How to Find and Date a Millionaire

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Now, this is how you date a millionaire!
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I want to date a millionaire, don’t you? Do you dream of finding and dating a rich man? Our dreams are closer than we think if we join a millionaire dating site!

Do you know how to find and date a millionaire? You can search the profiles of successful, wealthy and good looking men all over the world on the internet and meet singles in your area. These men are young, disciplined and fun to be with.

If you want to meet an older man, one important thing to remember is many are not the stuffy old men portrayed on film and on television. Besides, the new 40 is at least 50 years old.

How to date a millionaire

If you’re like other women, it can be a dream come true, but meeting a rich man is a challenge. Mainly, due to the circles and places they travel and because they date women with money. 

However, there are few women who break the mold and social standards. You can be one of them by using these tips on how to find a rich man to date.

When you’re wealthy, you look for and expect people to date you only for your money so, these people are more careful about who they let in their lives. That’s reasonable, right? On a negative note, some of the men you meet may have a slight case of arrogance. Hopefully, none are as rude as well, let’s say, the Donald. [Ugh… :oops:]

Men like him think they can do anything and get away with it. And in most cases, they can. They have the money and the power to make things go away. But, we want the good guys, right? So, we’ll concentrate on developing a good rapport with them. Keep reading, we’re going to find a rich man to date.

A man is a man

The first thing to remember is a man is just a man. No matter how much money he has, he still puts on his pants one leg at a time and pulls them off the same way. They have their good days and bad days. They are weak and they are strong. What makes men weak? Well, most say a woman is a man’s weakness. Do you agree? I do, too. All men love attractive, sexy women [assuming he’s not gay].

Grooming standards

This goes without saying, but I’m bringing it up, anyway. You must keep yourself up, dear heart, if you want to catch a man with money. Your hair, nails, feet, face, the body should be well-groomed. You have to look the part if you want him to notice you. Oh, use good perfumes. Victoria’s Secret is good, but put that away and upgrade with at least one expensive bottle of perfume.

Avoid talking about his money or your money

When you get a chance to talk to him, don’t bring up money. He already knows every scenario as to why a woman would want to date a millionaire. In either case, talk about him, find out where his heart is or what makes him tick. Let him know you’re interested in where he came from, not where he is. Also, allow him a chance to get to know you better.

Don’t front when you date a millionaire

One of the most important factors to dating a rich man is being yourself, but if you’re ratchet, 🙄 you may want to rethink this point. Unless, of course, he just happened to win the lotto and became wealthy that way. Still, he doesn’t want anyone to bring him down, there’s only one way to go from there and it’s up.

How to dress to date a rich man

The first and foremost thing to do is go where rich men mingle. Of course, after you make yourself irresistible. This doesn’t mean dress like a paid date, okay. You must be polished and present yourself as a lady. Go light on the jewelry and make sure your hair smells fresh and clean.

How to dress to date a millionaire
How to dress to date a millionaire

If you remember in the movie Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts had to wear the appropriate clothes suited for the occasion. You will do well to take the same advice and go shopping if you have nothing in your closet. You want to capture their attention and gain respect. First impressions are everything!

This man will categorize your type and once he has made his mind up that you’re a temporary being, that’s it. It’s almost impossible to come back from that zone. Don’t be disappointed if you go out and don’t meet anyone the first time. Keep making yourself visible.

How to find a rich man to date

Depending on where you live, wealthy men visit the race track and country clubs. If you don’t have either of these in your area, check out the bars and fancy restaurants or online dating services. Niche sites like are filled with rich men waiting for someone like you. You may have to pay a small fee to join, but what’s a few dollars compared to the rewards?

Join today and start chatting tomorrow. Make an online profile he won’t miss and even take the initiative to send a wink. Don’t freak out if he doesn’t respond right away. He is a busy man. Check out the last time he was online if possible, it could be he’s not active on the site anymore.

But if he is, he will spot you. Once a rich man does, another one will take notice of you and before you know it, they all will know your name, or at least your face. So, get to filling out those profiles and posting pics so you can start dating a rich man!

Taking it to the next level

So far, you met a millionaire, and you’ve gone out on at least one date. Congratulations, by the way, you have succeeded in how to find and date wealthy men.

The second date ideas were a success and now, moving forward, it’s a few weeks into the relationship and he’s pouring it on, ready to take the relationship to the next level. Don’t do it! Don’t be that easy, girl.

You want to actually make it to the next level and that is to be his girlfriend. These men face challenges every day. Nothing at all should come easy, including you. Once the challenge is over, there’s nothing left, if it’s too soon.

He’s gone… history… wave his back goodbye. Don’t think because you’re “good,” he’s going to come back. Remember, he can have women like Serena and Rhianna, so “good” is not going to cut it. He’s looking for something else. He’s looking for loyalty, love, and stability, mainly yours.

You should have a life of your own. Continue to do things with your family and friends. Don’t break your dates with them to hang out with him. After all, he is only a man. Specifically, a rich man, but nevertheless, he’s a man and giving him too much power will not have favorable results.

Besides, he will make time for the things he wants and understands when you can’t drop everything and meet him. I know you really want to date a millionaire, but if you cancel your plans to be with him, he knows he can call you in the wee hours of the morning and you’ll come running. 

When doves fly

You’ve managed to date a millionaire successfully. You guys have been dating for about a year now, confessed your love for one another and you’re wondering what’s next. It’s time to move forward in the relationship.

If he’s serious, marriage should be a consideration. Have you talked about it? Does he want to get married? It should be something you discussed early on, but how does he feel now? If he’s not sure or not ready, then perhaps you should keep your options open to dating other men.

Statically speaking, even if you date a millionaire, it takes a man about a year to know if the girl he’s dating is a keeper, no more than two years if the relationship has difficulties.

If he’s not even thinking about it, you should move on, dear. Don’t let him lead you on and you miss out on a great opportunity to find to find and date a nice guy, someone who’s marriage-minded.


Now you know how to find and date a millionaire. With any luck, you’re dating a Jamaican man. Use these pointers and fill out your application for a dating site, go shopping, do your hair and nails. Be remember to be yourself, no pressure, no fronts, keep it fun and never mention his money or how many bills you have to pay.

It’s not his fault or his responsibility. Always make yourself clear, don’t beat around the bush, but be polite. Have the “talk’ before you decide to take the relationship to the next level. Know your boundaries, limitations or expectations to avoid too much disappointment.

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