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Fibromyalgia targets the muscles and soft tissue, but first, you may notice your sleep patterns are changing and lately, you are just worn out.

What Do You Know About Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is not contagious. You may have a few of the symptoms listed here and not have all. In either case, we suggest you make an appointment with your healthcare provider if you suspect having this illness.

Symptoms checklist

How can you tell if someone you love is suffering from fibromyalgia? The side effects include –

  • Showing signs of irritability – Friends and family believe you are unstable. One thing’s for sure, the mood swings are obvious.
  • Low concentration – Symptoms may cause you to forget things even if they are a part of your normal routine
  • Tingling sensation – You’ll notice a funny feeling in the arms, hands, legs, and feet
  • Headaches – You may see an increase in the number of headaches that occur
  • Morning stiffness – Getting out of bed takes a little longer because you’re stiff; the mornings are the worst.
  • Chronic fatigue – Sleep all day and it’s never enough rest 
  • Pain – Sharp pains spread to all areas of the body, making hugging undesirable at this point. The good news is that the pain goes away for sufferers who benefit from a fibromyalgia migraine treatment.

Why do people get it?

According to webmd.com, fibromyalgia syndrome happens mostly after a momentous period or event in one’s life. In the same way, a traumatic illness can bring on symptoms. Research shows fibromyalgia causes are a series of stressors, mental and physical.

The illness also affects the way we process pain as the hurting accelerates in patients suffering from fibromyalgia. Medical experts link serotonin as a major factor in how the body handles stress and pain.

Add to that fibromyalgia could be associated with biochemical changes in the body or menopause, but it’s only a theory. However, there are natural remedies worth trying to treat both menopause and fibromyalgia. 

Disadvantages of fibromyalgia

The repercussions of having this illness are that the patient is likely to have tension headaches, anxiety and suffer from depression. Many people also experience joint pain or TMJ and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

I don’t know if I’m really surprised, but it happens more so in women than in men and it does not have a known cure. Doctors offer medications to ease the symptoms, but what really helps is diet, exercise and stress diversions.

We all know that in order for us to improve how we feel using natural and holistic measures, it will take a lifestyle change. Diet is a major step. While there isn’t much evidence to prove it to the proper authorities yet, studies are done and are coming up with some agreeable decisions.

What we do know is food makes us feel a certain way and because of this, we suggest taking advantage of a nutritious diet.

Relief from fibromyalgia symptoms

Getting relief from your symptoms could be as simple as diet, exercise, alternative remedies and cures and prescription medications such as Lyrica or Cymbalta. 

An Incredibly Easy To Read Blog About Fibromyalgia

Alongside taking the medications, you should take note of what foods make you respond a certain way and jot them down. Remember, overeating will naturally make you tired or lethargic. 

When you find the foods or triggers that make you feel worse, take them out of your cabinets and freezers and toss them out.

Exercising is a wonderful tool when trying to eliminate or lessen the effects of depression and being overweight. Having fibromyalgia makes the decision to work out difficult, but targeted exercises make a difference.

Stress has a way of accumulating by the end of the week. Try treating yourself to a nice spa massage or simply change your surroundings.

A short get-a-way could be blocking 24 hours off your schedule just to sit by the pool or relax in your local hotel room. If you are woodsy kind of person, I’m sure there is a cabin calling your name. Whatever your idea of a perfect excursion is, put it into motion and forget about your troubles. 

Fibromyalgia & Natural Treatment in Vermont


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