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Revlon Color Stay Pressed Powder is what we think about when it comes to one of the best drugstore makeup brands. They provide a wide range of innovative full coverage products to suit the needs of an urban woman.

Every few months, the brand comes up with new products and shades which flood the market.  Most women of color want Revlon products in their makeup kitty so be sure to offer gift cards for her birthday or special occasion. 

For now, let’s talk about a go-to makeup solution in the summertime, Revlon Color Stay Pressed Powder. During the hot weather months, we should avoid adding layers of foundations and powders on our face.

Women with oily skin struggle to keep their makeup on and maintain a fresh look all day. If you want a quick, easy and light makeup hack, Revlon face powder for oily skin can be your one-stop solution!

Revlon Color Stay Product Description

Revlon Color Stay loose powder is made of a jet-milled formula for ultra-fine and lightweight texture. It helps to minimize shine and creates a flawless matte finish, which lasts up to 24 hours. The product stays all day without drying and caking up.

It is oil-free, non-irritating and doesn’t clog pores. It goes on smoothly, gliding over makeup skin, concealer or bare skin. At least, this is what Revlon claims!

Keeping in mind the different skin complexions, the full coverage makeup comes in 35 shades; from the Revlon Color Stay Pressed Powder translucent, fair, light, light/medium, to the medium and medium deep tones.

A dark shade is missing from the range for women with dark skin color, which could have completed the shade spectrum.

Revlon Color Stay comes in a black case with a transparent panel on top to give a feel of the shade. It has a sponge applicator for applying makeup.

There is also a small mirror underneath, so you can retouch your makeup whenever you want. Packaging is sturdy and travel-friendly.

How it works and how it doesn’t

Well, a lot of women who have oily skin prefer keeping their makeup skin light and even go nude to let the skin breathe. A full coverage makeup that stays in place without caking or drying up is an ideal product, but this doesn’t happen always.

Revlon ColorStay makeup, with its light texture, provides a decent coverage and a matte finish. Let’s take a look at FreddieMUA’s video review of the 2-in-1 Compact Makeup and Concealer to see how the makeup is applied and what kind of coverage it really provides. (Thank you, Freddie, MUA!)

Revlon Colorstay 2-in-1 Compact Makeup and Concealer

After watching the vid, I think we all agree on what helps to set the makeup skin providing you apply it over your face. After which, you want to apply a final touch or just apply on bare skin (after moisturizing, of course) and you are good to go.

You can also apply ColorStay Powder under the eyes to set the concealer.  It will stay in place longer and no one will ever know about the dark circles under your eyes.

However, makeup skin can turn chalky if you apply too much of it.  Did you notice even with the slightest coverage, Freddie started to crack and chalk up? Hopefully, you’ll just have to dab a little on your brush, finger or blender and that should do the trick.

Choosing the right color is important; otherwise, Revlon Colorstay makeup may not bring out your natural skin color. It may be in your best interest to purchase a gift card if you buying makeup for someone. This way, they can get the right color for their complexion. 

Revlon Color Stay Pressed Powder promises… 

The most important part of the package is the claim! Does the matte finish really last up to 24 hours? That’s the question. Just so you know, it just doesn’t do it for oily skin!

Revlon powder foundation for oily skin provides a matte finish for a maximum of 5 hours or even less than that. After which, the shine comes back. It magically reappears. You must re-apply after a few hours, and because of this, I was truly disappointed! :cry:

Nonetheless, Revlon Color Stay Pressed Powder is a good quality makeup for most women of color, but it has a few glitches. We know each experience is different, so if you have tried it or if you’re still using it, share your experiences with us. We’d love to know your thoughts, concerns, and rebuttals. Oh, and be sure to order using your gift cards to order makeup by Revlon. 


Revlon Colorstay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin 


Image credit: Models by annaspyrka

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Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder
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