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So can food make you fall in love? Is that really a thing? Some say it’s possible! Well, the brain does make a connection with food and that’s one of the reasons we feel some type of way when we eat certain foods. So, it could happen! Foods either make us happy or supply us with energy.

Cooking Foods of Love

If we eat too much, we feel tired and sleepy. If we eat chocolate or other comfort foods, we feel happy. With that in mind, can food make you fall in love? That would be something, huh? 

It would be like casting a love spell only without the help of witches and full moons. Well, we must eat regardless, so let’s try a few of these suggestions and see what happens. Don’t forget to let us know how it turns out, though.

What is the Connection Between Food and Love? 

When you have two cooks in the kitchen, it can be challenging sometimes, however, when the cooks love to stir things up, you can’t go wrong. It can actually be a form of foreplay, if you will, for the two chefs. Just imagine it for a moment.

Side by side, selecting seasonings, cutting up onions, garlic and peppers and accidentally bumping into each other or touching hands. When it comes to eating together, select foods that enhance male libido and metabolize estrogen. Warm moist foods trigger emotions, but specifically affection. This increases the attraction to each other, or at least this is what Jason Crain says.

He’s the owner of Culinary Creations by Chef Hurt where he creates customized meals for couples. 

Tip: As an appetizer, put some cheese on a tray. Mom knew too much cheese would “stop you up” but the zinc in it would start the engines roaring.

Set the Room

As you are trying to determine if food can make you fall in love, you must do this correctly. You should give thought to ambience as well. The mood is everything. Do not serve this meal in front of the television. You are about to make magic happen. 

To dress up the table, use a fabric tablecloth and napkins. Turn off the lights and ignite the candles. Allow the aroma of burning cedar or pine wood to be your scent, and add some jazz to give it that posh atmosphere.

What Foods Make People Fall in Love? 

If food can make you fall in love, I hope you’re not piling on the steak and potatoes. That’s going to stuff your partner and put him in the mood to go to sleep and put on some happy weight! Instead, fill up on a light meal. Put just enough on the plate to make your dinner partner full, but leave room for dessert.

Want him to fall in love? Make the meal with plenty of garlic, chili peppers, fruits and veggies. This will increase blood flow.

  • Sushi is a favorite of many. The raw, fatty fish contains L-Arginine and Omega 3’s. They improve blood circulation and cause changes in the body, including heart rate.
  • The famed oyster. Who doesn’t know it’s an aphrodisiac? They are also packed with zinc which helps the body produce hormones.
  • Figs are a wonderful and delicious fruit. Have you ever seen the inside of a fig? [It’s said to be stimulating.] Since the days of Cleopatra, people associate the fig with love and fertility rates.
  • The avocado tastes out of this world, I think. I fall in love every time I eat one. They contain potassium, fatty acids and vitamin E which all help with hormone production and blood circulation.
  • The shapely banana, of course, is filled with potassium and vitamin B. Eat it for strong muscles and enzymes.
  • Can food make you fall in love? Well, what about a grapefruit? I’m just going to leave that right there and let it marinate.

Drinks, Anyone?

Wine is for relaxing and you want your partner to chill, right? Choose the right wine for the dinner you’re preparing. Ask the clerk at the liquor store for the best wine to serve.

Whatever you drink, don’t overdo it. Nothing ruins a good romantic evening worse than a drunk companion. Drink pomegranate juice for its nutritional benefits. It’s rich in vitamins E and A. They increase oestrogen and testosterone levels and the vitamin C gives you energy. Put all of this together and make him or her fall in love.

Coffee, for some, is a motivator, however, the warm feelings you get from a hot drink will also soothe the savage beast. Opt for a flavored coffee or latte to cap off the meal and dessert.

What Food Means Love? 

In short, if any food can make you fall in love, it’s chocolate. You simply can’t go wrong with chocolate. It’s one of the top foods that symbolize love. [Check out my Pinterest board for ideas.] You can do a lot with chocolate. There’s triple layer chocolate cake, chocolate brownies (my fave), chocolate truffles, chocolate cheese cake, and so much more. Chocolate strawberries and cherries are sexy and they put couples in a romantic mood. Plus, if he gets some on the side of his mouth, you can wipe it off gently. Now, this is very important: While you’re wiping his lips, don’t forget to smile and look him in the eyes. If this doesn’t spark something between you two, there’s no chemistry! 

Tip: Chocolate, my friends, stimulates certain impulses and releases dopamine into the brain. Just one small bite also releases serotonin to make you relax and fall in love.

If you have any recipes or ideas to prove this food theory, share with us, please write to us and let us know!  

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