Style Tips for Winter: Braid styles are among the best protective style tips for winter
Braid styles are among the best protective style tips for winter

Style tips for winter are different from those we read about for the summer. In fact, some of them are the total opposite of what we learned.

Autumn and Winter Changes Things

Well, the signs of a seasonal change are starting to take effect. It’s darker earlier and it’s just a tad bit cooler now. Some other regions are already wearing jackets. Are you prepared for the cool weather? If not, I have a few tips in mind to help jump-start your transition.

There are a few style tips for winter which change with the seasons like your skin and hair. What worked in the summer may not be as effective during this time, therefore, your routine should take an alternative route.

Where do we begin? Keep reading to find out more information on styling tips for the fall and wintertime.

Style tips for winter: Taking care of our hair

10Hats and scarfs

Putting on a hat or scarf takes minimal effort. It helps to protect our hair during the cold days and nights. However, how you wear them could be doing more harm than good! Refrain from wearing wool hats without a protective lining.

A silk lining will prevent hair loss. In addition, wearing a silk or cotton scarf will stop breakage while providing warmth. For the ladies needing to wear a hijab, here’s a great deal for you.

9Keep the locks healthy by trimming the ends

It’s been said for centuries that cutting the hair will make it grow, however, that’s not exactly right. Because the hair receives timely trims, any split ends or hair damage is cut off allowing the entire head to be healthy.

In reality, genetics play a significant role in hair growth, not cutting the hair. Other variables, including diet, overall healthiness, and vitamin efficiency can affect hair growth. These conditions have total influence on the hair loss or growth process.

When the ends of the hair split, it can cause the hair to break as well. With regular trims, this is prevented. When trying to grow the hair, use products like Arvazallia to protect it.

8Stay away from chemicals

We all know chemicals from perms and dyes can harm the hair. If at all possible, decide not to use harmful treatments especially during the winter. Use protective hairstyles like buns and ponytails and opt for a rinse instead of bleaching the hair.

If you want a color change, try a wig on for a different look. One of my best style tips for winter is to consider Rose Wholesale. [Check out my selection of wigs on Pinterest] They always have a terrific sale on and they have decent wigs. In reality, you can’t beat the price.

You can buy four wigs from Rose for the price of one salon visit! That’s all I’m saying, but hey… if you know of one better, let me know. 

7Use deep conditioning treatments

When it cold outside, we turn on the heat. Because of this, however, our hair tends to stay a little on the dry side. Defeat this with a deep conditioning treatment. It will help hold moisturize in the hair.

Stylists swear by Argan Oil and we agree it’s a significant part of the hair care maintenance team. It’s a terrific product to have on hand but especially, on the hair when it’s cold outside. The reaction between the argan oil and cold is spontaneous.

The hair holds its moisture because of the oils, but a point to remember is to make sure the oil is the correct one for the hair type. This is the key to great looking hair during the winter months. With that said, adjustments may need to be made if the oil is too heavy or too light.

Because of the different temperatures, the hair endures during the cold weather, it’s a good idea to get a deep conditioning treatment at least once during the week. This will put back the moisture lost from the dry heat in the office or home and the brittleness of winter.

You can buy a treatment over-the-counter or you can do your own at home. You may find these style tips for winter and a bottle of honey to be one of your best friends during the winter. 

ArtNaturals Argan Oil Hair Mask – Deep Conditioner 

ArtNaturals is a product which protects, smooths and moisturizes the hair. It’s easy to do with their special combination of unique oils, amino acids, and proteins. They carefully choose the ingredients to make the hair healthy and bouncy.

Fortunately, it also includes an anti-aging agent to restore luster and protect the strands from the effects of the sun, winter, and rain.

The developers thought to include 100% natural ingredients like hydrolyzed keratin, [silk] amino acids sage, ivy extracts, quinoa proteins, oats, wheat and green tea.

Those ingredients, along with the oils, strengthen and lengthen the hair. The complete formula meets superior standards and continues to maintain a paraben free product.

6How we clean the hair

Never leave home with wet hair during the wintertime, girls. To tell you the truth, your hair will freeze and so will you. I’m not joking! When your hair freezes, it will break, so make sure it’s completely dry before you go out.

Another point to remember is and you may be happy to know you can take a break from shampooing so much during the winter. If you feel the need, try a dry shampoo instead to get you through a couple extra days and yes, Black people can use dry shampoos as well.

With that said, African-Americans don’t really need to wash their hair as much as other cultures during the winter anyway. About twice a month should do it. [Yes, lawd!]  In addition, use lukewarm water to wash.  

Hot water does best for cleaning and removing oils, it also opens the pores, but it makes the hair weak, so avoid hot water. Cold water closes the pores, but lukewarm water lets all the bacteria escape the pores.  It cleans just as well – remember to rinse well after washing.  

5Protective hairstyles

Natural hair is one of the best style tips for winter

You may want to rethink how to wear your hair during the colder months. Take note of these style tips for winter. Take some stress and strain off the locks by wearing natural styles, ponytails, buns, twists, and braids. While you’re at the salon, ask your stylist to TRIM the ends of your hair.

[If you’re like me, you fear using this word around the stylist. They act like they never heard you! hahaha Give them an inch to cut and they take a mile! Who does that? Our stylists! That’s who.]

Be that as it may, we should do this regardless every couple of months or so. And add more nutrients to our diets or a supplement to help prevent breakage.

4Use hair care products which contain oil

First of all, we need to avoid using shampoos with too much protein in them. Secondly, use more products containing natural oils like jojoba, Argan oil, lavender and tea tree oil to add moisture. They will help put shine and luster back into the hair.

Majestic Pure Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner Set

One of the reasons it’s listed as one of the best shampoos for winter is the formula. It contains the right essential oils [Argan, Jojoba, Avocado, Almond, Keratin, Coconut and Camellia Seed] to prevent dryness.

Majestic Oil Shampoo and Conditioner is organic and of course, sulfate free! Men or women can use it daily.

3What kind of towel do you use?

Surprisingly, the towel you use can damage your mane. I know… who thought by using a towel it can have an effect on the hair. Normally, we buy terrycloth towels for our home, but for our hair, reach for a microfiber towel instead. 

This helps to prevent the frizzes and reduces the time it takes to air dry. I have thick hair, so I’m down for quick drying times. 

2Plug in a humidifier to soften hair 

Having a humidifier around the house or bedside is always a good idea. Don’t worry if thinking about the hair frizzing up, but rather the humidifier will keep the air from drying out the mane.

A humidifier does the hair and the skin good. The air from the heating unit becomes dry and the humidifier evens out the moisture. The humidifier is a real help during the winter because of this.

To beef up the effects of the humidifier, use a hair care oil treatment that will soften the hair.

1How to comb the hair

I know a lot of you are saying, “I know how to comb my hair. Is she kidding me?!” I’m not trying to insult anyone, but for years I didn’t know much about the different combs and brushes. I thought one was as good as the other, but they are not.

Nowadays, they even suggest using your fingers to comb through wet hair. Otherwise, you should start with a wide-tooth comb to help get the tangles out and then progress to a smaller comb. Never start at the roots when combing hair either.

Start at the bottom and work your way up. See, as a child, I did the exact opposite. Could explain the tears and fear I had of getting my hair combed.

Style Tips for Winter Conclusion

Well, y’all, that’s about all of the simple style tips for winter I have for you today. I hope I have enlightened you on at least one topic. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the lips!  

Protect your lips with a good petroleum lipstick or lip balm. If you have some tips or hair care hacks for the winter, please share them in the comments below. Until then, take care of yourself!


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