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Men fall in love with a woman's heart and they form emotional attachments.

How to keep a guy in love with you? Wow… that’s a loaded question! We have answers, though. We understand that we can’t control how we feel about someone in most instances. I mean, we can’t pick who we fall in love with like we would pick out furniture or a car.

However, once you find that special someone who you vibe with, keep him around.  Do you want to know how to keep a man in love with your forever? Keep reading!

Ways to Keep Your Man In Love With You!

When you’re in love, you want it to stay that way, providing you get love in return. To preserve the relationship, you will need to know what makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman.

Not only have the knowledge, but you must work at it and the job isn’t easy. Maintaining a healthy and happy relationship requires you to give 110% of yourself.

The rules are simple, however, sometimes we fall short or we’re not experienced enough to know how to keep a man happy in a relationship. Here are relationship tips to help keep a guy in love with you.

1Always tell your man you recognize his worth

As you grow into your relationship, you may take certain things for granted and don’t show love like you once have.

If you’re guilty of this and want to know how to make your boyfriend fall back in love with you, grab him by the face, look him in the eyeballs and tell him how appreciative you are to have him.

Too cocky for you?  Try just telling him you love him and prepare his favorite dinner and add plenty of candles.

2Don’t forget what worked in the beginning

Growing old together shouldn’t imply we stop caring for ourselves. If you want to learn how to keep a man in love with you forever, bring your sexy back by staying fit and remain on top of your grooming game.

Our biggest mistakes are in saying now we have our spouses or companions is we don’t have to impress him or her anymore and that’s far from the truth!

Don’t get so comfortable in those sweats or hair rags you don’t make him sweat anymore. Men, this means you, too. Put on her favorite smelling cologne and drive her wild.

3Think like a man, largely, yours

How to get a man to fall in love with you fast? Cook! I’m just kidding, however, it does work for some men but in either case, you must learn how he thinks and operates to amuse him each time.

Sometimes, we must do numerous things to make our partner happy, including go to a ball game, baby shower or a concert different from what you have in mind as an anniversary date. When you know what his passions are, you bring him closer to you.

4Allow him to have time for male bonding

Both of you should maintain your individuality and independence outside of the relationship and this means separating from each other for a short period. Having a girls’ or guys’ night out is a beneficial way to enjoy time alone and time with friends and family.

It’ll give you something to talk about. Remember this; too much water will kill a plant or even destroy a city. Time away from one another doesn’t mean he’s neglecting you, but he has a life outside of the relationship.  Give him the space he needs and use your time wisely as well.

5Always tell the truth, even if it hurts

You will gain more with honesty than a little white lie. In addition, trust won’t be an issue as you are creating this safe zone for him to relax and open up to you. Once you betray him, it will extremely difficult to gain his trust back.

After the rain

The relationship experts tell us that because many women have been hurt before they put up walls or they stop dating altogether. Not only that but some women try to force a man into trusting them, which won’t work, by the way.

A woman who has been hurt multiple times will leave at the first sign of trouble but this same woman will divulge too much information on the first date. Learn when to stop yakking.  

At the same time, a scorned woman wants to know where is all of this going? She doesn’t want to waste her time anymore.

Final thoughts

Women who know how their man works, have a happy man at home, however, the same principles will apply if you’re wondering how to keep a man in love with you long distance. What have we learned by reading this blog?

First and foremost, we understand that we shouldn’t slack on grooming habits because we know physicality is vital to the relationship.

Although a man doesn’t totally commit to a woman because of her physical features, he falls in love with her heart and soul, so let a man be a man but most of all, be your hero.


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