imperfection is perfection!

Straight boyish eyebrows

It can be a pain sometimes to achieve perfectly arched and filled eyebrows. A lot of time and skill goes into making those overdone eyebrows. Yes, we have said it! Sometimes, ladies, you go too far… I’m just being honest.

Straight and naturally groomed brows are the beauty trends of the season which will save us some time! Boyish brows are for the rule breakers and trendsetters. They have an inherent youthful touch to them, so if you want to look a year or two younger, this can help you!

Nude manicure

Nude nail designs are the newest members added to the family of manicures! These babies come with a colorful flip side. Just grow your nails to a required length and paint the flip side or rear side of your nail with bright colors.

Next, paint the top of your nail with any neutral paint. This little change will bring a noticeable and unexpected surprise when you grab a cocktail!

Splash masks

Skincare is a way of life, a ritual which is essential for a beautiful and healthy skin. As aging skin problems tend to increase, starting a skincare routine at the right age is important. Splash masks are a new revolution in the world of skincare.

They involve splashing a potent liquid formula diluted in water on your face for 15 seconds. It is inspired by the traditional Korean beauty ritual where rice water is splashed onto the skin for 15 seconds for deep cleansing and a glowing skin.

This beauty trend should be a part of everyone’s skincare routine.

Beauty trends: Conclusion

Beauty is all about feeling beautiful from inside out! While we bring these beauty trends to you, it is important to love yourself and set your own rules and trends. If you know a beauty trend that you love, share with us, we would love to hear from you!

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/@marlonretratos. This guy is an incredible artist. Check out his work. You’ll love his photographs. He has a real talent for capturing the true essence of a person. 

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