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Organic makeup brands are probably the best for sensitive skin. Being a makeup lover and someone who started an organic lifestyle, I wanted to try organic cosmetics as well. I wanted to eliminate the toxic chemicals in my home.

You might be thinking organic makeup is too complicated or too expensive and they are natural thoughts as it was my first thoughts until I found local products to soothe my budget and my skin.

Being intimidated by natural and organic makeup is normal as I felt that way, too. This is because we rarely see advertisements on television or in magazines about natural makeup.

It is always hard to believe if it exists or if it is a certified organic makeup without some beautiful model or celebrity advertising a brand and promising they use the product they speak about.

Despite the lack of marketing, there are tried and true remedies for skin care and along with that are reasons why you should use organic makeup brands.

Organic makeup products are just better

After you make the change, you might just get some negative feedback from your friends. However, you shouldn’t worry, I got your back.

I get a good laugh with my friends when someone speaks negatively about my lifestyle. Why? Because this is about me and not them, so I let it be. Living organically takes dedication and some become addicted to this lifestyle.

It will be hard in the beginning, especially for women who love makeup (I do!). When you start using organic products, it will change your life!

Your skin will regain its youthful glow and you won’t have to retouch your makeup as much. In addition, you won’t have to use more press powder to make sure all the makeup is intact.

The effects of organic makeup

When I started using natural makeup, my skin began to feel healthier and softer. If it gets a bit oily, it adds up to the natural glow. The makeup appears natural and not as if I have a pile of makeup on my face, plus it goes on without much effort at all.

Organic makeup enhances your natural beauty and leaves your skin feeling fresh after you remove the makeup. With organic makeup, you’re paying for healthier skin and prevention to compounds harmful to humans and the environment.

When choosing organic, you’re choosing to help the environment. This is something you can’t do with a chemically infused product.

How do you achieve a truly natural glow? Through the makeup’s ingredients found in nature, of course. Organic makeup consists of nutrient-rich ingredients which are good for your skin. It’s like applying natural supplements to your skin and who wouldn’t want that, right?

Chemical-free makeup brands 

It is hard to give up those expensive brands you use, bought from your hard-earned money, however, just remember your favorite lipstick or foundation contains a chemical that harms your skin and the environment.

You’re paying for a product you’ll end up spending more because of the damage it can do to you. So when you finish the last bottle of foundation or lipstick, try and buy natural makeup.

Start with one product, no need to throw away all your makeup and replace them with organic ones immediately, unless, of course, you want to.

After I read some organic makeup reviews, the first product I bought was Human Nature lipsticks. It’s 100% free of harmful chemicals and has a nutrient-rich compound.

I have no affiliation with the brand, and I’m not advertising them, but this brand is affordable, plus it caters to women of color. They have a variety of mineral foundations that can be used for different skin tones. That I think is what makes it amazing.

There are more options for makeup, such as Sephora organic makeup, Ilia Beauty, Elate Cosmetics and much more. You have numerous choices to fit your budget and style but make sure they are certified organic makeup products.

Some brands can be as cheap as drugstore makeup, but still, own quality ingredients which are healthy for your skin.

If you find a product affordable, I suggest you go for it. You can’t go wrong buying natural, organic makeup, no matter the cost.

Choose organic makeup for your own good!

Think of it this way, if you decide to eliminate chemicals you’re doing your future self a favor. Prevention from substances that cause cancer or skin rashes and breakouts are the best cure.

It’s more than skin care or a beauty regimen, rather a better way to live and the best way to feel beautiful is by keeping yourself healthy.

Consider this as a long-term commitment. You may not see the bad side effects of the chemically infused makeup now, but you will regret it later in life. I’m not here to alarm you, but out of great concern for all the magnificent women out there.

We are lucky there are now non-toxic makeup brands producing natural products, giving us options and helping us take care of our skin, hair, and body.

Personal care is a commitment to oneself, it reflects how much you love yourself you take every effort to take care of your body, mind, and soul. Looking good on the outside is not enough, you must feel good as well. Organic makeup can do both, make you look desirable and feel like a goddess.

It is only a matter of time that women will consider using organic makeup, slowly it becomes more popular and articles like this raise awareness.  We invite women of color to use products that help us look our best and protect us from harmful chemicals.


Having said this, still, the best way to take care of yourself and gain better results from using organic and natural makeup is by eating and getting the proper rest. Eating organic food coupled with a balanced diet, exercise and enough sleep is the best beauty regimen.

Always remember, a healthy body is the greatest wealth anyone can have. So go green and natural! Use natural organic makeup and live a healthier and longer life.

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