4 pm: Why Am I Still Overweight?

Yes, losing weight is one of the hardest things to do and it requires a lot of resilience, patience, and hard work to reach weight loss goals.

Still overweight: Curvy lady sitting at table with nothing to eat
We do the right things; we diet plus exercise and the pounds just won't go away and I'm still overweight!

Why are you still overweight and you’ve tried everything imaginable? Are you trying hard to lose weight but are facing many hurdles along the way? You’re not alone.  Plenty of people go through the same situation and it’s frustrating.

Throughout our lifetimes, we adopt eating patterns and for the average person, they are not good habits. Once we decide to lose weight, we take on workout routines to help us get rid of the unwanted fat and uncover our muscles.

But often none of these recipes for weight loss work. Several diets have appeared on the internet and in gyms to help people detoxify their bodies and achieve a healthier, skinnier look.

Reasons why I’m not losing weight

One of the problems women and men face while dieting is remaining overweight when only consuming a small number of calories each day. Such evidence of malnutrition and excessive fat makes us look pale.

Not only that, but it’s responsible for the dark circles around our eyes and decreasing our energy levels, plus there’s no change in the fat-to-muscle ratio in the body. There are several reasons for this stumbling block and we have compiled the most common causes right here.

7You’re eating the wrong stuff

The food that you’re eating is not right. Not a surprise, is it? Many diets follow a starvation technique that asks people to give up all kinds of food.

This is quite damaging in the long run. Belonging to a South Asian background, I have eaten protein-based food with ghee and dishes with spices all my life. Such a situation calls for portion control.

However, changing your diet suddenly and completely can give your body a shock and be problematic for you as well. So, instead of giving everything at once, give up processed, sweets and fattening foods.

This includes the pizza slice you have at the end of each ‘diet’ day (we’ll come back to that later). Choose a diet that suits the environment you live in and can be followed without problems.

Check out the Sun Basket as they may be able to provide meals and recipes to assist in reaching your goals.

6Still overweight? Check these suggestions out. 

  • I know it’s difficult to understand but picture this; not all fats are bad for you. There are good foods that are important for the growth and nourishment of your body. These fats give you the energy to keep going through the day and prevent you from being lethargic.
  • Full-fat yogurt and cheese are some important sources of such fats, so don’t cut them out of your diet.
  • Foods that are high in carbohydrates should be avoided. These include wheat, rice, and barley.
  • Diet and low-fat products are not healthy at all. They are not only highly processed but also contain a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • Eat leafy green vegetables, nuts, and legumes at the start of meals to make up a good portion of your diet.

5Break up your meals

Instead of having three large meals in a day, have six smaller meals. The reason behind this is that eating less and eating often sends signals to our brain that since there is a lot of food, fat is not needed to be stored.

In such a way, fat storage is minimized in the body and most of the energy from the food is directed towards keeping you energetic throughout the day.

4Still overweight? Water is the magic potion

Ever wonder why water is so important for our bodies? It helps us metabolize!

All the reactions that occur in our body, including the breakdown of fats into energy packs, happen with the help of water. Consumption of water (almost 8 glasses a day) is thus deemed quite important in most research articles.

If you’re missing out on the water consumption, chances are the fat molecules will take longer to break down and they wouldn’t be broken down efficiently by the body. This is another reason why some people are still overweight and struggling.

So make sure to have your required daily intake of water (dry or hot weathers could ask for more consumption) to help your body in its fight to break down the fat.

3Never skip breakfast

Many people (especially those who go to work) are guilty of skipping breakfast. If you’re making this mistake, just stop.  It’s not helping the fact that you’re still overweight.

Skipping breakfast not only deprives you of the energy to work or think properly, but also causes your body to shift the mechanism to ‘starvation mode’. In this mode, the brain recognizes the absence of food as a sign of lack of food.

To counter the situation, it causes the food that you have later to be processed into greater amounts of fat for future use. Also, this fat is harder to dissolve and use because it has been saved up for ‘emergency situations’ by the body.

A good, healthy breakfast consisting of proteins and fiber can go a long way in helping you to lose weight as well as maintain your energy.

2Don’t eat ’n’ sleep – you’ll gain weight

Even after following a good diet and exercise plan, if you are guilty of falling asleep on a stomach that has just been fed, it’s going to bloat up.

Eating a few hours before sleeping and having some form of exercise before sleep is a good way to attempt to lose weight. It could be the primary reason you’re still overweight.

1Still overweight? Don’t give up in the middle

Giving up in the middle of diets can often cause the body to become used to these conditions. In such a case, if you start the diet again after some time, it would not have the same effect.

The body prepares itself for changing conditions and this leads to an even harder layer of fat covering the muscle. Therefore, once you start a diet, don’t stop until you achieve what you had set out for.

With some hard work, a good workout routine and a diet that keeps the above points in mind.  If you have tips to lose weight, please share them.  Someone needs to know your tricks or proven techniques.  Thanks for reading and come back to see us!

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