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Successful People Have Common Traits; Can you name 7 of them?
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Successful people define success in very different ways. Their definition of success will vary depending on who you talk to and so are their tips to become a successful entrepreneur.

At the same time, a list of successful entrepreneurs reveals common characteristics. As an entrepreneur, you strive to be the best. You train, practice and attend a “how to become successful entrepreneur seminar” to gain the knowledge necessary to build a lucrative brand.

Developing a brand means implementing and managing a team or a collaboration of ideas and people to meet one specific goal and that is to win.

Building a winning team means you must have certain kinds of people supporting your dream. When the highly respected Bill Gates notices your business, that’s when you know you have a solid and profitable brand. Let’s find out the specific characteristics of a champion.

Characteristics of successful people

We see so many companies in certain industries repeating the same song, with no originality whatsoever. Is this a good practice or not? Recruiters believe entrepreneurs have common characteristics of successful people. But what is needed? Creativity.

Although creativity is a must-have, there’s more. After studying several sources of information, these characteristics appear common among working, successful women entrepreneurs.


Working women are already motivated. They have a job and are most likely endeavoring to get more out of life. In this case, motivation is essential to her attainment. Starting or running your own business requires the drive, dedication, and stamina to get out of bed each day.

You are the dynamic force behind your success and surrounding yourself with enthusiastic, optimistic and focused individuals only increases your chances of success.

Business Skills

What are business skills? Well, everything you need to run a business, of course. Whether it is taking over a business, or starting operations from scratch. The ability to think on your feet, make tough decisions, be risk tolerant and know how to change the fate of your business.

These are vital aspects of your business skill set as it will lead to either success or failure.

Flexibility and Open-Mindedness

Be flexible and open-minded, it leads to success; starting and running your own home business depends on it. Most people assume entrepreneurs are reserved, unmoved and not willing to take direction, however, this is far from the truth.

A potentially successful entrepreneur knows what he or she wants, and are able to negotiate deals while provoking the minds of others. Without flexibility, you will not see your business clearly, as your focus is on protecting your goals and achievements.

This is particularly the case when managing your business. Management is leadership and the ability to delegate. No one person can do everything themselves unless you are superhuman!

Creativity and Persuasiveness

Most business owners and entrepreneurs are relentless, hurdling over milestones and obstacles like the Olympians they are, reaching goals and overcoming stumbling blocks, but growth and development don’t stop there.

Creative entrepreneurs have strong selling skills and are as persuasive as they are persistent. Creativity is key in recognizing and pursuing opportunities. It allows entrepreneurs to “think outside the box.”

More than genetics

Besides freedom, one of the main reasons why we attempt a career as an entrepreneur is a hope to earn a substantial living. Aside from owning attributes becoming to an aspiring entrepreneur, you need cash. No matter how you look at it, successful people need money to make money.

In addition, you must have it to pay the piper. Beyond needing spending capital, an aspiring entrepreneur or potentially successful people should also be aware of these ingredients and apply them when it comes to owning your own business.

Do you like what you do?

Some of the luckiest people in the world do what they love as a profession. These people gain financial freedom, personal gratification and a form of stability and pleasure from their jobs or businesses. Seek a position which reflects your passion and you won’t regret one minute of it.

Planning is the key to success

Planning and organizing your business life is similar to that of your home in that it must be done. Plans help meet goals, plain and simple. Do your research before making a commitment or sign a contract.

Money management

Be careful to keep the business account separate from your personal accounts. When you work for yourself, knowing how to divide the time between the entrepreneur and the consumer can be tricky.

Keep valid receipts in safe places along with operating expenses. There’s basically one cliché to remember here and that is “A fool and his money are soon parted.” I don’t know about you, but my momma didn’t raise no fool! Stack money, re-up supplies and save for emergencies.

Make your workplace work for you

The ideal space to work is in a separate room away from the traffic and noise of an active household. Design the room so workflow is smooth and even keep snacks and beverages handy so you don’t lose time or have the chance to get distracted by leaving the area.

Role Play: Successful People Do It All The Time

I know it sounds silly, but you may have to engage in role play to get to where you’re going in life. Successful people fake it until they make it.

Would you agree almost anything you achieved in life was a direct result of repetition? Some individuals will agree, success is a tamed madness inasmuch as doing the same thing over again is, however, this time, returning affirmative results, even in the face of failure.

Repeat an action enough times and eventually; it becomes a way of life and that’s how we ultimately achieve success because no one just slips and falls into prosperity (unless you hit the lotto).

The reality is you will accomplish more if you work toward achieving a specific goal and not wish upon it or wait until your numbers come up. 

Grooming Successful People

The success of the former president, Barack Obama, began early as his mother knew starting from childhood, he would endure a life extraordinary. Few successful people were fortunate to know what they wanted in life, whereas, others spent many adult years trying to figure it out and it’s not because they are lazy people.

Rather, not everyone is cut from the same cloth and find it difficult to follow “management’s dumb rules” and these individuals are, by design, rule breakers and critical leaders. In short, they don’t belong in a box and there’s nothing wrong with that!

In fact, we should be thankful because, without their innovative ideas and their ability to analyze data, we would not have the miraculous worldwide web we are currently using. 

Positive habits and optimistic thoughts are the major keys to wealth meditation. In order to create the vision of wealth and power AND bring home the whole pig and not just the bacon, you may want to take note of these simple habits of highly effective and successful people.

Planning for Success

If you don’t plan your steps or maintain constant goals, you are not going to be much in the eyes of successful people. Winning is a major component of planning, but you have to think in order to plan. Having said that, you may want to come up with an emergency backup plan as well.

Preparation will allow you to meet the challenges head-on instead of panicking in the face of adversity. Setbacks like security breaches could be costly to your business and to your purse, so protect your investment!

Self Affirmation: I Am Prosperous

If you don’t believe in yourself… how in the hell do you expect anyone else to? Yes, I said it! This is not a myth, people; it’s a very true cliché. How can you sell the world on your brand if you aren’t feeling confident?

The Sharks will eat you alive! Listen, there will be people who tell you that “you can’t do this” and “you can’t do that” and there will be others who deny you an opportunity you may deserve, but keep it moving. THEY DO NOT determine your fate.

“The Wolf On Wall Street”

Pick your friends wisely is “what momma used to say” and it’s a true story as your relationships are equally as important as you are. Successful people socialize with other booming people, but do you know the real reason why?

I’ll tell you why: Collaborating with like-minded individuals can create a wealth of knowledge and ideas that are useful to your goals in life. Success is a game of role play and you take on the starring role as “One of them.”

You begin to comprehend the lifestyles of successful people and inherit some of the same standards as them while growing into your own person. There are at least 7 habits of highly effective people.  Can you name them? 

Just Say ‘No’

Sometimes we spread ourselves so thin we become unreliable and that’s a reputation we do not want to have… ever. It is OKAY to say “Not today,” “No way, Jose,” “No, thank you” or “No… not ever!”

I know all of the reasons why you wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone, but there’s only one of you and you can’t hang at the bar gulping down shooters and at a seminar at the same time. Success is all about the choices we make in life, which stabilize us as ferocious human beings.

Continuing Education

As a prosperous entrepreneur, whether you get spectacular advice from others or receive your business education in a classroom, you should always keep an open mind when it comes to learning and advancement.

Technology continues to change and the world is simultaneously updating formulas and standards literally overnight to meet with the latest business trends. Consequently, learning is an ongoing requirement of successful behavior.

Final Thoughts

Believe it or not, some people are afraid to fly, therefore, they remain on the ground where it’s safe. In my opinion, the air is better and the view is grander at the top. With all that said, just remember that you may fail a time or two and that is pretty much normal the first time around or even the second time.

However, the majority of successful people share more stories about the times they failed than anything. Do you have any success quotes or stories you’d like to share with us? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below. 

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