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Not everyone has them, real natural full lips. But you can!
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Real natural full lips attract men more than other features a woman of color has on her face. Research proves it.

Full lips attractive or unattractive?

Within seconds of meeting a man, he will spend more time looking at black women full lips. More so, if you’re wearing your favorite shade of red.

It is not uncommon for women to want what we don’t have. Maybe you wish to treat yourself to a mini model makeover; a pair of long, thick eyelash extensions plus add in some hair color or extra pieces but real natural full lips, girl, will catch a man’s eye.

Full lips vs thin lips

All, aside from a few of us, are entirely satisfied with our appearance and those who are not, come up with all sorts of scenarios to improve our body shapes, hair, noses, chins or whatever the case may be.

Research on this subject suggests women who have fuller lips are thought to be sexier than women with thin lips. (I like to see full lips on guys, don’t you?) In either case, if you desire natural full lips, I have a few tips in which you can achieve a pleasing impression.

Full lips enhancer

Some people believe big lips are the same thing as full lips, however, I beg to differ. In order to get full lips, you may want to try a few things to plump them up. Plumping usually means applying collagen injections, therefore it can be costly. The experts inject the collagen straight into the skin.

As a result, the process supports the skin for about 3-4 months and it will need repeating to maintain the richness of the initial injection.

The substance for this procedure comes from either a cow or from the hyaluronic acid, which is in the human body. The Restylane solution lasts longer than the hyaluronic or Hylaform, which is generally a period of 3 months.

Lip augmentation or lip implants modify the way your lips emerge or plumps the lips by using dermal fillers. This initial procedure is, no less, conveniently arranged in a spa type of environment or as an in-office process.

Natural ways to full attractive lips

If you can’t afford the injections, there are other home remedies for full lips to choose from. These are less pricey methods to raise your self-esteem or just as a way to accent what is already there.

Apply peppermint oil to your lips as you would lipstick or gloss. You may feel a tingling sensation, nevertheless, this is not out of the ordinary. You will notice how they appear larger and pinker in color. Besides, the peppermint has a refreshing taste and it’s cheaper than the cost of a professional.

Cinnamon oil is another brilliant source. Cinnamon oil, when applied in a circular motion, improves blood circulation.

Honey, honey, honey … is a fantastic natural moisturizer, which will enhance your lips and cause your lips to be softer than before.

Your lips will appear extremely kissable and you’ll be glad to know there are zero side effects. Well, almost zero… you or someone else may want to taste your lips and you will have to reapply the honey again. As an alternative while traveling, try using a chapstick prepared with beeswax.

Red peppers, surprisingly, can also frame the lips for a fuller effect and bring color to them. You see, it literally increases the blood flow like niacin. Consequently, the lip’s natural color stands out.


The skin replaces dead cells with new ones. You can help by exfoliation. How? Scrub off the old, chapped layers of lip skin and smooth the new skin.

  • Mix together sugar, honey, baking soda, olive oil or honey and petroleum jelly.
  • Apply to the lips using clockwise and counterclockwise movements
  • Do this for about 2 or 3 minutes
  • Rinse off, but don’t rub your lips
  • Put on the petroleum to hydrate your lips
  • Repeat daily

To help protect your lips, I can suggest Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm. It’s an amazing natural product you can find on Amazon at a reasonable price. Burt’s promises to hydrate and nourish your lips using nothing but natural ingredients. 

I hope these tips are helpful. You may have some of the items in your home already allowing you to get started right away. Try one or two to find out which one works best for you.


If you have tried them before, or have a home remedy of your own, don’t be selfish … share it with us.

Some white women with naturally full lips may not need these tips, however, please pass them along to a friend, co-worker or associate who desires a full mouth.


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