Loving someone with histrionic behavior or a man or woman who displays histrionic behavior can be difficult.

Loving someone with histrionic characteristics

Define histrionic behavior. To understand it, you must first know what it means.

A person who displays histrionic behavior is one who gets joy or excitement from the attention he or she receives from others. This person is looking to stir emotions with the sole purpose of arousing attention and cerebral energy.

In other words, meet the drama queen or drama king.

Since the perpetrator needs others to be involved, he or she will be irritated by an unwilling participant. The attention-seeker will use a person’s weaknesses to stimulate certain behaviors or reactions, flirt, and seduce by any means necessary.

Add to that, this personality may fabricate relationships when in fact they may have problems with intimacy and feel out of place when they are not the center of activity. They may also think they are the victim or want to control their significant other with guilt or dependency.

At the same time, these people will isolate themselves from others who demand a bit of attention. Attention-seekers crave excitement… good or bad, as they bore easily. Additionally, they want instant gratification.

Loving someone with histrionic characteristics may mean they start a project with passion and enthusiasm, however, the power surge doesn’t last for long and they are back to square one.

Histrionic characteristics

Histrionic behavior or the histrionic personality establishes a pattern of attention seeking behavior which is easily spotted. Do you recognize at least five of the symptoms? Examples of histrionic behavior –

1. This person is uncomfortable when he or she is not the center of attention

2. Displays inappropriate provoking and explicit behavior

3. Is overly dramatic

4. Is easily influenced by others and circumstances

5. Is a good candidate for a fatal attraction movie

6. Uses their bodies to attract attention

7. Speaks using vague sentences

If the histrionic personality doesn’t truly measure up to what you had it mind, then maybe the person in question has narcissistic personality disorder symptoms and is Narcissistic.

This personality or someone showing narcissistic behavior feels superior or unique and often times exaggerate certain accomplishments or certain aspects of their life.

When it comes to others, they have unreal and unreasonable expectations, however, they have no sympathy for others. Loving someone with histrionic disorder is challenging, but so is determining the signs and symptoms.

Recognize Histrionic Personality Disorder

4The Master Manipulator

The manipulator is much like histrionic behavior characteristics or the histrionic personality, this person uses guilt to wound people. Those who let their guard down are the first to be attacked and victimized. Watch out for claims of being ostracized from other family members or friends. 

3Comes to the Rescue

What separates histrionic behavior apart from other kinds of personality disorders is this person seeks those who are ill or suffering from some sort of misfortune. The Rescuer saves the day and then basks in the limelight, taking the spotlight from the person who is actually in need of attention.

2Old Reliable 

This person has it all together or so it seems to be that way.  They are anxious to help when you are in need. They want you to depend on them so they can take the glory when the situation has been resolved.

1The Victim

The victim gets attention by making other people believe they are the ones suffering… they are the one who is being abused and taken advantage of by others. He or she will not take responsibility for anything.

With this said, you may wonder how to deal with histrionic behavior? It may not be the easiest thing you have ever done in your life, but it’s doable.

Treatment for histrionic behavior

There are ways to deal with these kinds of behaviors though.

Ignore it. Deny these individuals the attention they want [they should go away]. However, if they have their way, they will repeat the behavior. Those who are vulnerable feed into this manipulation and drama. Therefore, the real victims are hurt by this negative behavior.

If you find yourself loving someone with histrionic disorder, in a romantic relationship or intimate friendship with a person like this, be warned they may leave to find something or someone more advantageous or adventurous.

Histrionic behavior or the histrionic personality is predictable, however, it is overdone. If you want more information about histrionic behavior youtube it like I did. 🙂  

More information on histrionic personality – visit the Psychology and Mental Health Forum – http://www.psychforums.com/histrionic-personality/topic133121.html



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