13 Things She Does That Show You She’s a Keeper

She's a keeper if she has certain qualities, but you must get to know the signs. Knowing that you have someone who loves you is comforting, but it must be right for you both.

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The couple that's in love will show it. She's a keeper if she has all t he qualities that make you a better man.

Thinking about making a commitment?

She’s a keeper if all your friends like and trust her. It’s important to understand just how amazing your girlfriend is.

And I’m not talking about things like her letting you sleep with her; I’m talking about things that are much deeper than that. The kind of stuff that makes you sit there and smile for no reason, or make you go “wow.”

You’ll know it when you see it, or perhaps you’ve already had. Every girl is uniquely different so don’t expect your girlfriend to have all these things, but if she has most of these qualities, you know for sure she’s a keeper.

13. She’s supportive

Everyone is not going to approve of the decisions you make, but a woman who will stand by your side and support all your dreams and callings, no matter how crazy they might seem, is someone truly down for you.

You need someone special who can be a fan of you and your goals, not someone who will mock or discourage you from even trying.

12. She’s a keeper if she challenges you

She’s a keeper if you wake up in the mornings wanting to meet your goals and become a better man. Sure, you can argue and say, “I shouldn’t have to change who I am for somebody else,” but to find someone who motivates and challenges you to be better, is priceless.

It’s this kind of girl, the one who will challenge you to see things from another perspective, who will open your eyes to see your potential.

11. She accepts your flaws

Everyone comes attached with flaws and baggage as none of us are perfect. Finding a girl who sees those flaws and imperfections not as scars, but as something more—something beautiful. She sees past all that, knowing they are a part of you, and what makes you so unique.

If you’re dating a girl who, despite all your flaws accepts them, and wouldn’t want you to change one bit.

10. She’s a keeper if she’s authentic

There’s nothing sexier than dating a girl who’s comfortable and confident with who she is, how looks, how she acts, to how she talks. A girl who doesn’t change who she is for anybody, no matter the situation, is a beautiful woman.

She’s the kind of girl who dances off beat like nobody is watching, orders a steak and a salad on a date, and steals your clothes because you both know she looks better in them.

9. She can be silly

Let’s be honest, any girl who knows how to be silly and act like a kid is a keeper. I’m talking about the girl who can sit next to you on the couch and take your arm and make fart noises against it.

The same girl who will tickle you when you’re trying to be serious, wrestle you to prove she’s tougher (and give you a second-place kiss), pretend to cook with you just to start a food fight, or build a fort out of couch cushions and lay inside and…talk, um, yeah, she’s a keeper!

8. She’s funny

Dating a girl with a sense of humor is like winning the lottery. Even if some of her jokes aren’t that funny, she may think they are, and her laughter could be contagious, causing you to burst out in a fit with her. Your smile will never fade if she can make you laugh over and over again.

You wouldn’t mind the next 50 years of your life being a blast with her.

7. She has a heart of gold

There’s something to respect when a girl wears her heart on her sleeves. Someone who can put 100% of herself in everything she does, and to everyone. She’s the type of person who goes above and beyond not because she has to but because it’s what she believes is right.

She’ll show everyone kindness, give a stranger a friendly smile, and will go out of her way to make someone’s day.

6. She respects your space

Independence is crucial to a healthy relationship, as both of you have your lives, your work, and busy schedules to get through. Some days you just need to be by yourself, to unwind and play video games, or catch up on work, get drinks with the boys.

She respects your space and gives you the freedom to live your life outside the relationship.

5. She takes an interest in your likes

Chances are a lot of your likes and interest don’t line up with your girlfriend’s. However, some girls use those differences to get even closer to you.

Keep her if she shows genuine interest and asks questions about basketball, soccer, fantasy football, car repair or whatever interests you and listens to how passionately you speak.  Take time to teach her how it’s done and she will want to be a part of that with you.

4. She appreciates what you do

Men have feelings, just like women, and we enjoy some acknowledgment from time to time for the things we do. A girl who appreciates you’ve spent hours learning to cook her favorite meal will acknowledge how sweet it was and thank you for a great meal even if the dog won’t eat it, might be a keeper, guys.

3. She’s a keeper if she makes sacrifices for you

A girl needs to respect herself, and know she doesn’t have to run off to her boyfriend’s side all the time he calls. However, men do appreciate when a girl understands a situation is important to them. It’s this type of girl who will make sacrifices for her man and be there when it counts. That’s worth a whole lot more than always or never being there.

2. Share chemistry

Chemistry is everything to having a healthy relationship, it’s more important than looks and having similar interests. Find yourself a girl who you are compatible with on a personal and emotional level. She’s the one who will get inside your mind and understand how you think. Without even asking you, she knows what you like and what you want. Over time chemistry will grow stronger, and you two will get closer.

1. She takes risks

She’s a keeper if she’s not afraid, and waiting around for things to happen isn’t her style; she’s not that kind of girl. She’s willing to step out on the edge and take that jump in life. Whether it’s her being the first to say “I love you,” or her making the first move in asking you out or to bed.

When you find yourself dating a woman who knows what she wants and is willing to take a chance at risking her heart, for you, is something magical that you shouldn’t let go.

Don’t mess it up

Know she’s a keeper if your girlfriend does any of these things.  The thought of it must make you sit there and smile. It’s the sort of stuff that makes you stop looking at the present and start considering the future.

If you haven’t paid close enough attention, maybe this is the slap on the back of the head you need to see how amazing she is. You have to wake up, fellas because if your girl has any of the qualities, don’t let her go. That’s a mistake you will regret for the rest of your life.

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