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Women say mature men don't tell their business. When they have issues, they go to the source, not someone else.

Women say mature men don’t do childish acts. The fact is the men and women of today are totally different from their grandparents, would you agree? I think it’s safe to say they don’t make ’em like that anymore. I mean, our grandparents stayed married for years and they went through harder times than we’ll ever face.

I think the reason for the change is we have strayed away from core values. With that in mind, are men not living up to standards or is this as good as it’s gonna get? Women are looking for mature men on dating sites instead of the traditional ways. Is this really how we do it?

We’re not talking about older women younger men relationships. Just mature men in general. Don’t you think at some time during your twenties, you’d figure out how to treat a lady? I mean, way before that but men and women should reach some level of maturity by twenty-five.

And now, you’re 30ish, still trying to figure out how you can change your life. Okay… we got you. We’re going to tell you what women expect from a man or rather what they don’t expect.

We realize, maturity is really not based on a number because there are some older adults still acting like children, sadly. Men aren’t any different from some women as they do some crazy stuff, too. 

These are the immature women who let men get away with certain behaviors while mature women do not. It’s confusing to some and it makes it harder for mature women to relate to some men. When people get their way all the time, they don’t know how to take no for an answer. 

I spoke with five different women ranging from 25-45 years old [single and married] and they gave me their expectations of a mature man. Scroll down to continue reading what these women had to say.

What Women Say Mature Men Don’t Do!

11They are not afraid of success

Women say mature men don’t do fear. I love it when I’m dating an older man who is not afraid to fly or to fail. Half of success is failures, so this is to be expected.

It’s how you get back up that counts. No one should live in fear forever. You can’t go anywhere or achieve anything living like this.

The effects fear has on your love life, career, relationships and mental health can change your life tremendously. Women think mature men meet fear with confidence and they go beyond expectations.

10Impressions and opinions

Women say mature men don’t do impressions. Some men will go out of their way to impress a girl. They know they don’t know a thing about neuroscience but will through in a couple of big words to show off. Mature men don’t care to put on fronts about who they are or where they are from.

It is what it is unless you’re talking about something that’s going to improve their status as a man. They have a clear vision about their lives and they don’t do things for others just to be nice. It comes from the heart or not at all. Impress this man by giving him a good book to read that will enrich him.

Oh, and one more thing. They don’t really put too much emphasis on how other people feel or think about him. Their opinion of him is none of his business. Mature men are comfortable with themselves and they dance to their own beat, without hurting anyone, of course.

9Women say mature men don’t do commitments fast

Relationships can change your life. Some fall apart the moment a man realizes his woman is not the person he thought she was only she is. Yeah, some men idolize a woman so deep that he can’t see the forest for the trees. Misguided, indeed. She was always this way.

Mature men take their time getting to know women before putting her on a pedestal. They don’t jump into marriages or divorces. Men want a mature woman even if he has to wait. He wants a woman who he can treat as an equal partner.

If you meet a man today and he’s proposing by the end of the month, there’s something wrong with him. Mature men don’t rush into a relationship and especially not a marriage. However, they do want a healthy relationship as much as a woman does.

8Mature men are not befuddled by women

Most people will never understand each other, but a sure sign of maturity is a person who respects individuality. Mature men know women have a different way of thinking and doing things. Men and women think and behave differently and they accept this part of life.

Men who matured have learned to communicate and learned not argue. Men are affected differently than women by emotions. This is why they respond to emotional situations differently. They also “see” things from a different perspective than women.

7Women say mature men don’t do whine

Oh, life is filled with disappointments and things don’t always go as we hope, but there’s no sense in whining about it. Pouting, screaming, or throwing things won’t make situations any better. Mature men don’t do temper tantrums at all. 

When faced with adversity, a smart man will find the best solution. He will view a closed door as an opportunity to open the right door. A mature man will help you to reach your goals. One of the perks of older mature dating.

6Mature men are secure in their skin

Surprisingly, some men feel really insecure about how they look or how their bodies look. Insecurities are rightful gateways to other feelings of anger, anxiety, and fear. These emotions can change your thinking or the way you look at relationships, women say.

A mature man doesn’t look for compliments on his fashion style or the shape of his body. He is confident and realizes that positive and negative comments will happen no matter what. He will wear the jewelry, outfit or hairstyle without anyone’s permission or approval.

5Women say mature men don’t do confrontations

A mellow man uses self-control when the heat is on. Keeping calm is a mature man’s way of handling a potentially explosive scene. However, he takes control of the situation and makes a strong point firmly, but he doesn’t have to scream or use vulgar language.

He can’t be bullied into taking a swing or making a donkey of himself. He speaks up for himself and others. Sound like this man is a keeper

4Mature men don’t look down on their jobs

Some men and women don’t like their jobs and therefore, they will complain about it and do just enough to get by. If you are dating an older man, he will make the most out of a bad situation. When it comes to careers and finances, women want men who think like Steve Jobs.

3Grown men don’t hold grudges

We all disagree from time to time with our partners. However, there’s no good in holding on to arguments or disagreements. The right thing to do is to let things die down and try communicating again. Real men will apologize and move forward if you let him.

2Mature men don’t kiss and tell

Hearing your business out in the streets can be upsetting especially when it came from the man in our lives. When you find a man that keeps his mouth closed, run his bath water. I’m just saying. Having a man you can trust is invaluable.

1Mature men don’t let other men raise their kids 

The man who is totally involved with his children no matter the situation between the mother is a good father. If he doesn’t wait until his weekend to see the kids, this is a sign of a caring father and man. When a man really talks to his children and he knows their heart, he cares. 

If he remembers birthdays, goes to the concerts as well as the football games and doesn’t wait for an invite, give the man a round of applause. We need more fathers like him. In fact, I’m going to let Patti tell you more about the right kind of lover. Check out her video before you go. 

Patti LaBelle - The Right Kinda Lover

Quotes About Men And Women

“Wherever you find a great man, you will find a great mother or a great wife standing behind him — or so they used to say. It would be interesting to know how many great women have had great fathers and husbands behind them.”
― Dorothy L. Sayers, Gaudy Night

The best men tell you the truth because they think you can take it; the worst men either try to preserve you in some innocent state with their false protection or are ‘brutally honest.’ When someone tells, lets you think for yourself, experience your own emotions, he is treating you as a true equal, a friend…And the best men cook for you.”
― Whitney Otto, How to Make an American Quilt


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