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If a nice relaxing dip in the pool doesn't encourage attachment, a nice full body massage should.
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It’s time to talk about ways to encourage attachment with your significant other. I mean, you want the relationship to last, right? I mean, lasting relationships don’t just happen. They take a little work. A bond you have with your spouse is something special and it keeps you going.

When that bond is strong, it fills you and your soul mate with love and happiness. Spending time together will definitely make the bond stronger than ever and that doesn’t include hitting each other up on Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest either.

I want to share with you some amazing activities you can do with your Boo to strengthen the bond between you two. Try these simple activities that encourage attachment with your significant other.

Activities That Encourage Attachment With Your Significant Other

Encourage Attachment by Swimming

Swimming in warm water is definitely a relaxing activity. If your sweetheart doesn’t know how to swim, you should encourage her to swim but do it without forcing anything. If you’re going to be the teacher, start by letting your partner embrace the water.

When they are comfortable being in the water, gradually let her glide or float through the entire pool while moving her arms and legs. When she is ready to start swimming, slowly let her go.

Encourage Attachment by Preparing a Game Day Party

If you have a wannabe linebacker in the house, then you know preparing a game day party for him and his boys and the girls is a very important event. Your man will be excited having you as the hostess as you know how to plan a party!

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Gameday is exciting and more women are enjoying the sport just like men are.

This game day event will be the talk of your circle for a long time with the right mix of food and drink. Let your man relax, sit back and enjoy a nice cold ice beverage.

Encourage Attachment by Playing Game Tables

Adults aren’t interested in tea parties, but they are interested in games that are competitive like game tables. One of the best game tables for adults is foosball.

encourage attachment - Pele Maradona Zidan enjoying a game tables
Foosball can be a fun time when shared with friends. Games that involve other encourage attachment.

Play foosball together, show your partner few tricks and they will look at you like you are a hero when Y’all when the foosball tournament. You will remember that look of admiration for the rest of your life and the positive feeling it has left in your heart.

Encourage Attachment by Sharing Stories From Your Childhood

Talking about your childhood will make your wife realize you were a kid once, just like she was. Talk about the adventures you had that encourage, talk about your friends and the games that you used to play. Get to know each other all over again.

Share your wishes, the name of your first pet and everything you can think of. That way your life partner will learn something more about you which is pretty awesome.

Encourage Attachment by Reading Books Before Bedtime

After a day filled with vigorous activities, it is normal to think you would be extremely tired. However, there are games that relax you. Surprisingly, reading is something else you can do to strengthen your relationship. Share a book.

Choose an eBook and challenge each to finish it before the deadline. Make it fun by proposing a reward for the winner. It can be something as simple as a homemade dinner in which you get to discuss the book. Or you can buy each other quirky, book-themed gifts to celebrate.

The Best Way to Encourage Attachment

The best relationship advice anyone can give is to treat our partners the way we want to be treated. If he or she makes a mistake, it is our job to be forgiving and understanding.

When we learn to give our partners what they need instead of what we think they should have, we will be better lovers.

Case and point: Your SO is running late because he wanted to finish the project at hand and forgot you wanted something from the store. You yelled at him for not remembering but, it’s a human thing to do.

If you recall last week when you forgot to pay the bill online, he did not shout when he couldn’t watch cable TV. He just popped in a movie and cuddled with you. You should provide the same understanding and encouragement that he gave you.

You would not want anyone screaming at you for forgetting a candy bar, so stay calm and shut the front door. People should be treated with decency and acceptance.

We all experience highs and lows in our lives. We are afraid, we are happy and we suffer from disappointments. Give your partner a kiss and encourage attachment with love and respect.

Contributor: Mark… from FoosballZone [Not to be mistaken for Jake… from Statefarm.]

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