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I desire to be loved... don't we all want a perfect love? Image by millycake2 desktop wallpaper 962653
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“Once upon a time i was a little girl,
who hated life and was scared of the world.
i didn’t want to be born and i cursed up above
and all i desired was to be loved.
i never told my feelings to anyone before in my life,
the thing i used to turn to was a sharp pointy knife,
i spread out my arm and pick a place i desire to go,
and then i didn’t stop until the blood had shown,
i would then close my eyes and curl into a ball
and cry and cry till asleep i would fall,
the next morning i awoke coz it wernt death

i desire

i just didn’t want to feel so hurt anymore,
something funny happened that day, something changed my life
and i turn to something else and no longer did i desire my knife
i never slept so peacefully as i did that night
i slept safe and sound without any blood in site
I’ve slept like that ever since – no longer do i desire my knife
and its funny how just one thing can change and save a life
but this thing i desire wernt something you can buy at a shop or a village fate
this magical thing was and still is my soul mate”

Poem by jolee



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