The Arguments Don't Stop

The arguments don’t stop because it’s a holiday. All relationships have them and they stop because of love. What I love is the Christmas season and for so many reasons.

But in the run-up to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, during and after the festive period, many marriages and relationships spin through fierce arguments and just unbelievable quarrels. 

There are so many reasons why husbands and wives fight during this period, but mostly, those reasons are avoidable. 

The Arguments Don’t Stop Because We Can’t Agree

5Where to spend the Holiday

Whether at home or with family or friends. A simple yes, let’s stay at home this year by the husband or wife can raise so much dust, cracks show up on the marriage walls. Compromise seems out of the question so it’s sad faces no matter what decision is made.

4What to buy for family and friends

This can cause a lot of tension, depending on costs and the specific items to buy. The arguments don’t stop because it’s a holiday, oh no! Maybe they get worse, but they don’t stop.

3How much to spend

During the Christmas holidays, we spend way too much on shopping. If a husband does not give ‘enough’ money to cover the budget or cover ALL expenses, verbal bullets may strike his heart. And their marriage may rock on its heels for another year.

2Why should the husband’s family come?

Because somebody made the decision to stay home, the family decided they would come and visit. There’s only one thing wrong with this. Please, somebody, tell me why should his family come to visit and not the wife’s family?

This can cause an emotional storm for days. Tears and harsh words exchanged at this time cannot be taken back. This is why the arguments don’t stop, but sometimes, honey, you gotta let it go. Sometimes, you must apologize for a wrong you did not commit just to keep the peace. 

1What to do on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve?

Have you decided the exact activities for Christmas Day and Boxing Day? Again, with family members traveling to and from, gift exchange and even feeding everyone at home or while dining out, can be expensive. 

Unless, everyone chips in, it can put a strain on one person’s budget, leaving the other spouse highly upset at the extravagance.

What You Can Do

  1. Stick to the reason for the season. Spread joy, love, and peace in your words and in all you do.
  2. Argue less. Speak less. Listen more. Try to understand before you speak. The arguments don’t stop unless you work on them.
  3. Draw up a budget you can afford. Buy gifts as agreed. And if you cannot afford gifts, buy Christmas Cards.
  4. Start with the gifts for your husband or wife and children. Next, decide what to buy for others, for strangers, the homeless and beggars.
  5. If you cannot afford to host your family members or you cannot agree on who should visit you on Christmas Day, then agree to keep everyone away from your home. The happiness of your home is more important than pleasing others.
  6. There are so many games you and your family can play on Christmas Day. This year, we are going to render one Christmas song each and I’m looking forward to it.
  7. If you want peace and quiet throughout the season, check your immediate family into a hotel for a few days and have a great time. You don’t need to cook or clean and it gives you a period to rest and have fun with your husband, wife, and children.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and more joyful years in your marriage. We know the arguments don’t stop but they don’t have to last until the next holiday. Just in case you need a little motivation, take a look at this video. It makes a lot of sense to me – Hope you enjoy it. 

A note from the author:

I love Christmas season for so many reasons. But last Sunday, we learned not everyone looks forward to this festive period. There’s so much pain around the world at Christmas time no one should be left alone.

As you know, this season is a time to share God’s love and joy and to spread the good news of Jesus Christ birth and his love for humanity with strangers and the less fortunate.

The arguments don’t stop in the run-up to Christmas Day. During and after the festive period many marriages and relationships will spin through fierce arguments and unbelievable quarrels.

What is your family always arguing about at Christmas or during the holidays? Please share your comments. Yeah, we’re kinda nosey like that, but we’re not the gossiping type, so you can tell us. Promise not to tell a soul.  😀


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