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Married men, do you think it’s okay for married men to have women friends? If so, should she be married as well? What are the boundaries for women and men’s friendships? 

Does the wife know about the hottie on the other end of the phone? These are all fair questions to ask a man should he be married and have opposite-sex friendships.

Men and women have gone back and forth with this question for years, and it’s always a personal decision. Some say it’s okay and others say no, it’s not okay to have women friends or friends of the opposite sex when in a serious relationship. Many argue this, in some form, is cheating.

If this were true, then what happens to childhood friendships when we get hitched? Do we not talk to them anymore because of a license to marry? To ask someone to give up long-time, platonic, opposite-sex friendships for the sake of someone’s insecurities is unreasonable.

Women and men differences in relationships

Can women have friends of the opposite sex? Ask almost any woman, and she will say yes. Okay, but watch this: Can men have women friends even though he’s married? Ask those same women, and the majority will answer with a heck no! Sounds like a double standard?

It could be, however, ask a man the same question, and he will agree with those women who say heck no! You see, when a man remains in the friend zone, it’s because he’s failed to progress in the relationship. He simply did not get what he wanted. 

More men confess to wanting to have sex with a number of their women friends and risk losing friendships than women willing to risk losing their male best friend. At the same time, women are guilty of hanging around in opposite-sex friendships hoping the relationship goes further.

Few women admit to hoarding secret thoughts of having affairs with their men friends. They want a romantic relationship with a particular guy but are too afraid of the consequences. So, is this cheating? Hmm, it depends on who you ask as there are women and men differences.

The survey says, “men report greater sexual attraction to their female friends than females report regarding their male friends.” The complications of progressing opposite-sex friendships into full-fledged relationships frighten most women, especially if the man is not ready for the kind of relationship they want or need. Of course, this is according to the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Should single women have married men friends?

Is it okay if a single woman becomes or remains friends with a married man? Some say this is suspicious activity, and a married man should not have single women as friends, especially if their wives do not know them. What do you think? Can single women be friends with married men?

Men view opposite-sex friendships as less dramatic or competitive than with other men. Most men lead people to believe their relationship with a particular woman is more than what it is. In other words, men tend to exaggerate how much a woman likes him.

Are you having second thoughts about the guy next door now? Yeah, he may like you a lot more than he leads you to believe. Women and men love differently, and besides, women think how they feel is likely how the guy feels. 

It’s a little naive to think this way, but hey, it happens! Women don’t think with the same head as some men. When men want opposite-sex friendships, is it about sex? If it’s not about sex, then what is it all about then?

The same study, [Journal of Social and Personal Relationships], suggests married men are not happy with their current sexual relationships, and this is why they seek other relationships or friendships. With this said, maybe single women shouldn’t be friends with married men.

Are you dating a man with female friends: Good or bad?

Dating a man with a lot of female friends can make almost any woman suspicious or insecure. It’s stressful, to say the least, and most women warn against it. Be that as it may, some men have a magnetic personality, but know their role. So, is it possible to have a platonic relationship with a man, although the woman is not married?

A married man is only human, and humans give in to temptation from time to time. Even women like Halle Berry and Beyonce have had their moments with men and infidelity, so don’t feel invincible or that his cheating has anything to do with you.

Often a man’s cheating is purely unemotional and superficial, so don’t let it ruin the rest of your life. [In other words, make lemonade!] Not all men cheat, though, so don’t judge one man entirely based on a cheater.

If you’re dating a man with too many female friends, and he refuses to introduce you to them, it can be a problem for the woman he’s dating or his spouse. And sometimes, that doesn’t mean a thing because some women are deceptive and will smile in your face and bathe in your tub while you’re at work.

Married men and women friendships, according to the Bible

If you believe in the Bible and its teachings, you should know it warns against opposite-sex friendships, mainly because of temptations, women’s and men’s differences, and man’s weaknesses. When married men, having a close friend who is a woman, has problems within the marriage, he is likely to speak to her, the female friend, about it, thus, producing a bond between them.

man putting a wedding ring on her finger
Single women should marry, and married men should not have single women as friends.

While most married men or women don’t purposely set out to have affairs, they happen. In other words, we know lightning will most likely strike a person swimming in the water, so if that person continues to swim in the pool while it’s storming, can we say that person knows better and should not stay in the water? It sounds like common sense to me. Does it to you, too? Of course, it does!

It’s easy to feel that we’re in love with someone else when we’re lacking something at home. It could be something as simple as conversation, attention, or hugs. It’s always the little things, or so, it starts that way.

When you feel as though you’re not getting what you need at home or from your mate, tell them! But what happens when you do communicate with them, and nothing changes? One thing for sure, you don’t go swimming in stormy weather. (2 Timothy 2:22)


Married people should stick to being friends with married people or so says the experts. They say it lessens the risk of a partner cheating, but we all know the truth is, we will cheat if that’s what we want to do, whether we’re friends with a single person or a married person.

In today’s world, you don’t know if your partner is cheating on you with Billie, Billy, or both. It’s a personal decision. However, if your partner doesn’t know about your friends of the opposite sex and you refuse to introduce them, there is a problem, and you could be hiding something.

The best advice for married men is to think about the risk before you go cheating. Maybe you have a lot to lose if you get caught. Perhaps it’s not worth risking half of your assets, respect, and the kids, too. 

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