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Some people go through life and never get married. Is there such a thing as married to yourself?

Is she marriage material? It’s a straight-up question which may offend somebody and I was one of them. You may have wondered or are wondering the same question yourself as you’re here.

Hey, looking for answers is a good thing. Plus, we can talk about some issues if there are any while you’re visiting. I’m just a keyboard away. You know, when we were small, we had everything in the way of emotional support we needed if we had a loving home.

Because of that, we’re all grown up and our relationships are pretty stable. You meet people in some way contribute to your growth. In other words, the previous relationships been positive ones. Thanks to the support, you can pass a marriage quiz with flying colors.

It’s not that far off to say women have a list of characteristics and qualities they want in a husband or potential mate. However, and I’ve heard this said many times over, how do we expect “the one” to come when we are not “the one” ourselves?

You’ll ruin it and then think your prayers were not answered.  In fact, they won’t be until you’re ready. But on the off chance, you do meet someone special. How do you expect to make the relationship work when you’re a mess? Prepare now so you don’t have to get ready. 

Am I Ready for Marriage?

We attract who we are inside and rarely do we ever get the person we want before we are ready. When you understand this, you should be ready to make that change if you honestly want to meet someone special. Are you with me? Okay… good. Keep scrolling.

Now, if this list isn’t manifesting the right man your way, and you made it two years ago, work on you, sweetie. It’s time we get this together. You gotta love who you are and just because you make upgrades, doesn’t mean it’s not you… just a better version of you.

How to please a Jamaican man? Remain true to yourself, they say, but if you hadn’t learned who that person is, it’s kinda hard to do. Another key point to be remembered is, ladies, and men, too, know your worth! Put your best foot forward every day, especially if dating Jamaican woman.

That means looking your best, spreading cheer and love to those you come in contact with. It also means you must bring this same kind of energy into your relationships.

If you’re looking to meet Christian singles or a man with exceptional standards, remember he’s looking for a certain type of woman as well. Are you that woman? Be honest with yourself. Until you’re the person you’re asking for, he won’t come. When you’re ready, he will be right there.

The benefit of you both being ready for marriage or love is that it makes the relationship simple and carefree. You feel more confident in the journey with your significant other.

When Should You Marry?

The National Center for Health Statistics completed several studies about marriage. One study reveals that most people should be around 26 when they get married. It also seems that education has an effect on whether someone is likely to ever get married.

Oh yeah, they say 64 percent of graduating students get married compared to 48 percent of the students who only received high school diplomas. There are more interesting stats.

The study also told us the annual household income of the couple should be at least $50k a year. That is if they want a 68 percent chance at surviving their 15th year wedding anniversary. Poor people or low-income people may not ever get married?! [umm, hmm]

Well, if you’re knocking on 30 or already 30ish, and have a degree, you should already be married and be making a combined income of $50k or more. More people believe in the institution of marriage and 87 percent of couples are committed to their vows.

With that said, some couples [81 percent] feel staying together for the kids is a good reason to stay in a marriage along with financial stability. The money or lifestyle is also important but only 31 percent will admit to this.

However, without hesitation, 70 percent of the couples believe friendship is 70 percent of the relationship. It has everything to do with the romance, adult time and passion in their marriages. I mean, you should at least like the person you’re going to marry, right? 

Having a positive outlook on the relationship means you won’t waste your time crying over spilled milk, either. You won’t let the small things get to you.  Choose battles wisely as no one likes a nag. 

How to Be Marriage Material

A couple’s attitude is one of the main factors if you’re in a relationship, thinking about getting married or already are married. It pretty much determines if you’re going to survive the highs and lows of the relationship or will need marriage help. 

A whopping 80 percent of the men interviewed agree they just didn’t feel close to their wives anymore and that’s when things started to go left. In order to prevent this from happening to you, keep scrolling to find out is she marriage material or not.

Ways to Know if You’re Marriage Material

1Let a Man Be a Man

This is one of their biggest issues told to Christian singles dating you gotta let him be the man. When you do this, he is happy and the relationship will flow. But when she’s trying to control everything, you gotta ask is she’s marriage material.

When you let a man lead, it’s telling him that you trust him. But one of the best benefits of letting go is that you don’t have to do it alone anymore! Got it. Okay… 🙂 good.

2Her Loyalty Will Determine Is She Marriage Material

You hear it all the time in songs now… they preaching about loyalty and with good reasons. Loyalty means more than just keeping your draws on but it’s the way you listen and this allows him to confide in you. It’s about how you talk to him and treat him in the public eye.

3Is She Marriage Material and Your BFF?

If in the relationship the two people are not friends, then please don’t expect a lasting relationship. But if she is marriage material, then she will show support. You’ll face challenges together as well as personal growth. You stay in the good times and in bad times.

4Is She Marriage Material if She Doesn’t Waste Money? 

One of the many things couples argue about is money especially when there’s isn’t a lot of it. Don’t let him be the only breadwinner when times are hard. You must support yourself, do your part in taking care of your bills so you both can live better and a higher quality of life.

Don’t be the wife that blows good dollars and selfishly. Because having to use the baby’s money is for the birds or pulling the money out of the change jar because you spent too much on Jordan’s. Who does that? A person who’s going to be single, that’s who.  [ 😀 ]

5She’s a Generous Person but Is She Marriage Material? 

A person can tell who you are inside by the way you treat others. Whether it’s good or bad, it will show. Treat everyone the same – with respect and kindness. Remember when a stranger held the umbrella for you that day it rained? Return the favor to someone else.

A good man wants to marry a woman with a good heart. As a matter of fact, he falls in love with a woman’s heart and not her cooking or her bedroom skills. How she treats others is a good indication of how a man will decide is she marriage material. 

6Is She Marriage Material and Does She Have Emotional Stability?

Immature people meet the drama queens and kings. This right here is drama theatrical. If it was a molehill, they will make a mountain out of it. These people will tell a lie like it’s the truth simply because they believe the lie they just told.

If this is you, take some deep breaths and calm down because we just hang up on crazy people or we leave them standing where they are. We don’t argue with fools. And no man wants a crazy lady… no woman wants a crazy man. If this should happen, you may need some divorce advice.

Act like you’re disturbed and he’ll be wondering is she marriage material after all?  This is one reason why mature men wait – they take their time in relationships. Because too often do men find the woman they met, in the beginning, is not the same woman six months later. 

7Have Your Own

Many women make the mistake of putting everything into their spouses, losing themselves in their mate. Togetherness is cool but not when you become his shadow and he can’t breathe and you don’t even know yourself anymore. This behavior will kill the relationship and quick.

An independent woman has her own life, own job, and friends. You must do activities outside of each other. Gotta have something or someone to talk about and have your own memories.

8Let Him Have His Space

Being married doesn’t mean being confined. We’re still a free people and a marriage certificate does not give anyone ownership papers. Slavery is over with, plus you are adults.

How to please a Jamaican man? Don’t make a fuss when he hangs out with his friends a little longer than he should have. But let him know how you feel when he walks in at crazy hours. There’s a line and he knows it.  

In fact, you should encourage it if he doesn’t already see his family or friends on a regular basis. While he is out, don’t call every ten minutes either. This is so frustrating and will lead to arguments later. Be sure to listen when he tells you what happened while he was away. 

9Don’t Freak Out Over an Argument

Every couple will have disagreements but it doesn’t mean you’re breaking up over it. Always tell the truth about how you feel and what you’re thinking. This builds trust in the relationship.

However, you should never do it when you’re angry. Don’t play the name game or the blame game. This is one of the ways to tell is she marriage material. 

10Avoid Doing the Same Thing Over and Over

One of the keys to keeping a marriage fresh is to do new things. Be willing to get out of your comfort zone and try something totally new and maybe a little risky. Dare to wear the revealing outfit your mom would die if she saw you in.

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Is she marriage material? Please take time out to complete this “Are you marriage material quiz.” It should be fun. One thing to remember though is almost every couple must go through marriage counseling before they jump the broom. This will help determine if the couple is compatible. 

Marriage Material Quotes

“Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.” – Albert Einstein