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Why do Jamaican men cheat or any other man for that matter? The truth of the matter is when it comes to sexual behavior, if a woman or man wants to cheat, that’s exactly what he or she will do.

It doesn’t matter how good looking or how loyal the woman is to him when a man’s mind up to date other women, there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s true and the relationship experts agree. 

You can stay loyal, you can stay sexy, hard working, have his kids, clean his house, but when he’s ready to cut out, best believe, he’s gonna do it. 

I know a lot of men and women, too, who don’t believe in monogamous relationships. They have two partners. In the man’s case, he will decide to marry one of the women, and the other one he will keep as his side chick.

I don’t know if the wife knows it or not, but they all three are in a relationship together because he’s been with the side piece for as long as the marriage any longer.

Wifey enters the sidechick's home behind her back

Ashlei McFarlane, a clinical psychologist, believes “men cheat because they can.” On that note, please, don’t get the impression all married men have extramarital sex because they don’t. According to research, there are many reasons why men cheat. 

Why do Jamaican Men Cheat?

If he lives in Jamaica, the weather is traditionally warm there. The women dress accordingly, which means they put on as less as possible. They see this and their hormones start to act up. In other words, Jamaican juggle women typically because of testosterone levels, it’s what feeds the urges to have sex.

  • Why do Jamaican men cheat when their partner is not available? They are not happy or satisfied at home. It could be you two argue all the time. It could be he doesn’t love his wife or partner anymore. Sad excuse, but he’ll use it. 
  • Somebody tell me why any man would betray their pregnant wives? More so, why do men feel left out of situations such as when a new baby arrives? Of course, the attention is now on the infant and his or her needs and not the husbands and that’s why they cheat. Yes, he is jealous and petty at the same time. Nonetheless, this is a very real situation and psychologists will agree, it happens every single day. Men, Jamaican men cheat because of a new baby… theirs.
  • His environment such as obtaining celebrity status. We all know money changes people and when someone is suddenly enjoying a life filled with “thirsty” women, plenty of premium alcohol and drugs, being in monogamous relationships is not as easy as it once was.
  • Why do Jamaican men cheat when they don’t have to? Some men delude women simply because they love a good chase. Be that as it may, once it’s over, these men are looking for another rabbit to hunt. In addition, Jamaican men are vengeful beings. Under those circumstances, his decision to indulge in extramarital sex could be to get back at someone who has cut him.
  • Jamaican women like older men, tall men, large men with money and these women were blessed or cursed, depending on how you look at it, to have curvy bodies, plump breast, and lips with bodacious hips and booties. :mrgreen: 
  • Consequently, these are all factors which alter a man’s perception and Jamaican men are prone to letting their guard down in certain situations like seeing a “big booty and a smile.” Only some Jamaican men can’t handle it.
  • A victim of the 80/20 rule. When I first heard this, I was like what in the world is going on? However, it was explained to me so I could understand what the 80/20 rule meant. Do you need to know as well? It’s where men get 80% of their needs met at home, while 20% goes unmet. The side piece provides him the missing 20%.
  • Why do Jamaican men cheat? Because they want something “strange” or new. Being that you guys have been together since high school, he has never experienced anyone else. Maybe he just wants to try another kind of pie. With this intention, it’s rare men cheat with emotion.

Almost every relationship goes without something as no one is perfect. For example, you can have a beautiful wife like Mariah Carey, children, home and a dog, but there’s going to be something the wife won’t do or can’t do and it will “cause” a man to seek outside companionship.

With this said, a man will seek to fulfill his needs elsewhere.

I’ve heard it all my life – “What one woman won’t do, another will!” However, the go-to girl is not marriage material or so he believes and likely will never form a commitment to her as he does his wife. Don’t let Pokey fool ya’. Chances of a man leaving his wife for the side piece are slim. 

If all he wants is a good time and you’re giving it freely, why would he? As a result, he gets what he wants and goes back home to his family. So, will he leave his wife for this girl? Um, no!

How do you stop a Jamaican man from cheating?

Of course, the only way to stop a Jamaican man from having extramarital sex or affairs is to cut it, [certainly, I am joking. Don’t anybody take me seriously here, please!] or leave him.

The only way to stop men from finessing other women is if you don’t commit to him. He can’t cheat if you guys are not in monogamous relationships. I’m not the relationship expert, but that’s my theory.

On the positive side, if your man loves you, he may stay true, for a while anyway, but eventually, he will slip away, if he’s a cheater. Now, what you must do is decide to stay and put up with his sexual behavior or leave.

It’s no crime if you decide to stay with your husband if he sleeps with someone else once or twice or even for the duration of your partnership, but even the Bible says it’s okay for you to divorce him. 

I wouldn’t, but your business is your business, right? Granted, some girls believe if you get an ugly Jamaican man, he won’t cheat on you. But don’t you think if you’re thinking this way, someone else is thinking the exact same thing?

Which, in turn, increases his chances of cheating and successfully because you don’t think he would because he’s ugly. That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard of, Y’all. The dumbest.

It’s like saying a big girl can’t get a date because she’s large. Lawd, there are plenty of BBW with good-looking men, ugly Jamaican men, rich men, short men, tall men… whatever men, but they are dating a Jamaican man.

Why do Jamaican men cheat: Conclusion

Good luck with preventing Jamaican men from cheating. We have established his sexual behavior patterns. When a man wants to cheat, he will. The rules of karma apply here, darling. If you met this man, and he was cheating, he will not be faithful to you.

However, if you know of any way why do Jamaican men cheat, please, let us know. We need to know what you know!  



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