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Life is good when you're young, you just don't know it.
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My parents took care of my school and college fee, necessities, the relations with my family members and practically everything else.

College, it had seemed, would just offer me a chance to pursue the photography career I’m driven to, earn decent wages and be successful. An ideal life seemed to be at the tips of my fingers….

Becoming an adult

No one in the whole wide world can prepare you for what comes as you grow up and enter your twenties. It’s like entering the Twilight Zone where everything appears to be black and white while it’s the opposite. Being an adult is indeed a colorful journey.

While twenty-something can be an utter nightmare for some, it is also the age where a person comes to term some of the most hard-hitting and genuine truths about life. Here I will share with you with some real-life realizations that young adults make soon after turning 21.

People come and people go

The most bitter of all truths, isn’t it?

While we’ve been taught that friendships last forever and love is eternal and what not, we soon learn that people come and go in our lives and they’re meant to. It’s great to have old friends and people in your life, but if they’re being a turd or if they bring out the beast in you, it’s time to move on.

Each person comes into our lives to teach us something about relationships and life. Then, the “transformers” move forward. Friends and lovers grow out of touch over time and eventually find their own goals in life.

Some relations stand the test of time and distance while others do not, so make the most of the moments with people while you’re together.

It’s painful to watch loved ones move on without, however, there will be people who enter your life at the same time and you should pay attention to the newcomers.

Learn to be happy about the successes and achievements of friends and family who leave the nest, learn to move on and maybe even leave as well. Times change, and so does the company you keep.

Ugly God is in town hugs local fan
People don’t always change, but their lives do. “Thanks, Ugly God” for keeping it 100!

If a love leaves, there will be another – a person that you can be more of yourself with. Your new friends will know you better in the now. They will change and adapt to you and you with them until you reach a level of understanding that you had with no one else. With that said, keep your chin up!

People change – and so do you

Change is an integral part of life. With time, you grow, change and evolve into a finer version of the person you are. And while you expect others to be accepting of these changes, you should do the same for them.

According to research, people become less open to meeting new people and start understanding their responsibilities as well as trying to fulfill them at a certain age.

People shed habits, adopt others and may or may not need others as an important part of their lives. In case this ring a bell, give them space to change. Holding on to old and bad habits will only keep you on the ground and surely, you are born to fly!

Be your own savior

Learning to depend on yourself is an important part of adulthood. With age come new problems, challenges, and responsibilities. Waiting for others to deal with them isn’t taking you anywhere.

Being an adult means eliminating blame and excuses for your life. Excuses for undesirable actions and failure will not solve anything and only do you harm. Allowing any gust of wind to blow you away in different directions will only cause you to look at your career as an utter failure.

Becoming an adult means you’re responsible for your choices, words, and actions. In the case of a problem, learn to handle it on your own. If it’s out of your control, at least be prepared for the kind of reaction you shall have to the results. The only person you really need to love and depend on is yourself.

Work hard but smart!

No doubt hard work can turn your life around and help you to reach specific goals. However, without discipline and an efficient way of accomplishing milestones, all the hard work may go to waste.

Trust technology to organize your life. Surrounding yourself with a cluttered and disorganized environment decreases your working capabilities.

Use quality software applications to keep your data organized and opt to receive updates about advances that may be affecting or entering your field anytime soon.

If you’re working on a creative assignment or deeply involved in some life-changing event, it will be better to keep all social media aside. Distracting yourself will only delay meeting deadlines and make it impossible to give your all to the work at hand.

Be polite and firm, but learn to say “no” to people who attempt to force tasks upon you which are not your priority or passion. The energy you will spend on work for others, less time you’ll have to focus on your goals.

By keeping these tips in mind about becoming an adult, the work that you do will not only be complete but also productive and efficiently handled. Direct your energy to ends that are meaningful.

Love the moment

You only have one life to live and a lot to achieve. Love your family, friends and the moment that you are in. You are growing up, understanding that everything is not a dream, but it is not only work and achievements either. Do what you love and love what you do.

Becoming an adult means being positive. Your life should be filled with good vibes and not only should you be a good influence but you should enjoy yours as well.


It is hard becoming an adult and realizing the huge amount of responsibility in front of us. It is at these times that we find out how important it is to realize that we matter. Although it is true that we need to prove our capabilities to ourselves and others, as they say:

‘Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers along the way.’


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