Can You Spot Fake Dating Profiles?

It's getting harder to fake dating sites. However, you should know the signs to spot a fake dating profile. Check it out here.

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Sometimes all it takes is a picture to spot a fake dating website.
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How to spot fake online dating profiles?  Dating is already a challenge, but when your pockets run deep, you must be careful who you meet on dating sites, some of them contain fake dating profiles.

Fake Dating Profiles Online

Fake dating sites are prevalent simply because there are too many people wanting to take advantage of others. Yes, it’s true… more money, more problems. You don’t know who your real friends are, who to trust. No new friends become the rule of thumb, but finding someone to love may necessitate you looking outside your circle of friends and relatives.

Where do you go in this case? Dating sites such as are relevant matchmaker services which bring like-minded individuals together and have proven themselves to be a first class service. However, some of the best dating sites have fake dating profiles.

About one in 10 online dating websites are not real. Did you know this? That’s crazy, right? What’s more is the most compelling FBI evidence is “over $50 million is lost to romance scams annually.”

That’s a lot of mullah. To avoid getting scammed, the authorities suggest sticking to the major dating sites and leave the little guys alone.

In order to “come up,” the fake sites fill the new dating sites with fake dating profiles and even hold conversations with users. This way, the subscriber believes he or she is talking to an interested person [a millionaire] and won’t look like a scam website.

If you are faced with a scam artist, remain calm and by all means, report any suspicious activity., Not a Fake Dating Site

How do you know the online profiles are real? For one thing, dating websites such as have experience in sniffing fake dating profiles out.

For over 10 years now, the experts have put together successful singles for relationships which stand the test of time, flight delays, long meetings and bi-coastal residencies so, they know how to spot fake profiles on dating sites.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of millionaire singles online at the same time, looking for romance. It’s important to realize, these men and women want to share their luxurious lifestyles with someone just like you, so don’t give up on love!

Are you a successful woman looking to meet a lawyer, professional baller or celebrity? Are you a man looking for a superwoman or supermodel, clothing designer or shark? likely has the ideal merger.

Search their database to find some of the most attractive people in the land. Do you want a long-term relationship or someone for a more casual relationship? It’s totally up to you and the person you hook up with. Join today and connect with other millionaires like you.

It’s suspicious, but it’s not a fake dating profile

What happens if you message someone and they don’t get back to you right away? Should you consider them scammers on fake dating sites? On the positive side, you may want to consider them as busy, for starters. Secondly, they could be on vacation, or third, not active.

Don’t automatically assume someone is not legit because they didn’t answer right away. But if they are, they will be found out. So, with this in mind, if you did not ever get a response, this could be the reason.

How to spot fake online dating profiles?

It’s probably fake dating profiles if they –

  • ask you to come over to another website
  • are “really” flirting with you
  • point blank ask you for money
  • their English is poor and if their grammar is off
  • want your personal information and want it right away
  • the person/situation seems too good to be real, it probably is
  • are female, Catholic, and a widow
  • are from the Philippines, UK, and Nigeria

Often, people join free dating websites, but in order to interact with members and to use other features, they must pay a fee. If not, nobody can wink back or return a message or even see one that is sent. The point often overlooked is a person who won’t pay a small service fee is not someone worthy of your time or your money.

How Can You Spot a Fake Online Dating Profile?

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