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The female player wants money and power without the hassle of a permanent
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Dating a maneater maybe one of the most exciting times of your life but she’s a manipulator. The dates are all part of her plan. Where you go, what happens during the date… it’s all part of a master plan to rob you. In other words, you’re being tricked, deceived, bamboozled, my friend.

The maneater, according to the Urban Dictionary, is a female version of a pimp or a player. They describe the maneater as someone who is unmistakably insatiable and just totally irresistible. However, magnanimous relationships are just not her thing. 

A certain music group describes a maneater as someone who will “chew you up” for her own personal gain. It’s not necessarily for the material gains… it could be mainly for intimate gratification or she could be playing some sort of mind game for power and fame.

I’m not saying the maneater is a gold digger, cause she’s a female player and these two people are not the same. Female players usually deal with more than one person at a time. Gold diggers are infamous for having one-on-one relationships.

Maneater Lyrics 

The term became popular when a 70’s pop group, Hall & Oates, recorded the song, “Maneater.” The Maneater lyrics suggest the woman in the song follows a certain protocol:  

“She’ll only come out at night

The lean and hungry type

Nothing is new, I’ve seen her here before

Watching and waiting

Ooh, she’s sitting with you but her eyes are on the door

So many have paid to see

What you think you’re getting for free

The woman is wild, a she-cat tamed by the purr of a Jaguar

Money’s the matter

If you’re in it for love

You ain’t gonna get too far”

Hall and Oates 

“Maneater” is also a cut on Nelly Furtado’s number three studio album entitled Loose. Timbaland, Danja (Nate Hills), Jim Beanz and Furtado all collaborate to remake this song as an original. 

Not only can you listen to songs about her, but the maneater makes it to the big screen as well and stars in a television series. You can also find the maneater on Rihanna’s “Needed Me” track.  

She sings about a woman who was a “savage.”  Needless to say, the female pimp gets around.  

How To Know You’re Dating a Maneater  

She’s keen to meet all cultures, races or religions. However, one clue to know if you’re dating a maneater is if she wants to know all about your financial background early on in the conversation. If you’re a newcomer to relationship games, dating a maneater is not the way to start. 

If she travels, best believe she has area codes. The maneater loves staying at luxury hotels and receiving all the perks of dating high profile men. If she’s a scrupulous female player, she won’t discriminate against gender either. If this is the case, you’re dating a maneater who’s gone wild. 

This woman is wild and she’ll need you to hand over this treatment. Please, don’t mistake dating a maneater for a real relationship, as true love, or even think it’s going beyond what it is right now. The fact is, it’s not. She will ghost before she gets emotionally involved with anyone. 


Maneater: Good Girl Gone Wild?

Dating a maneater may start out innocent enough, but so-called shy girls come out at night. Don’t let their daytime uniform fool you into thinking they are curled up with a book at night. Well, not all of them, but most people have two sides.

There’s the lady that you will see in the workplace, at the doctor’s office or at the school with the kids. And then that same lady will do this –

  • She’s always wearing the best of clothes and sexy high heels
  • Shops online for adult items, creams, oils and lingerie at night
  • They mostly reveal more skin than the law should allow in public
  • Doesn’t want to be touched in public. No holding hands, and definitely, no kissing
  • She’s wearing the most dynamic makeup, and expensive, hypnotic perfume
  • She’s a flirt and enjoys the attention
  • This woman doesn’t show much emotion. Her poker face is good… real good
  • The female playa is an expert tease. She knows the right buttons to push and when
  • She won’t reveal much about herself, including what she does in her spare time
  • The Maneater is a loner. You won’t see her hanging out with an entourage
  • Her phone rings off the hook no matter the time of day or night

That’s the girl that men stare at endlessly. Most women look away when they spot a man looking at them, but no, not her! She will stare right back and the men will not know how to respond. In the end, she’ll make you wish you had not looked at her at all. 

What Female Players Don’t Do

  • Female players don’t fall in love. That’s rule number one in all languages.
  • They don’t do virgins. Being “the first” for someone is not a good practice unless you want a stalker.
  • The playerette doesn’t bring her phone to a date or keeps it on silent, not vibrate, but silent. As an alternative, they turn the phone off completely while they are busy.
  • The maneater never goes raw. They always protect themselves.
  • They won’t stay around forever. When things start to get complicated, they pull out.

Seduced By A Female Pimp

The female pimp has a way of talking with her eyes that let men know she’s wild inside. You just know that you’d have more fun with her than with the girl you with. In fact, she’s playing with his mind.

The maneater is planting ideas in even your man’s head, don’t think she’s not. This girl may not be all that attractive, but she’s got her sexy on and everything she says and does have tempting undertones. It drives men to act and think as though they’ve have lost their minds.

The Maneater is a Very Desirable Woman 

Yeah, that’s that Sunshine, Boo Boo… make you pick up the phone and call your wife kinda girl. Okay, that’s that good-good that will “make you put your phone down!” That’s that stuff that you can’t just hit it and quit it. It’s that comeback kinda love for sure. 

The female player dating your guy… your dude right now and he’s giving her fine things! Not a pretty thought, is it? What could really bother you is the fact that she’s an older chick. Whoa, yeah, I know. Didn’t see that one coming, huh? 

Although she may not attack then, you never know when the maneater may strike, but you now have the clear and unbiased facts about a maneater.

However, this is not to say dating a maneater is all bad. It could be this woman has a good heart underneath her tough girl, tatted exterior, but she still ain’t coming to my house.  

The confessions of a female player confirm it’s more about power and wealthy lifestyle than anything. Dating a maneater has its benefits, I suppose.  It’s a glamours lifestyle for some… traveling, shopping without looking at the price tags, dining at fine restaurants and sipping on the best beverages. Who doesn’t want that?

Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

Truth be told, this lifestyle ain’t for everybody and if this is you, it’s okay. Remember, we don’t pass judgment, we just talk about it. At the end of the day, some female gigolos get lonely and want someone to just chill out with on Sundays or Mondays.

Sometimes they think about relationships and a life with a permanent partner. It’s normal for people to wonder what they are missing out by living one lifestyle or another. Somewhere along the line, we either change our habits or perfect them.  

Some people argue being a female player is a lonely way of life and it’s just a cover-up for something deeper or some form of self-medicating and self-hating for those who participate.

While this could be true, we want to know what do you think. Is the maneater a sugar baby by another name? 

Do you know women like this and what’s your personal view of a female player? Are you dating a maneater? Inquiring minds want to know.  :-P

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