Remembering the Unforgettable Amy Winehouse

    Amy Winehouse was a terrific artist who's among those "Gone to Soon." We will always remember her spirit and her music.

    Amy Winehouse standing up by the window showing off her tats.
    Amy Winehouse was one of the most talented artists to come out of the UK.
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    Amy Winehouse is hard to forget. Today marks the anniversary of Amy Winehouse death. It was a terrible loss for thousands of mourners.

    Amy Winehouse birthday is on the 14th of September, born in 1983, in a suburb of Southgate (London). Not to anyone’s surprise, Amy ventures off into music at the early age of 16.

    Before Amy Winehouse rose to fame

    Amy’s father worked as a cab driver, but her mom was a pharmacist. Nonetheless, the Winehouse family was surrounded by jazz music and jazz musicians.

    Her uncles were professionals in the music industry, therefore, it’s natural Amy would have some interest in the family’s work. Not only were her uncles talented, but her father was a gifted singer.

    When Amy was 12, she got accepted into the esteemed Sylvia Young Theatre School. Within a year, she receives her first string instrument, a guitar. However, Winehouse got expelled from the school.

    Allegedly, Amy was not living up to the school’s standards. She apparently had her nose pierced, which was a distraction to the other classmates and a violation of school policy.

    Well, everything happens for a reason. In between time, Tyler James, a classmate of Amy’s forwarded a demo tape to the right A&R person. As a result, Winehouse signed her first record deal as a jazz artist, but later sought pop, RnB, and soul music.

    In the midst of her popularity

    Regretfully, Amy’s drug or alcohol problem became a real problem for management and asked her to enter rehab. She wouldn’t hear of it and fired the company.

    She used her experience and wrote a song about it in Back to Black in 2006. Check out the song, “Rehab,” if you will. Winehouse talks about how she didn’t want treatment.

    This song became a hit in the UK and earned the international star the Ivor Novello Award. The album also received the BRIT Award for Best Female Solo Artist and Best British Album (2007).

    Amy Winehouse albums broke records, mainly “Rehab,” by selling a million copies in just a few months. It outscored other British female artists as well as American recording artists.

    As a matter of fact, Amy Winehouse has five Grammy Awards, thanks to recordings such as Back to Black (2006), featuring “Love is a losing game” and “Rehab.”

    Amy’s marriage, arrests, and canceled concert tours

    Blake Fielder-Civil was the love of Amy’s life and in 2007, the couple got engaged but would elope in May in Miami the same year. He was her inspiration for a few of tracks on Back to Black.

    Amy Winehouse smoked a lot of pot by her own admission. The media exposed her drug abuse and her odd behavior every chance they got. Sadly, the popular songstress OD on a few drugs.

    After which, her European tour would be interrupted with her arrest in October 2007. The police acted on a tip they received that led them to her Bergen hotel. He was held over for possession of marijuana. She was released, along with her husband.

    Blake is arrested again in November 2007. Allegedly, Blake was trying to bribe a bartender who he assaulted earlier that year. That lead Winehouse to cancel the rest of her tour, saying it was what the doctor ordered her to do.

    It wouldn’t be long after that, Amy Winehouse would be detained. The officials stated the cause was interference with her husband’s case.

    However, her troubles didn’t seem to bother fans too much. Her album continued to soar, receiving platinum status almost 5xs that year, making it a best seller in the UK.

    A new year for Amy Winehouse

    Winehouse brought in 2008 with a bang. A video showing Winehouse using crack went viral. It was enough to send her to rehab, but the soulful singer was arrested again, however, she was questioned and released.

    Amy’s rep was so bad now that she could not enter the US because of her drug abuse. She couldn’t attend the 2008 Grammy’s. Instead, she performed via satellite.

    Unbelievably, she tied with Beyonce for the record of receiving the most wins by a female artist, in a single night, of course.

    It was a time to be alive, but Amy was having medical problems and her personal life wasn’t too bright, either. The reports claimed Amy had emphysema, a deadly disease, and heart palpitations. This was due to smoking cigarettes and crack.

    Eventually, her marriage dissolved and she retreated to St. Lucia in 2008. Winehouse began seeing someone else and attempted her own label, Lioness Records. She signed her goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield, to her label.

    Amy Winehouse cause of death

    A few years later, the star would end up dead at 27 (July 23, 2011) from “accidental alcohol poisoning.” It’s been 6 years now fans mourn the loss of Amy Winehouse. Her passing was truly devastating despite her battle with drugs and alcohol.

    However, Amy Winehouse songs will live forever. You can see a dedication of her life in the Amy Winehouse biography, Amy, directed by Asif Kapadia.

    Well, Amy’s family was a little upset over the misrepresentation of the movie as it belittled her father. The family released a statement saying the documentary was amiss and partly, fictional. Do you know anything about Amy you’d like to share? Please, do so!

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