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After traveling to more than half of the states in America, I’ve found the most the greenest cities in the US ever created.

And by green, I mean, not necessarily green plants or trees, but a place which actively practices eco-friendly lifestyles. What is a green lifestyle?

Besides recycling materials, eating organically and buying natural products, the meaning suggest anyone who protects the environment and the natural resources for the next generation of people.

Traveling to the Greenest Cities in the US

Take it from me – if you’re thinking about going green or going away, take a train or take a road trip! Traveling by land allows you to see some of the lushest cities in the US. Jaw dropping sites that make you pull off on the side of the road and take a picture.

I mean, these views of the world you can’t see from an airplane. I want you to see them for yourself. I’ve compiled a short list of 5 of the best cities in the US to visit.

1. Fayetteville, Arkansas

Ozark National Park, Arkansas via Dennis52

Have you been to Arkansas? Arkansas is absolutely spellbinding! The Ozark Mountains are much a part of Fayetteville’s roots as the people are. The south has the friendliest people around and the green spaces are to die for.

If you are wondering where to find breathtaking blooms or honest-to-goodness, all-natural fruits and veggies, you’ll find there in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The farmers and florists of Fayetteville bring their incredible gardens to the outdoor markets, located in the downtown district. The town’s people take pride in knowing their foods are organically grown from its eco-friendly land.

2. Huntsville, AL

Huntsville station greenest cities in US via Wollo

Among the top Black travel sites is another one of the greenest cities in the US is Huntsville, AL. You don’t want to forget your camera or to fully charge your phone the day you’re out and about Huntsville or you’ll be highly disappointed if you do.

Huntsville has over 46,000 plots of the top green places imaginable. In fact, the fourth largest city in Alabama, named in Popular Science Magazine, is one of the most sustainable cities in the US.

I would suggest you visit Little Smith Lake inside the Huntsville Botanical Gardens while you’re in the city.

Little Smith Lake houses a multitude of the most vibrant, fluttering butterflies, a sparkling waterfall and an abundance of natural ponds, plants and exuberant, floral arrangements you will ever lay your green eyes on.

3. Havasu Canyon, AZ

Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon, AZ via mpkc57love

When it comes to US cities with most green space, Havasu Canyon (northern Arizona) wins hands down. It’s an intoxicating scenery – it would be hard to top this as a second date idea.

Havasu Canyon is situated alongside the remarkable Grand Canyon and is known as one the prettiest, natural creations on earth.

As one of the greenest cities in the US and as one of the features of Havasu Canyon is Havasu Creek. The river’s bed, garnished with precious limestone, is as astonishing as it is unforgettable.

When the sunlight flashes over Havasu Creek, it illuminates this amazing combination of transparent blue and green water. It’s true love at first sight.

4. Fish Creek (Door County), Wisconsin

Fish Creek via Monarch

Only in Door County, Wisconsin will you find such fascinating history and rich, tranquil imagery. Don’t let the name fool you! Fish Creek has plenty of character and opportunities for fun and relaxation for its visitors. However, I don’t think it’s one of the best cities in US for singles.

Fish Creek, with its shores of clear waters, captivating green forests and unique fields, will make you feel like you’re in another world. Fish Creek is likely tops on the most environmentally conscious states meter board.

It’s year-round comfort for those looking for romance or adventure. Fish Creek Park encompasses 27 acres of green scenery with access to the woods. Take a break and your blanket to enjoy one of their free concerts in the park.

If that doesn’t interest you or the Black senior travel clubs, take a water taxi or a private boat tour for an exclusive view of the town.

5. Coronado (San Diego), California

Skyline from Coronado via raza1970

Coronado, a unique town off San Diego, California. Coronado is frequently thought of one of the greenest small towns in America. It’s an excellent choice for vacation or to live.

You’ll delight in their ocean’s landscape as it is a pure vision of sparkling water and white sand. Do not be deceived; Coronado is your passport to some pretty enchanting gardens as well.

Take a walk along Orange Avenue to find everything you so desire in this cozy community. California is a leader, widely known for being a health-conscious state.  It’s perfect for Black female solo travel.

Why is going green important?

I make oxygen what do you do?
I make oxygen – what do you do? via abinandan27

Well, why indeed? It’s something to think about. For me, nothing is more invigorating or relaxing than earth’s countryside. It’s one of the reasons why I love these cities. The other reason is simply that of the water.

You can truly find peace along the wonderful landscapes and as one the greenest cities in the US, I’m lucky to have the ocean. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere that doesn’t have the amenities that my home offers.

Some places aren’t fortunate enough to have beaches or oceans in their town. When you think about it, some countries do not have enough drinking water, but I live in a place where everything is plentiful.

But what if one day, I couldn’t turn on my facet and get a drink of water? What does going green mean for a business? What if the authorities started to measure the amount of water I use?

Having running water is natural to us; it’s one of the benefits of living in one of the greenest cities in the US but we never realize how valuable it is until we don’t have it anymore.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the reasons to go green and how I have enough and others don’t. Water is abundant where I live, but yet others can’t even take a bath.

I’ve started to think about the importance of an eco-friendly environment and of what I can do to help those who don’t even have a natural resource such as a spring or a waterfall.


The greenest cities in the US appeal to us mainly because of their beauty. Their beauty is because they are clean, inside and outside. To make more cities green we must change. The only way things will change is if we reach out to those who need our help.

What an injustice it is that I should waste water when others don’t have it all. I think I’m going to do something to help. What does it mean to be green to you?

We are equally exposed and dominated by environmental changes. We come into contact with toxic chemicals and don’t even know it. Women are the ones most affected by harmful practices by manufacturers and businesses.

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