11 Creepy-Crawly Things Girls Do When She Has a Crush

The things girls do when she has a crush can appear really creepy if she goes overboard with them.

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Sometimes we do things out of the ordinary to get his attention.
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The things girls do when she has a crush are crazy! When you crush on someone, you do really weird things! It’s not that you took a “How do you know if you have a crush on someone?” quiz, but the things you do are leaning more toward creepy-crawly. 

Almost every girl does crazy things when she has a crush, but you’re on another level, girlfriend. 

Although he may not even know you’re alive, you know everything about him there is to know. Whenever your crush is around, you do strange things. Your friends think you need therapy. You are riding on cloud 9 and think the world is made of cotton candy.

It may be pretty and pink up there where you are, but sometimes you need to come down to earth for a reality check and eventually, learn to let go. When you crush on someone, you exhaust all your energy into stalking them.

But that’s not all. Let’s take a look at some of the creepy-crawly things girls do when she has a crush and don’t say you don’t do these things ’cause we all know you do.

Things girls do when she has a crush

1] You don’t have a clue what to do about a crush so you practice talking to him, looking at him and even rehearse your laugh, but when you get the chance, you walk in the other direction!

2] When you have the nerve to look him in the eye, you say something totally out of context and it sounds weird. He says, “hello,” and you say “I do.” Then, you spend the rest of the week going over it in your mind… sometimes, blurting it out loud… in your sleep.

3] You join all of his social media platforms under fake names and go through old posts and pictures. You find several pictures of his mother and somehow get upset because you think she’s an older woman dating a younger man.

4] Your whole future is now centered around him. You imagine going to prom with him, going to the same college, having a fairy tale wedding and a couple of well-mannered, neat looking children who are copies of you both, a fluffy dog and luxury vehicles, none of which he knows about.

5] You know true facts about your crush like his birthday, the name of his old daycare center, favorite food, and colors, but he didn’t tell you any of this.

6] You plan how to bump into your crush so you go places you know he’s going to be even though you know nothing about car repair, or soccer or football. Actually, you know his daily schedule better than he does.

7] Your crush has cool secret code names only you and your closest friends know about. You talk about him all day to your friends, even when your friends have hung up, you continue talking.

8] We obsess over our crush and plot against any girl who looks at him with “that look.” Putting a frog in her locker is not cool, especially when it’s your little brother’s science project.

9] When you have a crush on a guy, you purchase outfits with him in mind and are highly disappointed when he doesn’t look your way. Because of this, you end up “toe up from the flo’ up.”

10] You have conversations with your crush for days, only you’re imagining it. However, if you do ever talk to him, you’ll know exactly what to say providing you don’t goof it up.

11] You ignore everything and everyone waiting on his phone call. When he does call, you play hard to get and let it ring. You finally decide to answer, but he hangs up. (Really?!)


Do you ever say to yourself “Why do I have a crush?” Most of us girls have had one or two crushes in our lives. It was fun and we’ll cherish those memories for a lifetime, but some of us never get over our crushes. If you still like them after 30 years, is it a crush? 

Did you do some kind of wild dance when he finally spoke to you? What did you do that was totally bordering on creepy-crawly? Tell us about it. We promise not to tell another living, breathing soul your secrets. 😆

Was it a celebrity or a boy in school? I had the biggest crush on Clarence Williams III and Boom Boom Washington! Yeah, baby, from Welcome Back, Kotter.

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