To Love, With Love

picture frame with roses and a heart, the symbol of love
Sometimes, we wish we could freeze time or at least, rewind.
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What If?


If I give my love to you, do you think we can make it work?
If I give you my heart, do you promise my heart, you won’t hurt?
If I give you my mind, will you not twist it with a lie?
If I give you my trust, please, don’t make me cry.
If I give you my time, will you promise to spend yours with me?
If I give you my love, will you forever be true to me?

If you let me, I can keep a smile on your face every day.
If you let me, love, sweet serenades for you I’ll play.
If you let me love you, I can make the sun shine on your cloudiest of days.
Only if I could show you love in most surprising ways.

I can be your best friend, there for your every need.
Whether morning, noon or night, you can always count on me.

But only if you let me love you, all of me you can get.
Only if you let me, I promise there will be no regrets.

Remembering My First Love

I remember the long talks we had each day and sometimes all night.
I remember the walks we took, passing time away; just you and me.
I remember the secrets I told you that was never shared with anyone else.
I remember the peace I had whenever we were together.
I remember the joy I felt whenever I would hear your name.
I remember the times you held me, keeping me safe and protecting me with your loving arms.
I remember how I always had you on my mind.
I remember how no one else could do me like you.

My love, I know you heard it before, but I’m asking for one more chance.
My dear love, can we start over and make a new beginning of things?
I promise I’ll never stray again because you are, and will forever be: my first love.


It’s a sea undisturbed of rocks skipping across it or kids splashing carefree.
It’s a tree standing, and the wind not rustling its leaves.
It’s like a painting hanging on the wall and no one admiring the beauty it possesses.
It’s like a hug with no one to fill the empty space.
It’s having so much to give, and no one to share it with.
It’s tears streaming down and no one to comfort the hurt.
Loneliness is me not having you.


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