Black Man Who Rose From the Grave having dinner with his family
Because every little child needs their father, especially, if he's a Black man.
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The Black man who rose from the grave

He was hit with two bullets but his life had been saved
He thanked the Lord for his life had been spared
Then he prayed some more because his life had to be repaired
The police asked was he prepared
“Prepared for what?”
“Are you ready to snitch or
will you forever keep your mouth glued shut”
He looked at his daughter and he knew he had to tell
They didn’t care about her losing her daddy
so they can rot in jail.

He said

“I just remember when I yelled because I couldn’t take the heat.
Shells were coming, banging like drums, I thought they had a beat!
I lost so much blood, it knocked this Black man off his feet.
When I saw the killer, I knew I was the person they wanted to delete.
It was my homeboy, John… never knew he was the kind to compete.
And it was my homeboy, Tony, he was in the driver’s seat.
I just remember being comforted by a stranger in the street.
People really thought I was dead… but they had no grief.
John, Tony and I have a lot of beef.
That’s all I will say because I don’t mess with the police.”

I asked for the police to escort me out of my room
I tried not to think about revenge but I knew it was coming real soon.
My baby mama said “Let the police do their job.
Think about our daughter, please, don’t cause a mob.”

But I knew the kind of person I was

It wasn’t over until I had their blood.
Over the next few months, I regained my strength.
But since God answered my prayers –
I forgot about revenge because I’d lose my life by hurting theirs.
Learned that blessings come in pairs –
Because this Black man has a child and a woman who really cares.

Praise God, I listened to my girl –
I couldn’t wait to give her the world.
Tony and John were caught.
And I realized this shooting wasn’t my fault.

They were sentenced to life without parole.
All the jurors cried about the story I told.
I can finally put this situation to rest.
God was testing me, and now he’s ready to give me the best.
I moved to a different state
After they closed the case.
My past has been erased.
I am mentally in a much better place.

This is the story of

the black man who rose from the grave

He was hit with two bullets but his life had been saved
Thanks the Lord, his life had been spared, then he prayed some more
And married the woman who cared.
She stuck by him while his life had been repaired
The police asked him was he prepared.
Prepared for what?
Are you ready to help others with your story or
Will you forever keep your mouth glued shut?
He looked at his daughter and he was glad he told.
He’s now a police officer – a Black man taking bad guys
Off the street is his number one goal!

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