Recipe for Life: Develop A Spiritual Connection

Develop a spiritual connection with God, and you have the recipe for life.  “Put God first and the rest will follow,” or “You can do all things through Christ.”

The recipe for a spiritual connection

Even at the awards ceremonies, you hear the stars connecting with the spirit of God, thanking God for their blessings.

At first, I only went to one church, but as life changed, I found myself in other places. And because of this, I’ve spent many years trying to develop a spiritual connection with God and learning how to connect with God through prayer.

I have learned more having the experience of other religions than maintaining just one opinion or one belief. Through my discoveries, I’ve come to the conclusion by loving myself and others, I have the key to my own spiritual connection.

Staying connected to God

And there are plenty of benefits from staying connected to “the Man upstairs” but first, we must learn how to get connected to God.
When you have a spiritual connection with God, you see things in a different light.

God has many promises, which are written in the Bible, and if you learn to follow Him, you will find life is much simpler and enjoyable. This is not to say you won’t have problems in your life, but how you deal with them will certainly be different and that, my friend, is the key to half of the stresses in our lives.

What are some of the ways to stay connected to God? Do you have a relationship with God or do you even call upon Him as God? I know through different religions God may have a different name. There are many names for God, but the most common is Yahweh, which means “Lord” or “Jehovah,” “Allah,” “Elohim,” and “Adonai,” which means “Lord” or “Master.”

Jehovah is the name said to have been revealed by God Himself (Exodus 3) and one of the reasons it is substituted is many believe it is just too holy to say out loud.

I know from personal experience when I say “Jehovah” out loud, I feel His being. I know there is power in that name!

Ways to connect with God and the benefits

Joel Osteen ministries teach us to ways to stay connected with God. In becoming closer to Him, I’m a better person… that goes without saying, however, I want to share with you some of the advantages of having a spiritual connection with God.

1Manifest your dreams

This is a big one. When you are spiritually connected, you have the power to make your dreams come true. Have you heard Oprah talk about how she manifested her empire? It was through a connection she had with a Higher Power. 

The same goes for Russell Simmons and many others. These individuals know how to connect with God through meditation. It’s a very useful tool everyone should learn.

2You’re never alone if you have a spiritual connection 

The feeling of being alone is erased. You will always have Him with you… inside of you, so you are never by yourself. If you learn to communicate with God, you won’t worry about ever being alone. Talk to Him on a daily basis as you would your biological father or parent.

3Prayers are answered

Are you having problems coming up with solutions or solving your problems? The Bible contains 99.9999% of the answers to any issues you may be going through. Once you have a spiritual connection, the ability to make the right decisions are easier.

4Pain management without drugs

You are able to manage pain and agony better. The feeling of losing a loved one, or losing a job or whatever the situation is, can be overwhelming. You should take comfort in knowing that you have the support and spiritual guidance to get you through the suffering.

5Receive blessings through a spiritual connection

Often times, we hinder ourselves from receiving the blessings we think we deserve. Ask God to show you the sins blocking your blessings and to strengthen your relationship with Him and He will. Once you have identified these sins, repent and you should expect a significant change in your life.

6How well do you know yourself?

Each part of your personality affects how you deal with God and what type of spiritual practices you are able to realize. Just because you were born into a Baptist family, doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Once you find the religion that suits your inner self, you should see an increase or a thirst for knowledge and you will grow in your spiritual connection.

7Make God first

In addition, you should build relationships with others who share your goals and beliefs. Set aside a time for reading or applying your new found knowledge and spiritual connection. You can become closer to God by helping those who are not as fortunate as yourself.

It can be done by charitable works such as volunteering your services to older people in your community, one individual at a time. Once you do this, you may discover what your true purpose in life is!

8Watch your language!

One last thing, however, it is probably the most important factor. Remove the word “can’t” from your vocabulary and negative thinking from your mind. What we think and what we speak becomes our reality. All things are possible through Christ!

9Fill your heart with love

Change your attitude in everything you do… your job, your housework, disciplining the children, caring for an elderly parent, etc. and watch it change your world.

When you have a spiritual connection with your source of a Higher Power, you develop a sense freedom and love that makes you independent.

You no longer have to rely on others to reassure you or to make decisions for you. The more you are in tune with God, the better you can fulfill His purpose in life for you.

Recipes for life

Recipes for life are suggestions to live by helping to form a better relationship with Jehovah, others and yourself.  When you eat well and fill your body with the proper nourishment, you will feel better and look better. 

Working on the principle that all three aspects of life must maintain harmony, we believe that you are what you eat, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Do you know creative ways to connect with God? If so, let us know! We want to hear your ideas or testimonials. Please, share them with us so we may be inspired by your revelations.


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