What do couples do in the wilderness - go horseback riding
The number of things couples do in the wilderness are too numerous to name.
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What do couples do in the wilderness? One of Wisconsin attractions is, well, the wilderness. If you haven’t’ been in the woods before, the dark alone will scare you to death. Hahaha, just joking, but for real. It can get pitch black without any lighting at all in the wilderness.

Chances are once you venture off into the wild, though, you may just find that special place in the open. Then next thing you know, you’re falling in love with the wilderness.

Although there are various ways in which to live off the grid, you don’t have to sacrifice style or the comforts of a modern home.

Whoever claimed to live in the city was the life, didn’t get outdoors much and knows nothing about nature and a wood burning stove. Nope, I don’t believe it. At the same time, for many inhabitants, the challenge is very real. It’s a lot different from the city. 

Starting with camping activities.  To be honest, the wilderness is not for everybody. Think about it. Can you find a stream of spring water? If you can’t don’t worry about. You may not need to find one.

With that said, if you’re not looking forward to taking a little adventure trip into the wilderness, I can almost assure you at some point, you’re going to love it.  We’re going to talk about what couples do in the wilderness.  There are few fun ideas you should know before you take off.

8 Things Couples Do in the Wilderness 

Oh, yeah, living out in the wilderness, you’ll experience all sorts of great activities like hiking, climbing rocks and snorkeling… oooh, and bird watching, too!

You can take the boat or canoe out. By all means, do a little parasailing if you’re lucky enough to find a spot next to a river or lake.

1] What Do Couples Do in the Wilderness? They Fall in Love

This is not for everyone… however, those who do fall in love with wilderness are living larger than one may think. How to survive in the wilderness if you should fall in love with living off the land? 

2] What Do Couples Do in the Wilderness? Build Their Dream Homes

Build the home of your dreams and live in it utility free. Pick a floor plan or design your own. Install clear solar panels so you can see through the roof. Not only that but can you imagine at all a view of the wilderness right outside your huge front window?

Stone fireplaces, thick, furry rugs on the hardwood floors, a spiral staircase, and a master floor. Once the aroma of the fireplace fills the air, couples start to feel romantic. There’s something about the pine in the air you’ll get used to.

3] What Do Couples Do in the Wilderness? Build Campfires

I think you’ll fall in love with wilderness once your man strikes up your first campfire. Yes, can you feel the warmness of the fire on your hands and face? Having hot cocoa or tea under a nice moon and campfire is a romantic gesture.

4] What Do Couples Do in the Wilderness? Bathe in the Open!

Ha! Imagine that, huh? Taking a shower or bath outdoors is almost as good as swimming in the pool in the summertime. Wash your hair using the outdoor stall. The freedom of being in the wilderness is inspiring, don’t you think? I think it’s a fantastic idea.

Don’t forget to bring the condiments for the tub with you… and hurry up! The sunset waits for no one.

5] What Do Couples Do in the Wilderness? Have Dinner Under the Stars

You could actually fall in love with the wilderness if you’re not careful. There’s something special about having a candlelit dinner in the middle of nowhere with the one you love. The idea is pretty hot if I do say so myself.

Bring your blanket or your lounge chairs, sit back after dinner and talk… hold hands under the stars. Remind your husband how wanted and appreciated he is.

Men tell your wives there’s no other woman like the one you got. This is what couples do in the wilderness. They fall back in love. They take long gazes into each other eyes simply because there’s no rush. They stroke each other’s hair and skin. Life is good.

6] What Do Couples Do in the Wilderness but Save Money?

While it’s a love/hate relationship, we love having the power to turn the appliances on and off in our home. They work because you did the adult thing and paid the bills. Ha! I get it.

With that said, the cost of utilities nowadays is ridiculous. The utility companies are making a large fortune each year. Rate plans go up even when the cost of living raises doesn’t come. No doubt, it is at the very least, frustrating.

Americans are paying through the roof for water, heat, and lighting. These are natural resources and they belong to the earth… to us, so why are we paying for them dearly? To point out another fact, living in the wilderness excludes you from paying power bills.

Oh yeah, more people are making the decision to go natural and to generate their own lighting, heat, and power… more than you know. People are surviving and living well off the grid of things.

Have you ever stop to think about the homeless people who live under the bridge? They have no overhead. All they need to worry about is food. If you didn’t have a mortgage, how much money would you save a year?

How about a new car note? Yes, it’s a great amount of money over time. Having said that, are you at least raising one eyebrow in the interest of living off the land? Just think about the advantages of living off the gird and the money you can save as a couple.

7] What Do Couples Do in the Wilderness? Go Spear Fishing!

Are you still wondering why couples fall in love with wilderness? I don’t mind explaining why, so it’s okay. Let me ask you – Does spear fishing interest you? There are actually some women who love to fish, I mean, they are not scared.

Likely they’ll do well in a wilderness and survival series. More so, you are in the right place to capture the meat for the dinner. Women fishermen will put their boots on and swing their rods right on out there in the water.

I envy you, girl, right alongside your man. This is the kind of stuff couples do in the wilderness.

When survival depends on the catch of the day, spear fishing is primitive but still very effective and fun. Besides, it’s a chance for the two of you to get your feet wet and literally, stick it to some fish. [hahaha] I’m sorry… a little scale humor.

Seriously, ancient fishing styles are still rather exhilarating and useful trades, especially if you are not working with modern equipment. In case you’re cut off from the town’s markets or your spouse, it’s best to know all the tricks.

The best way to catch a fish with a spear is in clear or shallow waters so you can see the target. Only specific kinds of fish populate in certain types of waters or environments. You may have to get up early to catch catfish and carp.

These critters usually hide somewhere in a lazy river. Remember this and you’ll never miss the fish or a meal.

8] What Do Couples Do in the Wilderness? They Eat Healthier!

The couple who loves fishing and game meat will enjoy this life. They get to trap fish, lobsters, crabs, and shrimp, in addition to throwing a pole or rod and reel in the water. If you are in a good area, you can collect several amazing traps. If this doesn’t make it worthwhile, what does?

Do you like the taste of alligator or deer? The meat is available and is common requests in some areas, especially in the south. Living out in the middle of nowhere, hunting game is part of survival and pleasure for some.

If you’re new to the cooking game, here are a few meals made with venison to help you along. So, fish and seafood are not the only foods on the menu.

On the positive side, you can grow your own food, too. I imagine there are just as many fruit trees and herbs and vegetables to eat as there are fish, shrimp, and scallops to catch. It won’t take long to grow a fruit tree or herbs for seasonings.

Figs, lemons, grapefruits, and apples are excellent sources of vitamins and good, healthy things to eat. Collard greens, turnip greens, peas, beans, corn, watermelon… you name it, you can grow it.

All these foods make tasty meals and fruit and vegetable juices. A cook ain’t a cook until she’s put her foot in a meal made with a wood burning stove.

What Do Couples Do in the Wilderness? You May Never Know

Another key point to remember is living off the grid is, without a doubt, a life-changing decision for a couple. Choosing a special place that is right for you and for your family will take some time. You want space to roam and a home with a spectacular view.

What do couples do in the wilderness
What do couples do in the wilderness but sleep out in the open?

With hundreds of people flocking to find serenity and to live a simple lifestyle, it may be difficult finding that spot. However, you’ll need an area that has fertile soil in which to grow fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you have a family and want to eat well, grow your own fruits and vegetables. Tilling the grow is a relaxing task and a way to get exercise. Exercise raises the heartbeat, simulating arousal. In this case, it will bring couples closer without touching each other.

When you think about it, most Americans “can’t” survive without their cell phones for twenty-four hours, let alone find a viable river. Are you someone who could really adapt to grid living or do you prefer the chaotic metropolis lifestyle?

Are you counting the dollars a couple could save by living in the wilderness? Towns are often less than an hour away and many people commute back and forth to work like this every single day! Hey, I’m just saying what do couples do when they live in the suburbs.

They save money! Couples live well and happy and they live healthier. Just to have clean air is an improvement and can make a difference in a person’s life. So, before you discount a life in the wilderness, think again.

With this said, I hope you have found some pleasure in reading about what couples do in the wilderness. Have fun and be safe! Peace, Y’all… I’m out.

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