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Why is kissing so important to relationships? Kissing, my friends, is so popular that almost 100% of humans do it! That’s saying a lot when you consider how diverse countries and individuals are, wouldn’t you say?

Who knows the best way to kiss? Do you know which one is your kissing hand? Do you know what makes a jaw-dropping kiss?

I’ve had a few that were just incredible! Made me weak at the knees! You, too? Omg! Yeah, nobody can duplicate those kisses. Please, tell me why is kissing so important to people that they set up kissing booths? 

And there’s something about french kissing men and women love. I don’t know why people have a particular style of kissing but they do. Yeah, why is kissing so important to relationships to understand why men want to kiss.

Of all the ways kissing has started, I’d have to guess it started with the goodnight kiss at the front door, huh? It was the picture-perfect way to say bye to a date.

It made me nervous wondering if he going to kiss lip to lip or lip to cheek, or what? Sometimes guys are straightforward and ask for a kiss, others take the risk and that can be awkward.

Before you put yourself in the kissing booth, perhaps you should find out why is kissing so important to relationships? Take note of the signs first. Oh yeah, you know how they do before they kiss you. 

Well, maybe not if you’re reading this relationship article. Okay, so, I’ll fill you in… no worries. However, let’s find out why the kissing bug is so important to relationships first.

Why is Kissing So Important?

Over a thousand students from the Albright College [Pennsylvania] participated in a study to give us answers. Check it out.

How many people have you kissed in your lifetime, including your kissing cousins? Come on, be honest with yourself now… I’m not judging. You may say it was only five but guess what? I have surprising news, Y’all.

The average number of times a person was kissed by a different person is 14! Now, since we know what usually happens after kissing… I ain’t saying nothing but it seems to me the numbers are speaking loud and clear. I ain’t hating!

What else did the kissing survey say? It reveals men would go all the way without having kissed once, while women want the exact opposite. Seriously, why is kissing so important to women

Women want to kiss and cuddle after adult time, but [some] men… they could care less about it. You’re better off kissing doorknobs.

Now, it’s strange to me why the kissing bug is so important but this is even stranger: Men want a wet tongue all down their throat whereas women prefer drier kisses. But wait, it gets complicated.

Women and men say if they have been with their partner for awhile, then they say French kissing is okay. Go figure. I feel the same way. In fact, I don’t like to kiss at all, maybe a peck or two, until I’m sure about my partner. 😉

Women are turned off by bad kissers so much so, they likely won’t date someone who can’t kiss. This is one reason why is kissing so important to women.

Why is Kissing so Important We Play Kissing Games?

People place different values on things like kissing and it’s okay. Remember, we must pick our battles and approach our needs and wants in a partner in a logical manner.

Why is kissing so important to some women that it determines if she will date him again? You can tell a lot about a person by the way they hug you and kiss you. These women know if the relationship will advance or fail from the initial kiss.

What does kissing do that’s so special? Well, for starters, it releases oxytocin. This is the glue or bond men and women feel when they kiss. However, women mostly feel this more so than men, of course. They like the “connectedness.”

why is kissing so important - man kissing his wife holding a baby
They type of kiss means more than you know.

So, as a bit of relationship advice, if one partner loves to kiss and the other one doesn’t play fair. Why is kissing important to marriage? Give in and give your partner the pleasure he or she desires and you’ll see why. It may be how to keep a guy chasing you.

Ways to Know You’re About to Be Kissed

If for some reason, you’re just totally turned off by kissing, then you must think of other ways to give the same kind of feeling. Okay, now, if you don’t know when someone wants to kiss you, let me school you.

He’s Staring at Your Lips

If your date can’t take his eyes off your lips, chances are he’s thinking about kissing them. In addition, if they lean toward you, then Lil Jon wants to do more than whisper in your ear.

Mesmerized by Your Scent

When your date leans in to whisper in your ear that he loves your perfume, he wants a kiss. Sometimes, you’re not even wearing any but they will get up close to you anyway. Yes, it’s a test to see how close can they get.

The Silence

So, you’ve noticed him watching your lips and he’s moved in closer to you. However, he’s quiet. What do you think he wants next? Girl, this man is trying to be sexy now. Yes indeed. Trying to work up the courage to steal a kiss. Lawd, why is kissing so important?! 

Why is Kissing So Important He’s Touching You, Too

A sure sign someone wants to kiss you is when they start touching you. A brush on the arm, the leg and or your back means they want a kiss.

Types of Kisses Mean Something

Kissing is the key to other things. Oh yeah, it’s the gateway to bigger pastures. There are different types of kisses and each one of them means a little something different. They all should convey passion and love.

The Simple Peck

The peck has so many meanings, it could go either way. A little peck with a smile and a pat on the back should be a positive sign. It can mean hello or see ya’ later. It’s the kind of kiss you’d give to someone to be polite. It’s small but it tells a lot and this is why is kissing so important.

Why is Kissing So Important That We Bite

This kiss is a sensuous one indeed. The partner who bites the bottom lip likes you and hopes you return the feelings. When a person kisses another like this, things are starting to heat up.

why is kissing so important - man and woman she's biting his bottom lip
There are many types of kissing. Please be gentle when biting my lips.

Not the Kiss on the Neck

I’m sure 99.99999% of men and women have trouble resisting anyone when they are kissed on the neck. Now would be a good time to make your mind up about how far you want this kiss to go. It’s hard to turn back once the neck zone has been attacked. This is why you should learn why is kissing so important.

The last kiss ever

This kiss is the one that’s most remembered by couples who are breaking up. It’s the kiss that’s either extremely hot or extremely cold. It’s likely wet from the tears and a bit salty, but okay, romantic and sad nevertheless.

I hoped you have enjoyed reading “Why is Kissing so Important…” [insert kissing emoji] 😉 




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