It hurts when you don't recognize what's good for you and come out of the bubble.
It hurts when you don't get out of a relationship what you put in.
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It hurts when you don’t call when you say you’ll call. The point of the matter is not the phone call, but it’s your word. When you don’t call, it makes you seem unreliable and untrustworthy. We all know, if we’re to build a relationship, it relies on trust.

If we can’t trust each other, then what’s the point of being in the relationship, right? Because then, all we’ll do is fight and doubt each other.

I’m not going to call you with questions like “Where you at? Who you be with?” I’m not going through your phone, I’m not stalking your social media page to find the answers. I can’t… I won’t… I’m not! We’re too grown for this.

It hurts when you don’t call first

Why must I be the one to call when you say you miss me, too? Are those just words? Those words should mean something to you cause they sunk into me like an anchor to a blow-up boat.

Because when you say something, you mean it, right? Cause you’re that dude, right, who keeps his word, never letting a friend down, always there for his mother and even for the dog. We’re not strangers, so do you know how it hurts when you don’t make me a priority?

It hurts when you don’t keep your word

If your word is your bond, and it seals your character and if you’re a loving, giving person, why am I hurt? You can’t know how it hurts when you don’t care for me because if you did, you wouldn’t do this to me… to us! 

When your partner doesn’t keep his word, what do you do? Never mind it’s a common occurrence between lovers, what do you do when he’s constantly breaking dates… the dates he makes!?

Do you know what kind of confusion this causes the female? Not only confusion but anger and disappointment. Do you sit down and have a heart-to-heart conversation? Of course, you do, but how when he doesn’t follow through?

It hurts when you don’t talk to me

Communication is the key to open and honest conversations. It’s frustrating because we don’t want to upset the relationship or him any more than need be, but we want answers.

In order to get the answers, we must go there. Yes, we must risk upsetting the ‘man’ in order we have a healthy relationship.  

We teach people how to treat us by what we are willing to accept. If we give the impression that we will take anything, then we will not be treated with respect. The results are more of the same if we continue to be a rug.

You, at some time, must put up boundaries. You know you’re there when –

You’re secure with yourself
Make others feel safe around you
Other people respect your opinion
Understand people have sensitive areas
Don’t have to mention people’s weaknesses
When you’re genuinely happy for other people

The first time someone crosses your boundaries, nip it in the bud. Talk about how it makes us feel instead of saying “It’s okay,” when we know dang well, it’s not.

We gotta let them know if plans change, we want to know immediately, not two or three hours later, or even a day later.

It hurts when you don’t take me seriously

And for that, we, women, take revenge and do the same thing to do them as they have done to us. It may feel good to do it, but in the long run, it hurts us. Now, he feels as though he can’t trust you!

Okay, I know it’s crazy, but two wrongs don’t make one right. What must be remembered is that we can’t blame him for our reactions. But if after stating how this makes you feel, and he continues to do it, that’s totally being disrespectful and I would reconsider the relationship.

It hurts when you don’t care that I’m moving on

At some point, you must ask yourself why are you letting someone who doesn’t care about you get under your skin? Pick yourself up, honey, and walk away. Hit that red button and hang up on them on so many levels. Block them on your phone and on social media.

The less you have contact with them the better off you’ll both be. You don’t have to stick around and be mistreated by someone who doesn’t care about you and your feelings. Do something different, find new friends, go to new places but most of all, let that relationship go.

Before you know it, you’ll have moved on to bigger and better things. It’s going to be a time when you want to give in, but don’t remove that block. Remember how you felt when he didn’t call or come by.

Don’t forget how humiliated you felt in front of your friends when he just left you hanging. Do not be afraid to say you hurt my feelings! 

It hurts when you don’t even know me

People can be so hurtful, even when they are strangers, but when somebody you love, inflicts emotional pain on you, the pain runs deep. When you love someone, you’d think they would not betray your love and trust, but hurt feelings happen too often.

Whenever you experience a relationship, you can expect pain. I know it sounds like another one of the love quotes, but it’s true. 


At the end of the day, everything we want and love is not always good for us. Maybe he’s not ready for an adult relationship and if you are, it may be best to take a leave of absence. What are your thoughts on love hurts?

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