Cooking with a Jamaican man can be fun but, what do you know about the foods they eat? Jamaicans have different taste buds, and their style of cooking is different from Southern foods, Asian dishes, and Mexican food.

In other words, the kinds of foods Jamaicans eat are different from people who regularly eat foods like collard greens and chicken fettuccine.

I’m dating a Jamaican man, so I better know how to cook! Say a prayer for me, because I am notorious for burning the toast. Yes, I’m an adult who doesn’t know much about the inner workings of a kitchen.

Hi, my name is Mikki Donaldson, and I need tips on how to cook for a Jamaican man. 😀 I’m not ashamed to admit either.

This southern girl needs some practice before he takes over my kitchen and shames me with his mother’s recipes. Most Jamaican men know how to prepare a meal for themselves, but it’s my job to make him as happy as he makes me.

With that said, let’s take a look at some easy-to-prepare Jamaican recipes.

Are you cooking with a Jamaican Man? Set the room!

The first thing to remember when cooking with a Jamaican is to set the mood. Put on some cooking with Jamaican music [upbeat or sexy music], but not too loud. Besides, you’re going to need space, so put away unnecessary items for the time being. Make sure the area is clean and well lit.

When you’re done eating, relax! Jamaican men, like most other men, want to chill after eating a full meal, but they don’t want to talk much and especially about something serious. If you’re going to piss him off, this is a good time to do it.

On the other hand, American women dating a Jamaican man, if you want to earn brownie points, give him room to digest his meal in peace. He will initiate the conversation when he’s ready.

Cooking with a Jamaican Man? You Need Jamaican recipes ideas

Since there isn’t a Jamaican restaurant near me, I must learn to cook like a Jamaican. After surfing the internet for second date ideas, I found a few dinner meals they suggest I cook for the Jamaican man.

6Jamaican Stew Chicken

Jamaican stew chicken

Jamaican stew chicken is a light meal. It has all the flavor he will love, and it’s so simple, even I can do it. If you can turn the stove on and saute the ingredients, you can serve this meal, too, quick and in a hurry!

You’re going to need allspice, black beans, onions, long grain rice, and more. You can get this recipe by visiting My Recipes.

5Jamaican Oxtail

There are a few things to know about dating a Jamaican man, including what to cook for him. I don’t know a Jamaican man who doesn’t want a bowl of Jamaican Oxtail. It may take an hour or so to prepare, but the results are worth the wait.

  • Start by frying the meat, so it’s dark brown on both sides. [Use high heat.] Not everyone does it this way; some just add the chicken in and let it brown while cooking.
  • Throw the oxtails in a pressure cooker for about half an hour or until tender.
  • Next, add seasonings, herbs, spices, carrots, and beans if you like.
  • Simmer. It’s done when veggies are, and the sauce thickens to the consistency you like.

4Jamaican Curry Goat

This recipe is a classic, so you can’t go wrong cooking this meal if you’re dating a Jamaican man. However, I’m not sure if I want to eat goat, but I will serve it to my man, or we can substitute goat and use chicken.

I hope the recipe works. If not, it’s pretty popular in Jamaican restaurants as well, so they may serve it where you live. First, let me say all meat should be tender, almost, if not falling off the bone. Okay, so with this mind, let’s gather the ingredients. You will need –

  • curry
  • vinegar
  • garlic
  • allspice
  • scotch bonnet pepper
  • thyme
  • black pepper
  • onions
  • cooking oil
  • potatoes

Marinate the meat with the spices, whether it’s several hours or overnight, is up to you. Next, “burn” the curry. Heat the oil and curry powder together until you spot a color change. Add the meat of choice and simmer until tender.

3Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Jerk chicken is my favorite, and it’s so easy to prepare. It’s spicy, so be careful who you serve it. For this recipe, you’re going to need about three pounds of chicken breasts or a whole chicken, tons of seasonings, a blender, and time.

When cooking with a Jamaican man, either grill or bake the meat. If you’re grilling the chicken, use pimento wood or charcoal to give it that “ump.” Check out cooking with a Jamaican man at Jamaican Travel and Culture for the full recipe.

They suggest serving Jamaican Jerk Chicken with rice and peas; however, I can eat it alone, well, with a few beers or glasses of water.

2Rice and peas

Peas and rice are part of a traditional soul food dinner usually served on Sundays after church. Now, I love rice and peas, and the Jamaicans do it differently but with some similarities.

There’s this one thing about cooking with a Jamaican man, the red beans, baby, must be cooked until done. Done means they should not, by any means, be crunchy. The red beans should be soft to touch.

After the beans are completely done, add salt to taste, herbs, scotch bonnet peppers, and coconut milk. Cook for another 20 minutes. Add rice last. Cover and steam. Once the rice plumps, you may serve. To read more about this recipe and Jamaican cooking, go to

1Ackee and Saltfish

Well, folks, this is not particularly appealing to me, but again, I’d cook it for Jamaican men.  He may want it for breakfast, as a matter of fact, but anytime is good. However, if you are not familiar with cooking Jamaican foods, you may want to try cooking with a Jamaican man this time.

People claim this is a pleasant-tasting meal; however, I have not had a joyful experience. At first, the saltfish marinates, hours ahead of time, and the cook should boil the two fish separately. De-bone the saltfish and saute it using the onions, black pepper, scallions, and thyme.

Lastly, add the ackee for a treat out of this world. Sounds like something you’re interested in doing? Go to for the full recipe.

Cooking with a Jamaican Man: Conclusion

So, now you know what to expect when dating a Jamaican man when it comes to cooking. Do you have any other suggestions? Please, let us know. I know I’m not the only one unfamiliar with the kitchen and a Jamaican man. 🙂

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