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Soft curls and warm skin - what man can resist?
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It’s time we talk about cute and sexy hairstyles that drive men wild and catch my attention. That’s one reason why I love easy hairstyles, wigs, and weaves. You, too? Cool, we’re on the same page. I like warm, neutral colors myself. What about you?

I’m usually browsing on Pinterest when I see a style that will stop me dead in my scroll or my granddaughter will mention a style she likes. This is how I decide if I like a style or haircut. Now, whether it likes me is a different story. It’s the same way with scents that drive men crazy.

I can’t wear most of them due to sensitivity and irritation. With that said, the trend will change as soon as the next celebrity shows up on the red carpet with a fabulous hairdo. So, we must be careful about actually getting a haircut.

We should know the shape of our face before we cut to see if the style will like us first. But if you’re sure about the shape, go ahead and do it. My favorite styles are messy hairdos. I never like to appear as if I did anything extra, so I stay neutral.

Other people go wild with hot and cool hairstyles and colors. Some of it is right for them and well, let’s face it, some of those colors are not. Don’t hate me. You want a friend to tell you the truth, right? You want to be among women that drive men crazy for good reasons.

Well, okay then… girl, I can’t let them talk about you like that. Don’t wear that shade. There’s a proper way to choose a color. Don’t you know? Keep scrolling to find out more.

Choosing a Color

A good stylist will let you know before you choose the wrong colors, but some of us want what we want, no matter what. I’ll tell you, however, the fire engine red is a bit too much girlfriend… okay, it’s shocking and that’s why people are staring.

Hopefully, those are temporary colors for you. I mean, everyone is entitled to wear what they want to wear, but the object is to look like we came from the salon, not like we need to go, right?

So, compromise if you must have a particular color or haircut. The perfect hair color is based on the skin’s complexion and eyes. A person who has dark brown eyes and a warm skin complexion can wear reds with much success.

Hazel eyes and an olive complexion makes for an exceptional opportunity to wear almost any blonde or brunette shades. Maybe suggest some highlights, low-lights or a couple of tracks instead of full coverage.

Doing it this way will allow you to see if the color works for your skin tone, face shape and the color of your eyes. In addition, it will limit the number of chemicals in your hair if you weave in the color first. Well, if you want more suggestions, keep scrolling! 😉

Wild’n Out With Things That Drive Men Crazy

If you want to spark up your cut or hairstyle, add color, highlights, and texture especially if you have straight hair. I love an asymmetrical cut but you don’t have to get one in order to achieve a tamed but wild hairstyle.

olsen twins blonde and brown messy hairstyles that drive men wild DN 2154835-bigthumbnail
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Hairstyles

Mary-Kate [Olsen] agrees messy hairstyles are the best. She rocks a bohemian style to die for. Why does she look so good with this style? It matches her face shape and eyes, plus her personality. Why is personality important to a hairstyle.

It’s one of the first clues men have about who you are. The man that tells you he loves your hair probably notices your personality and well, if he can’t keep his hand out of your hair, you know you rocking the hairstyle. Yep, you nailed it, sister.

Plain Jane: Innocent Words That Drive Men Crazy

Long hair, don’t care! Keep it real [Brazilian] and simple. With folks like Nicki Minaj and copy, Bacardi B wearing long, straight hair, it’s more in demand.

Nicki Minaj hairstyles that drive men wild straight black hair 2254091-bigthumbnail
Nicki Minaj

I love to see long hairstyles for men! Goodness… long dreads, long, black straight hair or long natural hair.

Messy Bob

Again, my favorite hairstyles for long hair are messy.

woman with silver hair beautiful full lips and piercing eyes and a hairstyles that drive men wild
Short messy bob

They look absolutely fabulous on someone with red hair and green eyes. Of course, I have to weave and add color contacts to achieve this look, but with my warm skin tone, it’s a haute look! 😉

Layers of Soft Strands

Who doesn’t love soft hair, but hair with layers and colors, well, you have another hit. The longer the hair, the better. We wouldn’t suggest a blunt haircut for long hair, but if that’s what you like, go for it. 

hairstyles that drive men wild purple haze beauty 1742773-bigthumbnail
Long, messy dos are my favorite hairstyles. This model nails the natural look, her makeup is flawless.

Men love it when long hair is loose and wavy. It tells the man she is more than likely an easy going girl and he can approach her.

The Pixie Hairstyles That Drive Men Wild

When a woman wears a short haircut, it’s because she’s confident and has a nice shaped head. Depending on how short you go, a round head is pretty important. Adina Howard is still my shero.

Adina was not thinking about the public and their opinions when she cut all of her off and I, for one, followed in her footsteps. It has to be one of the most freeing hairstyles to-date. I was truly surprised to find it was one of the hairstyles that drive men wild!

Oh yeah… we were talking about pixies… here you go. 

gray hair warm skin brown eyes hairstyles that drive men wild
The Pixie – Works with her face shape, the color coordinates with her skin and eye color

Short and Funky: Hairstyles for Teenage Guys?

Well, there is one short hairdo I still have not tried yet, and it’s spiked hair. They look like guy haircuts to me. It’s probably more common than I realize and while some people find a spike hairdo interesting, I just don’t.  It’s hard and stiff…  😳 

hairstyles that drive men wild - man blonde with whip and spiked white hair

The hairstyle is certainly chained to the personality. With the right styling products, you can do most anything with short hairstyles.

The Classic Ponytail

The ponytail is simple, quick and effective. The hairstyle accommodates time on and off the job. Do men prefer it with or without makeup is the question? The tail makes for play creative [haha… you like how I worded that? Slick, I know. 😛 ] And ladies, the men say no makeup.

Did the hairstyles that drive men wild surprise you?

Well, it was certainly refreshing, right? I mean, to find there are other things besides body positions that drive men crazy was wild in itself. Now, we know. It’s only a haircut but use it, honey, to help keep things fresh and interesting. However, don’t overdo it. You know men get bored easily.

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