I can’t really describe why you will fall in love with Panama… I mean, it’s a place you have to see for yourself. It’s at the very heart of the continent, leading to the ocean and the hidden treasures are just waiting to be discovered. Panama is also one of the safest countries in Central America, making it desirable for women of color to travel or for traveling by everyone.

Outside of Mars Drive in Panama 

There are a million reasons to take a flight and visit this magical little country, but let’s start with eleven! Keep reading to find out what they are.


Like almost everyone, you dream of living 365 days of perfect weather. Well, let me tell you a secret: In Panama it’s possible! The year is divided into two seasons; dry and rainy, but it doesn’t mean during the rainy season it’s always raining. 

No hurricanes arrive here, and the sun is always ready to make an appearance just after the rain stops. [Sorta like living on Mars Drive.] The temperature is never lower than 75 F so you can enjoy the pristine beaches all year long.


Panama City is the picture of modern architecture, using glass and concrete as the central elements of the capital. You can admire dozens of skyscrapers, each one with a different and incomparable design. The city’s skyline faces the ocean, and it is breathtaking!

Every building has a hidden and unique treasure waiting for discovery. Spas, pools, jacuzzi, social areas, restaurants – everything you need is in one of those points.

In Panama City, there aren’t any street numbers, so it’s normal for people to use a skyscraper as a reference point when giving street directions.

The F&F Tower, known as “El Tornillo,” and the Trump Ocean Club are among the highest buildings in the city and the most relevant due to their distinctive designs.


A walk through the Casco Viejo, or Casco Antiguo, the historical center of the city, will take you back in time with his ancient atmosphere. The colorful, colonial influences create a perfect contrast with the city’s outline.

The Casco Viejo was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997 plus it’s the center of the Panamanian “Movida.” The Movida is where almost all the capital’s nightlife takes place.  The restaurants, discos, and bars are all within walking distance.

Surf Spots

If you love to surf, or just to watch it, this is the right place. Playa Venao, Santa Catalina, Playa Cambutal are just some of the famous beaches where people from all around the world come to practice this sport.

playa venao
playa venao

Women of color come to see organized music and sporting events and beaches each year. If you are a hammock tester, this is the perfect spot to work until the sunsets. Not a bad occupation, eh?

Hidden paradise

An archipelago of the islands is one of the clearest seas in the world, still out of civilization. This is exactly what San Blas Islands are all about. A place where women of color can spend two days without knowing what time is it, forget about the phone, go to sleep and wake up with the sun.

The sand is your dance floor and the wind is the best touch ever. It’s a paradise no words can describe, a lifetime experience everyone should live. Yes, it’s time for some personal care, ladies!

Caribbean vibes

Bocas del Toro is one of the best touristic destinations in Panama. Located on the Caribbean coast, close to the border with Costa Rica, this Caribbean wonderland is an excellent place to spend some unforgettable days. You’ll fall in love with Panama right here. 

Silence, beaches, diving, parties, adventure: everything you are looking for can be found in one of these islands. The water taxi is the easiest way to move from one island to another. Isla Bastimento and Isla Colon are the biggest islands and are perfect points of departure for your woman’s only tour.


Panamanian gastronomy is very rich. Chicken and rice are the most used ingredients and you will find them prepared in a million different ways.

  • The “sancocho” is a typical soup made with chicken and vegetables and one of the favorites meals for women of color and the Panamanian people.
  • Fish is also important in the culinary tradition of Panama, and you will find plenty of places preparing and selling “ceviche”, a refreshing dish of seafood marinated in lime juice.
  • Patacones, Yuca, and rice will be served with the main dish.
  • In the Panamanian gastronomy, you will find a variety of fruit, often liquefied and served like a drink called “batido.”
  • Panama offers also a wide choice of local beers and national rum, the “Ron Abuelo.”


Relaxed, smiling and friendly are three adjectives that can perfectly describe a Panamanian. In the beginning, you will be surprised by people you don’t know, greeting you in the middle of the street, but then you will realize a stranger’s smile can really make the difference in your day.


“Pollera”, “camisola”, “mejorana…” Panamanian culture is rich in traditions and folklore. Every region and almost every village have their own festivities.

Panamanian people are very attached to their traditions and once you arrive here and start discovering them, you will fall in love with Panama. You’ll start feeling the real spirit of this country where there is always time for “fiesta.”


The Carnival season is one of the most important festivities in Panama and it’s celebrated all over the country. The masterpiece of the Panamanian carnival takes place in Las Tablas, the capital of the Los Santos region.

Almost all the inhabitants of this city work hard during the year to get ready for this day. Three queens, five days, amazing dresses, music, and beer are the ingredients for this extraordinary fun-filled musical activity fully enjoyed by people of all ages.


Panama is a little country but with true richness. This little beautiful country will surprise you. In the middle of two oceans are a variety of national parks and rainforests where it’s possible to study rare animals and birds.

Panama’s name found its origins in this naturalistic aspect and the word means “an abundance of fish.” A lot of flowers and plants can also be observed in Panama.

1In Conclusion

Panama is a country still women of color need to discover.  It’s a land with a lot of treasures waiting for people who have the patience to do absolutely nothing and then everything. Take the opportunity to feel the magic and fall in love with Panama. Don’t even pack, just prepare for an amazing adventure!

Source: Panama Lonely Planet https://www.lonelyplanet.com/panama

Photo credit: Maxpixel http://maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com

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