11ahleven Advertising 11

Wait, I knew it

Even at first glance

but I had to give him a chance

He’s not the one for me, but


Couldn’t let him be.

I wondered what ran through his mind,

I’d hoped it was me this time.

Oh, I know this dude,

Everybody says he’s rude.

I don’t care what they say,

I’m going to see him anyway.

He’ll be different with me,

Just wait, they’ll see.

We’ll be together forever, 

He already gave me his letter. 

I’ll be his girlfriend for life

Until he makes me his wife. 

I think I love him, 

but hold up,

is that Kim? 

They must be talking about me

What else could it be? 

Um, did he just touch her butt? 

Wait, I’m going to punch her in the gut. 

She knows the boy is mine, 

He’s with me all the time. 

Well, we text all day and night

No, this can’t be right! 

The boy is mine! 

Why does this happen all the time? 

Hold up, wait, he can’t be gone, 

I don’t want to be alone

Not again, not ever! 

just wait,

Next time, I’ll choose better.

I gotta stop making  

the wrong dating 

choices in boys. 

They still playing with toys. 

I ain’t no game 

Boys are so lame.

Time to start thinking about me

and what I wanna be. 

And do like mamma say 

all they wanna do is play

I’m gonna leave them alone

until I get grown. 

Pain ain’t no joke 

I feel like I wanna choke 

him, her and me

for being so silly 

but I can’t  

However, I ain’t no saint.  

Instead of dying inside

I’ll walk in pride.

Next time, I’ll wait 

cause in reality, I’m jailbait.  

Gotta start loving me first 

before I burst.   

anime sitting alone sad in wait
Maybe I should just wait.


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Mikki Donaldson is a southern girl, born in “hard time Mississippi.” She, like her town, has seen many hurricanes, but bounce back each time. Mikki is no different from any other person with a passion, late to bed and early to rise. The writer adores her family and seeks to leave her mark on this remarkable world.